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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
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29.05.2006 3. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Preview
Ingo Waldschmidt

Who will win WESBANK-Trophy on Saturday?

After almost two months of abstinence, Windhoek's friends of motorsport have the opportunity to experience yet another WESBANK Moto Cross event on the 3rd of June. It will all be happening at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, 15 km outside of Windhoek, on the road towards Okahandja.
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08.05.2006 Jägermeister sponsors MX-Parties
At the cheque handover: 
 Tol Jacobs (Jägermeister) and chairman of the WMCC Paul Loots
Messrs Brockmann & Kriess, with it’s internal Jägermeister-Branch, supports the Windhoek Moto Cross Club for the last three years in many ways.
For the running 2006 season, it was decided to support the "notorious" after-race parties at well known Gallina Moto Cross Park. Jägermeister will be in with a cheque of N$ 20.000 (Twentythousand N$). With this money the Windhoek Moto Cross Club will sign nightly activities and attractions to these well received parties. For a long time these Gallina parties are a meeting point for the Windhoek youth. From now on all the parties at Gallina will be referred to as "Jägermeister-Party" and will be held after the prizegiving.
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30.04.2006 H.-Keil MX-Race to be held in Omaruru
Tommi Gous
Heavy rainfalls in and around Swakopmund have turned the Moto Cross track near the saltfields into a lake. With the help of Swakopmund based construction companies, an attempt was made to get rid of the water, to no avail! What a pity. With a heavy heart it was decided to organise the event on the 6th of May in Omaruru instead - the sponsor H.-Keil having no objection to a transfer. So please make a note: H.-Keil Moto Cross Raceday on the 6th of May in Omaruru. The track is located next to the golf course and there are signs on the road leading the way.
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24.04.2006 MX Circus moves to the coast
Eckhart Hall
Swakopmund will host the next mx-race on May 6th near the salt-flats. It is with great pleasure to notice that “Namibia’s X-treme Sport Number One” was revived at the coast after some years it had vanished nearly completely. About 8 to 10 years back the coast was a stronghold of mx-racing with shining names like the Windisch-brothers (Walvis Bay) or Nicki Pajewski and Gino Rossi (Swakopmund) to name but a few.
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10.04.2006 Gobabis Big 5 Hotel MX: highlight of the season
Ronnie Adams (Kapps-Farm, Mad Buzz/ Suzuki Namibia)
The MX-aces gladly drive to Gobabis, simply because this event is always something special, something unique. The first race this season in the capital of "Cattle Country" had perfect sport to offer. The Open Class, wholly attracted the spectators' attention – here MX was presented on the highest level! There are a couple of names that simply have to get mentioned before I begin with the chronological upsumming: There was Animal Wise, who chased the competitors with his wholehearted riding-style, there was Ronnie Adams who, always looking for the chance, found it in the first and final heat, and there was the oldest rider at the gate, who in the 2nd heat showed the boys how it's done. We are talking about Ingo Waldschmidt! The biggest surprise, (however with advance announcement during the last race in Windhoek), was Rudi Brand from Swakopmund. Later more of that. Apart from the Open Class, the 4-Wheelers in the supporting programme offered best entertainment.
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02.04.2006 MX-Circus travels to "Gobabis BIG 5"
Ronnie Adams (NAM, Suzuki)
Gobabis: capital of the east, cattle country, town of the 20 churches. The town in Namibia's east has many attributes. However, Gobabis is also a stronghold of Moto Cross sport since many decades. It all started with the Becker family, who originally built this beautiful track on soil which is unique not only in Namibia! There were several organisers in the up and down of club life. For some time now, Wikus Engelbrecht has made a name for himself as chairman of the Gobabis Moto Cross Club (GMCC) and under his leadership top-races were held in the past. Unfortunately he again had great problems to find a sponsor for this year's event on the 8th of April. The local Big-5-Hotel acts as sponsor.
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05.03.2006 2. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results
Wins the WESBANK-Trophy:
 Tommi Gous (Yamaha)

Tommi Gous wins WESBANK-Trophy!

Once again this was a Moto Cross race that was to the liking of the friends of motor sport, last Saturday at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. There was perfect racing weather and a perfect race track due to the many rainfalls during the past two months. As expected from the Windhoek Moto Cross Club the races were carried out according to the planned time-schedule. The present guests of sponsor WESBANK were very satisfied with the whole organistaion.
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26.02.2006 2. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Preview
Alexander Howard (Yamaha)

Who will become WESBANK-Trophy winner on Saturday?

That is the question! The field was much more dense in the Open Class during the first "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge" in the previous month and was thus very surprising. The coming race on the 4th of March should be even stormier as the current champion Ingo Waldschmidt and ex-champion Eckhart Waldschmidt will take part. Let's see how it all turns out.
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20.02.2006 WESBANK sponsors 2006 Motocross Championship in Namibia
Paul Loots (WMCC, left) with James Short (WESBANK)
Last Saturday, the sponsorship for the year 2006 was officially handed over by WESBANK, a financing company that is part of First National Bank of Namibia. The handing over took place on the club-owned premisses of the Windhoek Moto Cross Club (WMCC), in the Gallina Moto Cross Park.
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12.02.2006 Ronnie Adams wins WESBANK MX Challenge!
Wins WESBANK MX Challenge:
 Ronnie Adams (NAM, Suzuki)
This Moto Cross season started as we like it. When the scribe arrived in the pits that morning, he saw many new faces; a trend reversal had taken place. In the supporting programme "MX Development courses" were held for the little MX riders and two little kids took part. With the quads things looked noticingly better – 11 youths used this opportunity. That was amazing!
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