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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
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16.09.2008 9th Championships-race in Okahandja - Preview
Tommy Gous

Okahandja MX-Festival of Speed

For the very first time the 9th Namibian Moto Cross champion- ship race will be held on the new MX-track in Okahandja. Under the able leaderships of Jaco and Cher Muller the Okahandja Moto Cross Club has built a great track; six month of heavy labour have definitely payed off. If the track holds promises, Okahandja can become a centre for Namibian MX-sport. Okahandja MX-Festival of Speed is the official title of this event.
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18.08.2008 8th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results
Tommy Gous

Tommy Gous wins "Hans Keil-Trophy"

This race was definitely to the taste of the many spectators. After 3 heats, points were added up and the overall winner of the 8th championship race in the Open/125cc Class is Tommy Gous.
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11.08.2008 8th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Preview
The 8th championship race of the current Moto Cross season takes place on the 16th of August on the "Coastal Cement Works race track", north of Swakopmund, at the salt fields. The road to the track is sign-posted. The Coastal Racing Club, under the leadership of Chris Hall, will present the participants from all over Namibia with an exceptionally well prepared MX-track.
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13.07.2008 7th Championships-race in Windhoek - Results
Tommy Gous / Photo by: Holger Kroemer/

Wesbank-Trophy for Tommy Gous

Many fans were delighted by the fact that finally another race would be held at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, and so they came in droves. In the Kings' Class, the Open/125cc Class, we could witness the expected win by Tommy Gous, but Brannigan Wise unexpectedly made it a really tough race for him.
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08.07.2008 7th Championships-race in Windhoek - Preview
Dirkie Baard

Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge on Saturday

Since ex-champ Rainer Becker did not partake in the race at ASTRA nor in Gobabis, he has almost no chance of winning the Namibian-Championship. He handed over the Championship – on a silver platter so to say – to the young contestant Tommy Gous. The 7th round of the Namibian-Championship will be held on the 12th of July, once again at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, on the Waldschmidt chicken farm. The official title of the event is "Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge".
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23.06.2008 6th Championships-race in Gobabis - Results
Björn Bierbrauer - The overall winner

"Big-5 Motocross Cup" for Björn Bierbrauer

Björn Bierbrauer, racing for the Kölling-Yamaha Team in Germany, was released for 3 weeks to undergo an orthopedic examination in his homecountry Namibia. Björn heard about the Gobabis race and grabbed this chance with both hands and signed for the race. He participated in the Open/125cc Class on his E.L. Sea Products Yamaha.
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17.06.2008 6th Championships-race in Gobabis - Preview
Henry o'Kennedy vs. Gerhard Simon

"Big-5" Motocross Cup in Gobabis

The mx-bikes were barely cleaned of the sand and dust of the ASTRA-MX-Track, when they were already moved in further easterly direction, this time to the capital of cattle-country, to Gobabis. Wikus Engelbrecht, owner of Messrs Big-5 is mainssponsor of this event and is also the driving force behind the Gobabis Motocross Club.
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01.06.2008 5th Championships race at ASTRA mx-track - Results
Schalk Louw, Pauli Loots and Tristan Muller / Photo by:

Tommy Gous wins ASTRA-TROPHY

It finally happened! Tommy Gous was the winner of the day with a maximum number of 60 points and the treasured ASTRA-Trophy for the “King of the Dirt” race also became his. The fact that Rainer Becker was absent, is not realy blemish for Tommy. He won all his races bravely and was finally spared with technical problems on his Zenner-Yamaha. Later more of that.
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26.05.2008 5th Championships race at ASTRA mx-track - Preview
Tommy Gous
Since the Goldbeck family organised such a great 2nd championships race, the Windhoek Moto Cross Club decided to honour this effort and achievement and relocated the 5th championships race from Gallina to the Astra race track. On this excellent track we will bear witness to the showdown of the year in the Open/125cc Class, the all-deciding encounter between the protagonists Rainer Becker and Tommy Gous.
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05.05.2008 4th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results
Rainer Becker vs. Ronnie Adams vs. Rudi Brand

Rainer Becker wins OBECO Trophy

Pupkewitz-Honda rider Rainer Becker once again won the raceday, but more of that later. The wonderful weather conditions attracted a lot of spectators and motorsport fans to the Coastal Cement Works-race track.
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