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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
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29.04.2008 4th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Preview
Start Open class

"OBECO Moto Cross Thrills" in Swakopmund

The Namibian Moto Cross circus moves west to the coast, where on the 3rd of May the 4th Championship race will be hosted under the official title "OBECO Moto Cross Thrills". It is the first time that the sanitary and tiles store OBECO sponsors this kind of event.
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21.04.2008 Wesbank-Motocross Challenge at Gallina - Results
Cee-Anne Greyling / Photo by: Holger Kroemer

Rainer Becker wins Wesbank-Trophy

Fortune smiled upon Rainer Becker when he left Gallina Moto Cross Park as the overall Open/125cc champion for the third time this season. In the first heat he grabbed the hole-shot but at the end of the first lap he had to make way for Tommie Gous on a Zenner-Yamaha.
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14.04.2008 Wesbank-Motocross Challenge at Gallina - Preview
The 3rd round of the Namibian Moto Cross Championship race - officially called the “Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge” - will take place on the 19th of April at Gallina Motocross Park. Wesbank, an affiliate of First National Bank of Namibia, has been true to the sport for the past 5 years. The Gallina Moto Cross Park is situated on the road towards Okahandja and is part of the Waldschmidt egg-farm. After only two previous races everything is still open of course, but the top riders have definitely left their mark in the respective racing categories.
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17.03.2008 NMSF Championship-celebration at Hotel Thule
King of the Dirt: 1. Frank Klosta; 2. Arno Engels; 3. Ronnie Adams
 Photo by: esp-photography
The posh Thule restaurant was the place to be last Saturday, march 15th, for all ardent motorsport enthusiasts, when the Namibian Motor Sport Federation (NMSF), held their annual prize-giving for the 2007 National Champions in the variou categories. It was a highly festive atmosphere, the dinner was excellent and the recipients of the valuable trophies were all smiles.
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10.03.2008 2nd Championships-race on new ASTRA-MX-track - Results
Ross Branch (BOT)

Ross Branch wins ASTRA-Cup

The family Goldbeck deserves nothing but respect for this great racing day. They have organised it as a family project, in which every family member had a part: bartending in the beer-tent, jumping castle for the kids, watering of the track, everything was organised and the WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) was extremely satisfied.
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27.02.2008 2nd Championships-race on new ASTRA-MX-track - Preview
Approximately 100km east of Windhoek, on the road towards Gobabis, lies the Goldbeck farm which is home to the new ASTRA Moto Cross track. With the support from Ronnie Adams the Goldbeck family has created a race track of uncomparable quality. The composition of the ground is exceptionally favourable; the sand is compactable and includes no gravel which is perfect for a MX-track. The second race under the official title "Astra MX-Cup" will be hosted on 8th of March.
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18.02.2008 1st WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Results
Tommi Gous

Excitement at Wesbank race not to be topped!

It was an exceptional start-off for this season`s Moto Cross. All classes offered exciting races and the highlight of the day, the „Wesbank King of the Dirt“ (combination of Open/125cc Class) offered non-stop action for 20 long minutes plus one lap. The spectators saw first class MX sport.
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14.02.2008 1st WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Preview
Henry O’Kennedy (NAM)

Wesbank MX-Season starts on Saturday

On the 16th of February the mx-season of the howling two-stroke and roaring four-stroke engines starts. The Gallina Moto Cross Park, situated on the Waldschmidt-Eggfarm, opens its gates again for another year of Moto Cross action.
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26.01.2008 Okahandja Track offered practise session
Ronnie Adams (Suzuki) / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
For the first time the all new Okahandja Track opened its doors for an official practise session. We arrived at around 11:30 and many riders on quads and bikes were eager to test their new 2008 material.
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29.11.2007 Motocross Namibia 2007 end-of-year review
Thelma Kerim Fitzgerald, Namibia International Champion 2007

A season to remember!

In Namibian motocross circles the year 2007 will be remembered very positively as each of the eleven races had its highlights. The fact that a foreigner was the overall winner does not hurt, since Ross Branch from Botswana brought the average speed of the Namibians to another, higher level. The unrivaled rider had a positive influence on the sport and knew how to entertain the spectators with wonderful “whips”. And Ross Branch did not take away the national title to Botswana, since he only competed for the “silverware”.
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