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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
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02.10.2006 FNB Grand National MX in Swakopmund - Results
Overall winner Ross Branch

Botswana's Branch wins FNB-Trophy

Once more we there was a good Moto Cross event held in Swakopmund. With participants from South Africa, Botswana and Angola, this racing day even had an international touch. The two riders from Botswana were Ross Branch, who rode for the Sturm-Team in Germany this season, and Carr Lebatha, the "Black Pearl" in southern African MX-sport. To say it up front: Ross Branch rode like a world champion and won the FNB-Trophy with a maximum number of points!
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24.09.2006 FNB Grand National MX in Swakopmund - Preview
Ronnie Adams
First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) became the main sponsor of the coastal MX in Swakopmund. This sponsor fully reckognizes all the efforts put into this sport at all venues, be it Omaruru, Gobabis or Swakopmund. Well organised race-days and a marketing strategy second to none speak for themselves. Namibian Moto Crosser serve as rollmodel to many a sportcodes!
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17.09.2006 Gobabis "Big Five" MX-Trophy - Results
Winner Tommy Gous

Thrills galore at “Big-5” MX in Gobabis

Tommy Gous reaffirmed his position as Namibia’s top motocross rider, when he won the Open Class, thereby beating one of Namibia’s finest riders, Ronnie Adams. The crowd at Gobabis was very pleased with the performance and ongoing dice between those two protagonists.
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10.09.2006 Gobabis "Big Five" MX-Trophy on Saturday - Preview
Best Pairs Style
While the preparations for the 10th anniversary of the "Inter-Series" at the Gallina Moto Cross Park-Windhoek are in full swing, one more race for the Namibian Moto Cross Championships takes place on the 16th of September in Gobabis. The riders can test their bikes and demonstrate their physical fitness, before one meets again for another Chammpionship race on September 30 at Swakopmund.
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13.08.2006 Wesbank Namibian Motocross Challenge
Brannigan "Animal" Wise (TM)

Gous wins WESBANK-Trophy

Under ideal weather conditions the last WESBANK-sponsored Championships race took place at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. Now the MX circus moves on to Swakopmund and Gobabis until on the 28th of Oktober and the 4th of November, the engines roar again at Gallina, when riders from 10 different nations are expected for the annual "Inter Series".
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11.08.2006 Wesbank Namibian Motocross Challenge
Alex Howard
The next round of the Wesbank Namibian Motocross Challenge will take place at the Gallina Motocross Park on the 12th of August 2006.
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03.07.2006 4. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results
Rudi Brand
 Photo by: Bernd Kroemer

Rudy Brandt is the King of the Wesbank Motocross Championship

Unfortunately there were only 3 entries in the 50cc class, nevertheless the 3 riders provided excellent racing. Young Michael Barlow, who has very limited time to practice recently, started badly with a major fall in practice and followed that up with an equally bad fall in the 1st heat, had to settle for 3rd place. 2nd place ‘Holeshot’ Harris Cloete however, provided the winner of the class Matthew Nederlof, with more than one headache. Harris had 3 holeshots for the day and followed that with fantastic riding in the 3rd heat. Harris held the lead until the 2nd last lap, before Matthew managed to pass and make his record 3 wins in 3 heats for the day.
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26.06.2006 4. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Preview
Ronnie Adams

Ronnie Adams wants WESBANK-Trophy

After his great success four weeks ago, Ronnie Adams has tasted blood! He achieved a clean maximum number of points and won the WESBANK-Trophy in the Open-Class for MX-bikes as well as in the Quad-A-Class for 4-Wheelers. Nobody is going to top this anytime soon. But, all is open on the 1st of July. We can count again on Ingo Waldschmidt's participation and Wolfgang Rohe will have sorted out his technical problems. The organiser, the Windhoek Moto Cross Club, hopes that the riders of the Clubmen`s Class will find their way back to Gallina. There was a time when the Clubmen made up the biggest class at the starting gate ... that was a long time ago!
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23.06.2006 Namibian Rider in the MX World Championships
f.l.t.r.: Pieter Maresch (Sales Manager Brockmann & Kriess), Ronnie Adams, 
 Celene Adams and Jägermeister Representative Jurie Booysen

Jägermeister makes GP participation possible

Early in 2006, two Namibian riders were chosen to participate in the Grand Prix of South Africa, one of them being Ronnie Adams who will represent Namibia in the MX1 class (known here as the Open-Class category).
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04.06.2006 3. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results
Ronnie Adams

Ronnie Adams wins WESBANK-Trophy
Hero of the day wins MX- and Quad-Class category

During the "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge" Ronnie Adams proved, that he is presently in top form. And this is expected of him, as he is going to represent Namibia at the Grand Prix in Sun-City / South Africa. Ronnie won all three heats in the Open-Class as well as 3 heats in the Quad-A-Class. This is an extraordinary achievement! Many spectators came to the Gallina Moto Cross Park as the weather was just perfect for a racing day. Unfortunately, riders were dwindling in some of the classes, which was especially apparent in the Clubmen's Class. The situation was made even more tragic by the fact that 3 riders are in Germany at the moment, Ingo Waldschmidt's occupation made him indispensable, and Wolfgang Rohe' Honda had technical problems.
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