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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
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02.11.2008 Countdown towards Jägermeister MX-Classic
Kerim Fitzgerald
It is done! The remaining repair work for the fence around the massive beertent of the Namibian Breweries has been completed, the big ramp for the freestylers has been prepared by Ronnie Adams and the Namibian print-media as well as the best websites worldwide have all prominently advertised this spectacular and unique motorsport highlighty of the 2008 season, the "Jägermeister MX-Classic” raceday!
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02.11.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Shell Helix - Gladiator Freestyle Show
For the 8th time already hardcore MX-Freestyle is part of the annual Motocross Inter-Series. The most crazy sport on two wheels is and remains "MX-Freestyle"! In 2000 already the WMCC acted as trend-setter and offered the first international "Freestyle Show" on the African continent, it was kind of adding some spice to pep up the Inter-Series! And it worked like a bomb!
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30.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Honda Pupkewitz supports Inter-Series
Phillip van der Merwe (right) and the chairman of the WMCC Tobie Barlow
Since the Pupkewitz group is also selling the Honda brand they have been dedicated to MX. Distinctive sign of this dedication is the big water tower at the Gallina Moto Cross Park which is painted in the colours of Honda-Racing. A great part of the Namibian MX-riders trusts the engineering skills of the Japanese bike in red.
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30.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Main sponsor “Jägermeister”
Rene Kruger, Sales Manager at Brockmann & Kriess 
 and the chairman of the WMCC Tobie Barlow
The time has come again! The 12. edition of the annual international Motocross "Inter-Series" takes place on 8th of November as well as on the 15th of November. Noteworthy is the fact, that both races are counting towards the "AMU Championship Southern Africa", in short called “Southern Challenge”. This mega motorsport event in Namibia gains official recognition from the African Motorcycle Union.
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30.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Wesbank remains mainsponsor of MX-Sport
From left to right: Ellmarie Cilliers, in the background James Short (Business Development Manager) and the Sponsorship-Manager of the WMCC Paul Loots
Nowadays, more then ever before, sponsors are reluctant to sponsor any kind of sports in Namibia. The time of handouts has gone for ever, sponsors like banks or industrialists want to know exactly what the sponsor money is used for. Many - and right they are - ask themselves the question; what do I get in return for sponsoring a certain type of sport? Can I rely on signed agreements? Can we identify with the sport?
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29.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Jägermeister - Team Namibia
Tommy Gous
The Namibian distributors of the German herbal liqueur „Jägermeister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the past 5 years already. At Gallina Moto Cross Park the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhoek Youths…the hottest party with the coldest shots, as they say.
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26.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Walschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa
Waldschmidt Eggs will be the patron for the team from South Africa. It is always a major problem to obtain rider-profiles from these chaps, from south of the Orange-river! But for one exception and that is the living legend Geoff Den.
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24.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Honda - USA Team
Carter Gurnee
Carter Gurnee started Moto-X racing in 1985. It took him only one year to win his first regional championship. He tried his luck in the reputable Loretta Lynn amateurs championshsips with outstanding Top-10 results in 1987, ’88, ’90 and 1991. After a successful East Coast career Carter moved to California to further his riding skills. Since the year 2000 Carter is a consistant Top-5 finisher in the AMA 4-Stroke Nationals.
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22.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Quads4Fun - Team France
Pierre Alexandre Renet / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Pierre Alexandre "Pela" Renet was born on October 2nd 1984 in Cherbourg (France). Coming from a country that traditionally brims with motocross talent, "Pela" Renet had a tough, but useful grounding.
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22.10.2008 Press Release Team NamIT: Harmony of body and soul
Björn Bierbrauer

MX with highest standards on all levels

Higher standards in Namibian MX is set by the sponsor NamIT (Namibian Information Technology Company CC, Windhoek) with another spectacular event at Windhoek Galina Race Way on 8 and 15 November 2008.
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18.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Nam ITcc - Team Germany
Benjamin Kolberg
Messrs Nam ITcc is sponsoring the team from Germany. Nam ITcc is supplying a bike, parts as well as accomodation for the riders of the Kölling Yamaha Team.
In the 125cc Class Germany will be represented by Benjamin Kolberg who hails from Templin in eastern Germany. Benja- min was born on 15 July 1987.
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