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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
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17.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Jose Carlos Teixeiro

Namibia Construction - Angola Team

This year, for the 5th time, the Provincial Motorbike Association Benguela (Angola) confirmed that 2 of their best MX-Riders wish to partcipate at the "Inter-Series” in Windhoek. Namibia Construction, the reputable partner in the Building Industry, took over the patronage for Angola. Namibia Construction was instrumental in building the Kiddies-track in the beginning of the year 2006. For the past 4 years Namibia Construction is always lending a helping hand, when support is needed.
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17.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Keith Weaver

E-MED – Team USA

E-Med is a true supporter of motocross for the last 4 years already. They support mx-racing by having paramedics at each and every national at subsidised rates available. It is therefore that E-MED becomes the patrons for Team-USA who will be represented by an American student named Keith Weaver.
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16.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Mart de Jong

AB Construction - Team The Netherlands

Andreas Brendel, proprietor at AB Construction, has himself a Flattrack, Motocross and Enduro background, therefore he fully understood the situation when Dutchman Mart de Jong required some assistance to race again in Namibia. Andreas offered him his bike as well as accomodation.
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16.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Gunnar Schuster

Jägermeister - Team Germany

The distributors of the „Jägermeister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the 3rd year already. At Gallina the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhhoek Youths. In 2006 they even went further and sponsored individual mx-riders like Ronnie Adams, Shawn Bruwer and Jose Teixeira. Jägermeister, being a German product, it was quite obvious that they would become the sponsors of the German-Team.
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16.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Ellison K. Hijarunguru,
 Manager Corporate Communications Air Namibia

Champions fly Air Namibia

Namibia's own Airliner Air Namibia has become one of the main sponsors over the past three years who, with their enormous contribution, make this Moto Cross event possible. Seven years ago Acting Senior Manager Marketing & Business Development, Corne de Waal, monitored the activities of the Windhoek Moto Cross Club. He saw all the articles published by the Namibia print-media and by pure accident he found some articles towards the Inter-Series on web-pages throughout the world. He learnt that this Inter-Series is the biggest Moto Cross event on the African continent and sixth month later the WMCC became a partner of Air Namibia.
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16.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Winston Area Manager for Namibia Diederick Muller (right) 
 and Chairman of the WMCC Paul Loots

Winston Pit-Bike Clash

For the first time ever on Namibian soil, JTI Group of Companies will sponsor the “Winston Pit-Bike Clash”. This is racing for grown-ups on small pit-bikes with 125cc engines. Usually one finds the odd mechanic or the frustrated father who wants to show off to his son who just finished a mx-race in stock-last! Anyway they all ride like they were all crash test dummies!
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10.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Tyletski Yaugeny

Radiowave - Team Belorussia

For the last five years already Radiowave is an ardent supporter of the annual Air Namibia Moto Cross Inter-Series. Wherever there is X-tremesport, 96,7-guys are not far off! In the past they even sent a crew to report live from the Gallina Moto Cross Park! Without all those true sponsors and supporters, an event of such magnitude could not be hold anymore.
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10.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Ian Dykes

Electrolight - Team Kenya

This year Messrs Electrolight Contractors will sponsor Ian Dykes from Kenya. Whenever help is required from Ronnie Ratheiser, proprietor of Electrolight, the doors are wide open!
Ian Dykes just turned 12 years old. He is Kenyan who rides in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. His parents always like to come back to Namibia because they feel this Namibian Inter-Series is unique and special ... and the Namibians know how to party!
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09.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006
Alastair Sayer

Windhoek Precast Walls – Botswana Team

Windhoek Precast Walls has shown it’s interest in mx-racing this season and generously donated some precast walls to extent the wash-bays to bring it up to international standard. Windhoek Precast Walls will be the patron for the Team from Botswana.
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09.10.2006 Beginnings...

Ten years ago the first Inter-Series was hosted

Invitations to races in Namibia for South Africans already took place in the 1980's and the families de Kock from Windhoek and Becker from Gobabis achieved that riders from Transvaal were able to facilitate the trip to Namibia.
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09.10.2006 2006 Moto Cross Inter-Series Main-Sponsor
Red Bull Sales Manager Gerhardt Lamprecht (left)
 and Chairman of the WMCC Paul Loots

Red Bull sponsors Freestyle-Show

For the 1st time Messrs Red Bull is part of the annual "Air Namibia Moto Cross Inter-Series". This year Red Bull became main-sponsor of the Freestyle-Show which will be held under the official name of "Red Bull X-Fighters Show". The most crazy sport on two wheels is and remains "Freestyle".
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