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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
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09.11.2010 14th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Animal Wise

Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic - Round 2

Motocross will take the peaceful seaside town of Swakop- mund by storm this weekend when the second leg of the Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic takes place on the track just north of the town, opposite the salt pans.
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08.11.2010 14th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Results
Jägermeister King of the Dirt Björn Bierbrauer

Bierbrauer wins Jägermeister-Trophy

What a commotion! 48 hours prior to the start of the first race of the Inter-Series "Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic" the WMCC was informed that the MX-track in Olympia would not be available anymore for motorsports activities. Now it showed that the well attuned team of the WMCC really had logistical talent. Within 24 hours a track was created at Gallina Moto Cross Park and on the 6th of November the riders had a well prepared track at their disposal. Unfortunately the spectators did not honour these endeavours; so few came that the first chairman of the club could have greeted each and everyone with a handshake. However, those that came, were not disappointed at all!
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04.11.2010 14th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - New venue
Was just informed by our chairman Tobie Barlow that the Municipality withdrew the permission to race in Olympia because of complaints from the neighbourhood.
In a ad-hoc descission the WMCC decided to hold it's annual Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic this coming saturday at the Gallina Motocross Park, 15 K's outside of Windhoek, on the Road towards Okahandja.
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01.11.2010 14th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Ross Branch, Botswana

Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic

Under this official title a so called invitational moto-x-race will be held at Adrenalin Park in Olympia on the 6th of November. For 36 years the WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) has hosted MX-races in Namibia and the Inter-Series goes into its 14th year now.
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16.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Results
Holeshot for Ross Branch

Jägermeister-Trophy for Ross Branch

After eight unsuccessful attempts to win the annual Namibian Motocross Inter-Series, Ross Branch from Botswana finally grabbed the coveted Jägermeister-Trophy last Saturday in style as well as the prize-money of N$ 25.000. All this in front of his parents who travelled all the way to Namibia. After the glorious victory the previous week in Swakopmund, it was the Team-Manager from Honda-South Africa who also decided to become a witness of Ross’ eternal victory in Namibia. Ross Branch won this event with a maximum number of 150 points, never achieved before in the 13 year long history of the Namibian Inter-Series.
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12.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Andre David

Jägermeister – MX Dash for Cash at Gallina

This coming Saturday the 2nd leg of the 2009 Inter-Series will get staged at Gallina Motocross Park under the official name "Jägermeister - MX Dash for Cash". The famous Gallina Motocross Park is situated 15 Kilometres outside of Windhoek, on the road towards Okahandja.
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09.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Results
Ross Branch

Botswana’s Branch wins Kingsley-Trophy in Swakop

This was a picture-book event, everything was just the way it’s supposed to be; excellent organisation by the host Namib Off-Road Club, a good number of spectators, first-class riders, and a maximum victory for the representative of the Bike & Quad Clinic Team from Botswana: Ross Branch.
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05.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Tommy Gous

Kingsley - Team Namibia

Messrs Kingsley, internationally operating company and major player in the field of beverages and flavored soft-drinks has become main-sponsor of the 1st event of the Inter-Series to be held in Swakopmund on 7th November. A representative of Kingsley watched the last race in Swakopmund in October and was so impressed with the exciting motocross sport that in an ad-hoc descission sponsorship was offered. The Namib Off-Road Club is very grateful for this generous sponsorship.
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02.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Jose Teixeira

Honda Muxima Racing - Angola Team

Five sportsmen from Angola applied to partake in the 2009 Namibian Inter-Series. One of them Jose Teixeira, better known as ZE COMANDO. Jose Teixeira is at the same time the owner of Honda Muxima Racing, the official racing-team representing Pupkewitz Honda on national and international level in Motocross racing. This team exists since 2 years and is professionally run and extremly successful.
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02.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Kerim Fitzgerald

Walschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa

Waldschmidt Eggs will traditionally be the patron for the team from South Africa. It is always a major problem to obtain rider-profiles from these chaps, from south of the Orange-river! But for one exception and that is the living legend Geoff Den
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02.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Christoph Schade

Jägermeister - Team Germany

The Namibian distributors of the German herbal liqueur „Jägermeister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the past 6 years already. At Gallina Moto Cross Park the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhoek Youths…the hottest party with the coldest shots, as they say.
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