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International MX News : MX / SX in Europe
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25.06.2009 Inter-Series riders doing well in Europe
Pierre-Alexandre Renet (FRA)
The reigning “Namibian International Champion” Pela Renet from France is doing extraordinary well in Europe. With his Bodo Schmidt Suzuki Team he’s trying an onslaught in the 2009 MX3 World Championships and sofar he did not dissappoint his team manager.
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25.06.2009 Inter-Series riders in Europe
Vitaly Tonkov (RUS) / Photo by: Lars Neumann
Last sunday the last race of the European Championships took place in Poland. One of the hot favourites was Vitaly Tonkov from Russia, racing for the Kölling Yamaha Team. Vitaly grabbed the chance with both hands and won the titel for the second time, after the year 2007, to become European Champion 2009. Vitaly is well known in Namibia for his gutsy racing.
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04.03.2009 Int. Motocross in Hawkstone Park (GBR) - Results

Hawkstone Park gets underway with victories of De Reuver and Simpson

Another one of the main International pre season races took place last weekend in Hawkstone Park, Great Britain. On the sandy course Marc de Reuver took victory in the MX1 class as local hero Shaun Simpson won the MX2 class.
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24.02.2009 Int. Motocross in Valence (FRA) - Results
David Philippaerts (ITA, Yamaha) / Photo by: Pascal Haudiquert

Philippaerts won in MX1 / Surprising Teillet in MX2

Last weekend the 8th edition of the International Motocross of Valence - the second main motocross race in the outdoor season in Europe - took place at the mx track of the MC Valentinois, 100 kilometer south of Lyon.
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09.02.2009 26. Mantova Starcross in Mantova (ITA) - Results
Strijbos dominates Mantova Starcross / Photo by: Youthstream

Kevin Strijbos wins season opener

Mantova’s Starcross traditionally opens the Motocross season being the first International race to take place. In this 2009 edition Martin Honda’s Kevin Strijbos took victory in the MX1 class as Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Shaun Simpson took the MX2 class. For both riders it was the first competitive outing with their new teams.
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09.05.2008 ADAC MX Masters in Reutlingen (GER) - Preview
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) in Fuerstlich Drehna / Photo by: Jens Pohl

Pay back day for MX1 world champion Steve Ramon?

MX1-Champion Steve Ramon is looking forward to the second round of the ADAC MX Masters event on May 24./25. in Reutlingen/Baden Wuerttemberg. This time he wants to be on top of the podium. It’s pay back time – he wants to restore his honour, backed up by his Teka Suzuki WMX1 team mate Ken de Dycker. He has cured his injuries and will also participate. Ken de Dycker, ADAC MX Masters champion 2005, competes for the first time with his ADAC MX Masters colleagues since 2005.
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16.04.2008 ADAC MX Masters in Fuerstlich Drehna (GER) - Results
Podium: Steve Ramon (2.), Max Nagl (1.) and Kornel Nemeth (3.)
 Photo by: Marion Englert

Maximilian Nagl wins

In front of 11,500 spectators and at optimal weather conditions Maximilian "Maximum" Nagl (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) secured last weekend the victory in the ADAC MX Masters class. He thus also conquered the incumbent MX1 world's champion Steve Ramon (Teka Suzuki WMX1). The Belgian had been away in the qualification on the day before. The current ADAC MX Masters runner up, the Hungarian Kornel Nemeth (KTM Sarholz Racing), secured third place at the races on the deep sandy track in Fuerstlich Drehna.
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01.04.2008 ADAC MX Masters in Fuerstlich Drehna (GER) - Preview
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Suzuki Racing

Opening with MX1 world champion Steve Ramon

MX1 world champion Steve Ramon (BEL) will ride at the ADAC MX Masters opening in Fuerstlich Drehna (GER) on April 12th/13th. He will be accompanied by his teammate Ken de Dycker (BEL). However the two Suzuki factory riders are not the only top-stars the fans will see at the beginning of the season of the ADAC MX Masters series.
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03.03.2008 Hawkstone International (GBR) - Results
Tyla Rattray (RSA, KTM) / Photo by: Ray Archer

De Reuver and Rattray wins in Hawkstone Park

After Mantova (ITA) and Valence (FRA) the Hawkstone Park in Great Britain hosted yesterday the 3rd of the most important pre-season MX-events in Europe. Here are the results:
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25.02.2008 Int. Motocross Valence (FRA) - Results
Joshua Coppins (NZL, Yamaha) / Photo by: Pascal Haudiquert

Joshua Coppins wins again in Valence

Winner last year, Joshua Coppins (NZL, Yamaha) won again yesterday the International Motocross of Valence, second main motocross race of the season. Only eighth in the timed practice session, Joshua got two holeshot in the first races, and started the third moto in second position behind Julien Bill (SUI, Honda).
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