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30.03.2011 SORC (Southern Off Road Challenge) 2011
Competing as a “Wild Card” entry in the 2nd round of the 2011 FIM AFRICA Southern Off Road Championships, Brother Broadlink KTM team rider Darryl Curtis (300 KTM) came out “Top Dog” at the Tom Reeve Memorial Off Road event held at Dorvic Farm, Mazabuka, Zambia on Saturday 26th March.
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24.03.2009 New kid on the block
Dirkie Baard racing for Race Nation Honda Windoek
 Photo by: Naomi Taljaard

Namibian Dirkie Baard wins the Quad Roof of Africa!

There is a new kid on the block - the Namibian quad racer, Dirkie Baard (Race Nation Honda Windhoek) became the first non-South African racer to win the Quad Roof of Africa in Lesotho. It was the Baard’s second try and he managed to add his name to the record books after one of the toughest Roof of Africa events for quad racers.
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13.03.2009 AMU Quad Cup Challenge in South Africa
Charney Joubert

Charney Joubert takes 3rd position in Ladies Quad Cup

The African Motorcycle Union held its first leg of the AMU Quad Cup 2009 at "Dirt Bronco" MX Track on the outskirts of Krugersdorp, Gauteng Province, South Africa, on 7th March 2009. Between the mine heaps, and on a hard but awesome track, 7 Namibian riders took up the challenge to compete in this very competitive extreme sport against riders from South Africa and neighboring states. 5 talented local riders from Walvis Bay and 2 lady riders from Windhoek, stood proudly Namibian.
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27.02.2009 Tyla Rattray voted South African Motor Sportman of the Year
Photo by: Youthstream
Tyla Rattray, who became the third South African in 16 years to win a motocross world championship, taking the hotly contested MX2 title in 2008 in a season that included a round in Nelspruit, South Africa, is the 2008 Bridgestone/Guild of Motoring Journalists Motor Sportsman of the Year.
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25.09.2007 Triumph And Tragedy – The Karl Stegen Story
MX is way more than racing. It’s full of wonderful personalities and stories. I did start to work for Mxworld to bring the human side of MX to the people. For a while now I wanted to learn more about a special South African rider. His name is Karl Stegen.
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23.08.2007 AMU Motocross-Championships in Kenya

Successful Namibian Junior Motocross Team returns from
A.M.U. All Africa Championships in Kenya

After all the last minute organizing and anticipation, the 7 Namibian riders returned home with well earned success and holding their heads high. It was an enormous experience for our riders facing possibly their toughest race conditions yet. The track conditions, although absolutely of the highest standards, were not what our riders are used to. Riding borrowed bikes with only a short time to get used to them, did not make it any easier.
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26.07.2007 AMU Motocross-Championships in Kenya
top row f.l.t.r.: Tobie Barlow (Team-Captain), Jaco Loots, Marl Sternagel,
 Eric Garbers, Tristan Muller, Pauli Loots, Eric Garbers Sen. (Coach)
 front row: Michael Barlow and Matthew Nederlof
From the 17th to the 19th of August the Motocross Africa Championships 2007 will be hosted in the vicinity of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
Planning by the Namibians started early this season already but by March it was clear that the costs for the Namibian national team would be too high. As often before, the endeavour failed due to the costs for the transportation of the bikes. Unfortunately the invitation had to be turned down.
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23.01.2007 Elmer Symons fund
Elmer Symons (1977-2007)
 Photo by:

The Off Road Racing community recently lost one of it closest and dearest friends, Elmer Symons.

Elmer died competing in Stage Four of the 2007 Dakar Rally.
Elmer was born in South Africa and was a National Off Road Champion in his native land, having won the prestigious Roof of Africa Rally. His friendly demeanor, commitment and passion for the sport infected all who knew him.
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07.09.2006 Loving memories of the Stegen Family
Karl’s death obviously came as a huge shock to us, and many others.
Everyone who knew us well will know that we were a very close family, and his death was expected to affect us very badly. Yes, it has, but really nothing quite like what we expected or what we had been told. At least not up to this stage. To some extent his death is still sinking in and in so many ways we want to do something or other, only to realize that Karl is no longer with us.
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18.05.2006 AMU Enduro Results from Zimbabwe
Jan de Haan (Namibia)
The AMU (African Motorcycle Union) Baja, which took place last weekend in the vicinity of Harare was overall a great success. However it has to be mentioned that only 4 countries took part and the best riders from South Africa did not participate. It is about time to investigate, why the interest of particularly South African riders is lacking, not only in Enduro but the same applies in the AMU Southern African Moto Cross Challenge.
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