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National MX News : AMU Continental Chamionship
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24.08.2010 Individual Riders for the AMU
Bjorn Bierbruaer

Individuals to carry the flag for Namibia at the AMU in South Africa

Unfortunately Namibia was unable to send a fully representative team to Africa’s biggest motocross event of the year, but some individual riders have taken it upon themselves to travel down to Gauteng, South Africa and fly our flag.
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29.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations - Results
Y f.l.t.r.: 2nd Anthony Raynard (SA), Winner Ross Branch (SA), 3rd Björn Bierbrauer MX2 Class

Jägermeister Team South Africa wins

As in previous years, it was the Jägermeister Team from South Africa that ran away with most of the trophies, spoil sport was only Namibia’s Björn Bierbrauer in the MX2 class that hindert the total triumph of the team from south of the Orange river.
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23.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
Björn Bierbrauer
For those readers outthere who have never witnessed Motocross live, there is the big chance to watch this insane sport this coming Saturday and Sunday 28th June at the Gallina Motocross Park, when the “Full Throttle AMU” gets started to decide who’s the best mx-rider on the african continent. For those riders that finish in the Top-5 it also means qualification for the FIM Worldchampionships to be held in South Africa in 2010. So, there is a lot at stake and Namibia is the proud host of this prestigious event.
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21.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
f.l.t.r: Uys Prinsloo, Jan Swartz (both representatives of I Dream Africa) 
 and Michael Nederlof (WMCC)

Main sponsor I Dream Africa

Without sponsors the “Full Throttle AMU” could have never get off the ground. The WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) noticed that engaged sponsors for the past 6 years were not able to committ themselves for 2009, due to the worldwide financial crisis.
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15.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
Joshua Teixeira

I Dream Africa Team Namibia

We kept the best for last and present the Namibian team. Sponsoring this team of 18 is the company I Dream Africa, a group of companies specialising in safaris and tours, events, catering, transport, mobile sanitation and manufacturing. With this diversification of services, 170 employees are involved in South Africa and Namibia. So I Dream Africa is the major sponsor of the “Full Throttle AMU” and they provide a part of their services. A Bedouin-tent will be erected on the club-owned premises of the WMCC in Olympia, with a capacity for 330 guests, Furthermore a boma will be put up with campfires and torches. I Dream Africa will handle the catering and the massive bar, als well as the mobile sanitation which are one of a kind on the African continent.
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15.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
Ross Branch (BOT)

Jägermeister Team South Africa

The Namibian distributors of German herbal liqueur „Jäger- meister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the past 6 years already. At Gallina Moto Cross Park the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhoek Youths…the hottest party with the coldest shots, as they say. This vibrant company Messrs Brockmann & Kriess, as Jägermeister distributors, became the patron of Team South Africa.
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09.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
Dale Holliday

ERINDI Ranch Zambia Team

The WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) is eager to prove to the AMU (African Motorcycle Union) as well as the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) that they are prepared for higher tasks, for the MX3 Worldchampionship for example. Therefore this “Full Throttle AMU”, as it is called in short, will be treated as a test-event.
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03.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations
Soulaymani Halim

Introducing riders from Morocco, Uganda and Kenya

The regsitration of riders is finished and the WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) is proud to announce that more than 100 riders from 9 different nations, racing under 7 different flags, will participate in the 2009 continental Championship, to be held in Namibia. The event at Gallina Motocross Park starts on 27th June with the time practising on the newly designed racetrack. Here the spectators can watch real racing already in the MX 1 and MX 2 Class, afterwards the well known party starts, some will say afterwards "the hell broke loose", when live band "Final Chapter" will rock the fans, supported by Gallina’s very own DJ-CoCo afterwards. This is an excellent chance to meet riders under the beer-barn at Gallina.
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02.06.2009 AMU Continental Chamionship
Ross Branch (BOT)

Four weeks to go until the wild mx-men start their engines

Hardcore-mx is a common term for offroad experience beyond enduro-tracks or a visit to the next ice-cream parlour on your moped. Hardcore-mx in perfection can be experienced during the "Full Throttle AMU Motocross Championship of African Nations" on 27th and 28th of June at the most popular Gallina Motocross Park, just outside of Windhoek, situated on the right hand side of the road towards Okahandja.
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06.05.2009 AMU Continental Chamionship
Alexander Howard (#113, NAM) vs v.d. Westhuisen (RSA)
It’s African racing time once more in Namibia. Because Namibia, represented by the Windhoek Motocross Club (WMCC), left an excellent impression within the AMU (African Motorcycle Union) organisation, by staging the 12th annual Motocross Inter-Series, Namibia was awarded to hold the 2009 AMU Motocross Championship of African Nations on 27th and 28th of June at Gallina Motocross Park.
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