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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
05.02.2006 WESBANK Moto Cross next Saturday
It’s time again! Next Saturday, on the 11th of February, the 2006 Moto Cross season will begin with the first leg "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge". The mother company First National Bank had been very satisfied with the FNB-series in the previous year and will also in future support the MX-sport financially, as the chairman of the WMCC, Paul Loots has been assured during the handing over of the cheque by WESBANK.
Jessica Ratheiser (NAM, KTM)
Jessica Ratheiser (NAM, KTM)
Almost for 3 months the engines have been silent; many riders have invested in new material, improved their fitness in diverse studios and are now very keen on matching themselves with last year’s opponents again. According to the NMSF registration office, we will see some new (old) faces, who had already shown in the past, that they know how to open up the throttle. We will see these riders primarily in the Clubmen’s Class.
The WMCC expects also several new participants in the Quads-class and the Kindergarden-classes as well. Unfortunately we will have to do without the Brendel siblings, so that Matthew Nederlof will be the number one favourite for the overall victory in the 50cc senior class. Elandre van Eck will do everything in his might to seize the one or other point from little Matthew. If Joshua Teixeira from Angola takes part more regularly, he can also be in for a surprise on the children’s track.
In the 65cc class there had been lots of action in the previous year. Mark Sternagel had outmatched Eric Garbers in this category. This season we expect the final breakthrough for Pauli Loots, who finished a respectable 2nd place in last year’s final race!
The 85cc class has gained additional improvement through the participation of several riders at the championship races in South Africa. Now we even expect some of our riders to participate in several meets of the ADAC Junior Championships in Germany this year. This Championship is said to be the toughest challenge in the world for junior riders and the winner of this series usually receives a contract in a major team. Last year, Björn Bierbrauer rode “out of contention”, but must be regarded as invincible. “Champ” Alexander Howard is said to be his greatest challenger. Only four points behind, we found Jaco Loots, who had displayed a formidable season. Amazingly quick at the start and equipped with the bold heart of a fighter he might well be good for a surprise – as well as Eckhart Hall from Swakopmund, whose results have improved last year. Watch out, this guy is to be reckoned with!
In the 125cc class Frank Klosta was last year’s overall high achiever. He always gave his very best, scored in every heat and won the championships even unspectacularly.
This season however, he will get a strong challenger in Brannigan “Animal” Wise. “Animal” was handicapped last year due to injuries, but is therefore even more eager to score in this years MX season. He definitely has the speed, the skill, and more importantly, the talent, to do so ! Björn Bierbrauer can surely be expected to also give it a try in this class, so an exciting clash of these three protagonists may be anticipated. The 125cc class will probably be started again together with the open class, but scored separately.
The best riders using the biggest horsepower-ponys however will be found in the Open class.
Acting Champion Ingo Waldschmidt will start as the favourite. As in last season, the brand-new father of a little girl will be hard to beat. His biggest challengers will be young Tommi Gous and Ronnie Adams, who both scored 319 points the last year, as well as Shawn Bruwer. Also Rudi Brand from Swakopmund has signed up and, in case he shapens up just in time, one can expect the “coastalboy” up front.
The highlight of the day will be the "WESBANK King of the Dirt" Race, where the best riders will meet for a long race over 20 minutes, plus one final lap. Only the fittest will "survive" this heat, where again Ingo Waldschmidt is a big favourite – however, the writer expects tough youngsters like Brannigan Wise or Ronnie Adams to be up front as well. This race will guarantee adrenaline rushes for the spectators, while the winner will be awarded the desired WESBANK-Trophy. Following the award ceremony, the notorious dance-event with DJ Coco will take place, where Windhoek’s youth traditionally comes together.
In the supporting programme, there will be heats in the Quad-Classes, the Clubmen’s Class as well as the 50cc Junior’s class. These three categories however have no "national" status.
So, don’t forget to visit the WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge on February 11th at the Gallina Motocross track, behind Döbra, on the road towards Okahandja. “Frühschoppen” with the live act “She and I” will begin at 11:00 a.m., and, to make visiting this exciting sports event even more interesting for new visitors: ENTRY IS FREE!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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