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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
12.02.2006 Ronnie Adams wins WESBANK MX Challenge!
This Moto Cross season started as we like it. When the scribe arrived in the pits that morning, he saw many new faces; a trend reversal had taken place. In the supporting programme "MX Development courses" were held for the little MX riders and two little kids took part. With the quads things looked noticingly better – 11 youths used this opportunity. That was amazing!
Inspite of the WMCC being dissappointed with the number of spectators, the evening with DJ Coco in the party barn turned out to be a hell of an event.
Wins WESBANK MX Challenge:
 Ronnie Adams (NAM, Suzuki)
Wins WESBANK MX Challenge:
Ronnie Adams (NAM, Suzuki)
Let’s move on to the sport as such: Ross Branch from Botswana, who took part as a guest rider at this WESBANK racing day, had to "roll" his EBS-Sturm-Kawasaki to the finish line in the first heat, due to a transmission failure. In the second heat Ross finished 3rd and won the following WESBANK King of the Dirt heat, which placed him 3rd in the overall ranking. Tommi Gous made a strong appearance on his Novel-Yamaha in the first heat, which he sensationally managed to win ahead of Brannigan Wise. In the second heat, Tommi finished 2nd behind Ronnie Adams and in the third heat he dropped out, which unfortunately cost him his place on the podium. And now we move on to the winner of the day. Ronnie Adams, on his “Thumper” sponsored by Suzuki-Namibia, started with a 3rd place, won the second heat, and made a 3rd place in the third heat, behind Brannigan Wise. Enough points to call the WESBANK-Trophy his own. He relentlessly worked on this victory.
The surprise of the day was "Animal" Wise on his small 125ccm KTM. Anybody who has seen him in Tommi Gous’ neck during the first heat, and then in the midst of the race heading towards the southern curve banging handlebars with Tommi, knows that we might have been watching the greatest junior talent of all times. What an outstanding performance!
Surprise of the day:
 Brannigan "Animal" Wise (NAM, KTM)
Surprise of the day:
Brannigan "Animal" Wise (NAM, KTM)
Frank Klosta, last year’s 125ccm champion, made 5th place. The 6th place was won by Henner Rusch, who had previously taken part in the Clubmen’s class. This too was a great achievement for this newcomer. He was able to place himself with one point ahead of the Angolan Jose Teixeira, also a climber from Clubmen’s class.

Final results Open-Class

  1. Ronnie Adams, Kapps Farm, Suzuki-Namibia, 50 points
  2. Brannigan Wise, Windhoek, KTM, 47
  3. Ross Branch, Botswana, EBS-Sturm-Kawasaki, 39
  4. Tommi Gous, Windhoek, Novel-Yamaha, 37
  5. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 33
  6. Henner Rusch, Windhoek, Husaberg, 26
  7. Jose Teixeira, Angola, El Gaucho-Suzuki, 25
  8. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, E.L.Sea Products-KTM, 24
  9. Rudi Brand, Swakopmund, Daddy’s-Honda, 18
  10. Eckhard Hall, Swakopmund, Daddy’s Honda, 15
As always, the 50cc senior class presented good racing. Here, the reigning champion Matthew Nederlof won on maximum in front of Michael Barlow and Lee Ann Smit, both on 47 points. Exciting racing was performed.
Eric Garbers showed an extremely improved performance in the fast 65cc class. He won with the maximum number of points in front of Pauli Loots and Tyrone Pieters. Elandre van Eck, the climber from the 50ccm class, performed well in the third heat, finishing 2nd, which placed him 4th in the final ranking.
The 85cc class was staffed with a challenging field of riders. Here, Björn Bierbrauer showed his great skill and once more won with the maximum amount of 60 points. Eckhart Hall from Swakopmund was coping relatively well, and never lost his adversary out of sight. The 3rd place was won by newcomer Schalk Louw. Another two newcomers, Gundolf Lang as well as Niki Rossi, son of the Namibian racing-legend Gino Rossi, battled for places 4 and 5. We’re curious whether Niki will be able to walk in his dad’s notorious footsteps.
In the supporting programme, there were races held in the Clubmen’s class. Here, a newcomer named Tony Viljoen convinced the spectators of his skill by getting the maximum amount of points. Also Mark Ratheiser performed really well, especially in his first heat where he cold-bloodedly thwarted Viljoen, gained the lead and only lost his first heat victory due to a stupid crash. However, Mark has now “licked blood” and more can be expected from this rider. Third place was gained by Billy Heigan, a veteran in this class.
Time and again the Quad races are just sensational. These guys don’t surrender! Fanie Steenkamp won both heats with 40 points in front of fast Jan de Haan and the swashbuckler Sven Hart. This class gets more and more popular among the spectators.

The Quad-Clubmen’s class, a new category for beginners was also well staffed. Eben Smith finally won against Ian Johnston who collected the same amount of points. Riaan Fourie made overall 3rd with two third places. Nice debuts for these newcomers.
A good racing day came to its end. The organisation was flawless. All that’s left to do is say Thank You to the management of WESBANK for sponsoring Namibian Moto Cross!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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