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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
20.02.2006 WESBANK sponsors 2006 Motocross Championship in Namibia
Last Saturday, the sponsorship for the year 2006 was officially handed over by WESBANK, a financing company that is part of First National Bank of Namibia. The handing over took place on the club-owned premisses of the Windhoek Moto Cross Club (WMCC), in the Gallina Moto Cross Park.
Paul Loots (WMCC, left) with James Short (WESBANK)
Paul Loots (WMCC, left) with James Short (WESBANK)
FNB has been engaged in motocross sport for exactly seven years now. It all started with a sponsorship for an Enduro Offroad race, followed by the financial support as team sponsor for the team from the Netherlands during the annual Inter-Series. In 2005 all races which took place at the Gallina Moto Cross Park in the scope of the Namibian Moto Cross Championships were sponsored.
Now, in 2006, the engagement could not be better, even though the name has changed. James Short (WESBANK Business Development Manager) visited the Gallina racetrack for the first time and was visibly positively surprised in light of the splendid infrastructure that had been built during the course of the years. Without exaggerating, the Gallina Moto Cross Park is probably the best racetrack on the African continent. This is also a reason for some of the most talented European, American as well as South African riders coming every year to Namibia to take part in the Inter-Series.
Mr. Short emphasised in his speech that his marketing department attentively followed the PR activities of the WMCC and is convinced that the monies are well invested in the Windhoek Moto Cross Club. Almost all Namibian radio stations, the print media and NBC television regularly and extensively report on Namibia’s X-treme sport number one! In addition, there is the world-wide coverage on the best motocross web pages.
"We are proud to be associated with such an active sports club. Continue your work, and you can count on our support in future," said Mr. Short.
The chairman of the WMCC, Paul Loots, thanked Mr. Short and WESBANK and promised a continued close collaboration in the interest of motorsport and both parties. As in the previous year, all national races held at Gallina Moto Cross Park will officially be known as "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge".
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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