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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
26.02.2006 2. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Preview

Who will become WESBANK-Trophy winner on Saturday?

That is the question! The field was much more dense in the Open Class during the first "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge" in the previous month and was thus very surprising. The coming race on the 4th of March should be even stormier as the current champion Ingo Waldschmidt and ex-champion Eckhart Waldschmidt will take part. Let's see how it all turns out.
Ronnie Adams, last month’s winner, on his "Thumper" sponsored by Suzuki-Namibia, knows that he can't "march through". He distinguishes himself through acquiring as many points as possible... the score will be settled in the end.
Brannigan "Animal" Wise, although PS-wise handicapped, can score with his enormous talent and his urge to push forward. His Kaufmann/Barnard-KTM is damn fast and just the right bike for "Animal".
Tommi Gous on his Novel Yamaha will try everything in his power to stay victorious. He already proved last month with his lap victory in the first heat that he can do it.
Alexander Howard (Yamaha)
Alexander Howard (Yamaha)
Frank Klosta, the current champion in the 125cc class rides in a rather unspectacular way... no noteworthy stunts... but always up front! You can always count on him.
The most surprising rider last month was Henner Rusch! For a climber from the Clubmen's Class to reach a 6th place in this field was just amazing. The same goes for the Angolan Jose Teixeira, also a climber, who made an outstanding 7th place during the first run of the WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge. Bernd Marting on his fast Kawasaki, also comes from the Clubmen's Class and this writer definitely sees him amongst the Top 10!
Rudi Brand from Swakopmund, riding a Honda, had a very good first run in the previous month but then his performance degraded. If Rudi can work on his physical fitness, he can surely land amongst the Top 10. This Open Class has a very strong cast and promises tons of excitement!
These were the Pros - let's move on to the Kindergarten-classes. In the 50cc Junior Class Matthew Nederlof stands head and shoulders above the rest. Michael Barlow has to watch out for Lee Ann Smit. And also Harris Cloete might jump up onto the podium.
In the 65cc Class we have Eric Garbers who is unbeatable at the moment. Pauli Loots made a strong appearance with two 2nd places last month. That's where he has to establish himself because Elandre van Eck and Tyrone Pieters are two strong challengers who are hot on his heels.
The riders in the 85cc Class are pretty professional and quick. Here Björn Bierbrauer is the measure of all things. During the first race he achieved the maximum number of points and that's exactly where he wants to land again on the 4th of March. This class has grown a lot and it's nice to see a new group of riders from the coast. Eckhart Hall is an aspirant for the podium but has to reckon with a strong resistance from Schalk Louw, Gundolf Lang or Niki Rossi, but to name a few challengers. Jaco Loots hasn't taken part in the 1st WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge. He is, apart from the afore-mentioned riders, also one of the aspirants for a place on the rostrum. It's going to sizzle in this class, that's one thing I can predict.
Unfortunately the popular Clubmen's Class was weakly manned during the first run but the organiser counts on some new faces for the coming Saturday. Tony Viljoen, a new rider, rode "maximum" last month and one can surely count on him again. Responsible for quite some astonishment in the previous month was little Mark Ratheiser, a climber from the 85cc class, who stuck to Viljoen’s rear fender lap after lap. He could be in for a surprise on Saturday. Billy Heigan, an old hand, will make the jump onto the podium as well. Wanna bet?
While the Quad B-Class up to 240cc is clearly dominated by Jean Venter, there are a handful of riders in the Quad A-Class over 240cc who would all be able to get a place on the podium. Noteworthy names are Fanie Steenkamp, Jan de Haan, Sven Hart or Clinton Hilfiker.
The Quad Clubmen's Class also presented good motorsport previously. Here there are several aspirants for the podium, e.g. Ian Johnston, Eben Smith, Riaan Fourie. But also Tammu Piehl can take credit for his 2nd place in the second heat during the previous WESBANK MX-Challenge.
So don't forget, the second Leg of the WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge is on the 4th of March at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, 15 kilometres out of Windhoek on the road towards Okahandja.

Frühschoppen with Live Music "She & I", after the prize-giving the famous “Scheunen- schwof-Party” with DJ Coco... Entertainment for the whole family.... Admission is free!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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