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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
05.03.2006 2. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results

Tommi Gous wins WESBANK-Trophy!

Once again this was a Moto Cross race that was to the liking of the friends of motor sport, last Saturday at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. There was perfect racing weather and a perfect race track due to the many rainfalls during the past two months. As expected from the Windhoek Moto Cross Club the races were carried out according to the planned time-schedule. The present guests of sponsor WESBANK were very satisfied with the whole organistaion.
On the track there were some dramatic incidents in the Open class, that were also reflected in the list of results: Previous month's overall winner, Ronnie Adams, on his four stroke Suzuki, started with a victory in the 1st heat. Should he become the winner of the day again? Behind him, 'Animal' Wise and Ingo Waldschmidt battle for 2nd place and behind the both of them – what a surprise – the great talent from Swakopmund, Rudi Brand! 'Well done, Rudi!'
Until now, everything was still just fine! In the second heat, Ronnie crashed in the northern bent and made only 6th place. This time the winner was 'Animal' Wise on his little Kaufmann/Barnard-KTM. Behind him Tommi Gous closed in, but was unable to pass. Ingo Waldschmidt, last year's Namibian Champion, had to bite the dust two times. What a pity! Rudi Brand landed on 3rd place ahead of the 125ccm rider Frank Klosta.
Shawn Bruwer (Honda)
Shawn Bruwer (Honda)
Prior to the 'WESBANK King of the Dirt' race, everything was still undecided! Nervously the riders prepare the ground behind the gate. With their boots they stamp the starting line. The 5-seconds-sign appears, the engines roar at top-speed, the starting gate falls and the wild chase begins. As usual, Adams, Waldschmidt, Wise and Gous speed through the first bent. After the 'Tabletop' the wheat separates from the chaff. Gous takes the lead on his fast four stroke Novel-Yamaha. Behind him, Wise’s 125ccm two stroke KTM 'screams'! Adams keeps up. Again, Rudi Brand is part of the action, closely followed by Frank Klosta and Alexander Howard. Wise is now riding with 110% commitment and he gives everything. He is actually able to pass Tommi Gous. What an achievement!
Then, what a drama! Wise’s KTM doesn't pull anymore, he tantalisingly pushes his bike in low gear through the terrain but in the end he has to let Gous pass. Seventy metres behind them, Adams rides on, only keen on keeping his 3rd place...and then he realises that the distance between Wise and himself decreases! Now Ronnie gets a boost of motivation; he takes up the pursuit and is actually able to pass Wise. Wise is able to hold himself in 3rd spot. Pity, he would have deserved to come out of this as the winner of the day.
Wins the WESBANK-Trophy:
 Tommi Gous (Yamaha)
Wins the WESBANK-Trophy:
Tommi Gous (Yamaha)

Results WESBANK King of the Dirt

  1. Tommi Gous, Windhoek, Novel-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Suzuki-Namibia, 17
  3. Brannigan Wise, Windhoek, Kaufmann/Banard-KTM, 15
  4. Rudi Brand, Swakopmund, Daddy’s Yamaha, 13
  5. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, RefrigerationServices-Yamaha, 11
  6. Alexander Howard, Windhoek, Seasonair-Yamaha, 10
  7. Jose Teixeira, Angola, E.L. Sea Products-Suzuki, 9
  8. Shawn Bruwer, Windhoek, Honda-Namibia, 8
  9. Jessica Ratheiser, Windhoek, Electrolight-KTM, 7
  10. Eckhart Hall, Swakopmund, Coastal Racing-Honda, 6
In the supporting programme of this WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge, further races took place for the Namibian Championships. Let's move on to the little ones in the 50cc class. For the second year now, Matthew Nederlof rules this category. This Saturday he again achieved a flawless maximum number of 60 points and won ahead of Harris Cloete and Michael Barlow. Almost routinely the kids land on their places.
The pace in the 65cc class is somewhat quicker. Here the all-time favourite is Marc Sternagel. Pauli Loots opens up the accelerator and might be able to challenge Sternagel this season. Tyrone Pieters also made it onto the podium with a 3rd place.
Björn Bierbrauer, who will take part in the ADAC youth Championships in Germany this season, won the first heat in the 85cc class, but then had to quit due to stomach problems. This paved the way for Jaco Loots who accomlished his first „winner of the day“ title.
Eckhart Hall from Swakopmund drew attention to himself with his victory in the 3rd heat. What Geoff Erasmus achieved was also really great. He snatched a 3rd place on the podium in front of Niki Rossi from Swakopmund.
This time the Clubmen’s class was better manned than at the first WESBANK race four weeks ago. This time Heiko Hennes was at the start again and restored the hierarchy, which meant that last month's winner, Tony Viljoen, had to settle with 2nd place. Henry O'Kennedy also made it onto the podium, well done!
Pearce van Wyk was the great winner in the Quad-B-class up to 240cc. He won on maximum in front of his old opponents Eugene Slippers and Marko Roebke. In the Quad-A-class over 240cc Fanie Steenkamp stayed unbeaten. Behind him Clinton Hilfiker and Phillip Weakley got a 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
The interest in Quad or 4-Wheeler racing has increased to such an extend, that the WMCC had to establish a Clubmen’s class, for riders with little or no racing experience. The great winner was Ian Johnston who was able to place himself in front of Marius Faul and Colin Hart. Here the WMCC expects additional beginners during the course of the year! One cannot deny that the 4-Wheeler racing is extremely well received by the specators. This 2nd race of the WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge was really exciting!
A big ThankYou must be extended to the major sponsor WESBANK. And Thank you also to Johan Nel, who rendered his services as track commentator free of charge! A Thanks also goes to the helpers behind the scenes, who are too seldom named.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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