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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
30.04.2006 H.-Keil MX-Race to be held in Omaruru
Heavy rainfalls in and around Swakopmund have turned the Moto Cross track near the saltfields into a lake. With the help of Swakopmund based construction companies, an attempt was made to get rid of the water, to no avail! What a pity. With a heavy heart it was decided to organise the event on the 6th of May in Omaruru instead - the sponsor H.-Keil having no objection to a transfer. So please make a note: H.-Keil Moto Cross Raceday on the 6th of May in Omaruru. The track is located next to the golf course and there are signs on the road leading the way.
Tommi Gous
Tommi Gous
After the previous race in Gobabis it is obvious that the Yamaha rider Tommi Gous is the great favourite in the Open-Class. That was definitely his day in Gobabis! The acting champion Ingo Waldschmidt gained some important points and therefore won't fall behind. Ronnie Adams almost made it as overall winner in Gobabis but in the 2nd heat he failed. Nevertheless he might be the spoilsport for Tommi on Saturday. Ronnie, on a fast Suzuki-Thumper, stated that he has practised like never before in his life. We will see if it pays off.
Rudi Brand
Rudi Brand
Rudi Brand has been looking forward to the race in his hometown of Swakopmund. It's his track, built by him, so he knows every nook! Now he has to try his luck on the track in Omaruru. The configuration doesn't suit him; there are only a couple of places for overtaking, but the deep sand on the track should suit his style. Henner Rusch on his Husaberg is pretty fast on Gallina but the writer of these lines believes he hasn't raced in Omaruru before. He will have to get used to the track first. This also goes for the Angolan Jose Teixeira. For him too, this track is unknown territory. Shawn Bruwer and Wolfang Rohe on his Honda are better off in this respect. In the past both riders coped really well in Omaruru, always riding up front. Brannigan "Animal" Wise is the favourite in the 125cc Class, as usual racing with the "big" guys. Whoever raced in front of Brannigan during the race in Gobabis, Brannigan on his KTM practically glued to his muffler! Omaruru surely won't have a negative influence on this guy's performance. Frank Klosta, last year's champion in this class, collects every point, without showing spectacular commitment, but during the award ceremony, he'll definitely be one of the three on the rostrum again. Another rider one has to reckon with is Alexander Howard, he will also show what he is capable of in the sandpit in Omaruru.
These riders complete two Heats and then the best of all classes meet in the "H.-Keil King of the Dirt". This gruelling race lasts twenty long minutes after which will be decided who is to carry the title "King of the Dirt" for the next couple of weeks. The beautiful trophy, sponsored by Messrs Hans Keil is well worth the effort
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
But there are some more classes in which battles for national honors are carried out. The little ones in the 50cc Senior Class also know how to open up the throttle. 7 year old Matthew Nederlof is (as always) the great favourite. Harris Cloete, only 5 years old, can be seen as a serious challenger and the 6 year old Michael Barlow is always good for a surprise. In this class the dads are at least as commited as the kids.
Mark Sternagel is the great talent in the 65cc Class. He collects victories like other boys collect stamps! His biggest competitor is Eric Garbers, while Pauli Loots seems to naturally land on 3rd place all the time. Tyrone Pieters gets quicker every time. Pauli has to watch out here!
The speed in the 85cc Class is just amazing! This is already true racing sport. Jaco Loots is the (young) man who rides up front. He is 13 years old and already very self-confident, knowing exactly what he wants: Becoming world champion. That's the way to go! But first he has to gain the Namibian title, which is presently also challenged by Eckhart Hall from Swakopmund. Other riders who are hot for a place on the podium are Geoff Erasmus from Okahandja as well as the other "coastals" Niki Rossi, Schalk Louw or Gundolf Lang, to name but a few.
Let us now move on to the classes in the supporting programme. In the popular Clubmen's Class Heiko Hennes is the hot favourite at the starting gate. However, Heiko has to count on a strong opposition from Tony Viljoen. We don't know how strong Henry O'Kennedy will be in Omaruru but he will surely land on the podium. Yet Marc Ratheiser also wants a place on the rostrum, so it will come to a damn hot race with battles for all positions. The organiser hopes for a fully manned Clubmen's Class this time around.
While little Pearce van Wyk will battle it out with Marko Röbke for 1st place in the Quad-B-Class, Fanie Steenkamp stands untouched at the head of the group for several years in the Quad-A-Class. However, Ronnie Adams (exactly that Adams from the Open-Class) attracted attention with his overall 2nd rank in Gobabis. But one also has to look out for Christof Ockhuizen or Jan de Haan, to name but a few in this big class. A prediction is in any case never possible when it comes to these guys!
The Clubmen's Quad-Class is also very popular. Here the favourites are Ian Johnston, Riaan Fourie and Simon Raines, accompanied by a handful of riders which are all known for top performances. And last but not least, there are our Amazons: Celine Adams and Lani Cloete.
So, once again: The scheduled MX-race on the 6th of May does not take place in Swakopmund, but had to be transfered to Omaruru due to water damage to the track. The race takes place under the official name H.-Keil Moto Cross Raceday on the 6th of May on the beautiful track in Omaruru.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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