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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
04.06.2006 3. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results

Ronnie Adams wins WESBANK-Trophy
Hero of the day wins MX- and Quad-Class category

During the "WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge" Ronnie Adams proved, that he is presently in top form. And this is expected of him, as he is going to represent Namibia at the Grand Prix in Sun-City / South Africa. Ronnie won all three heats in the Open-Class as well as 3 heats in the Quad-A-Class. This is an extraordinary achievement! Many spectators came to the Gallina Moto Cross Park as the weather was just perfect for a racing day. Unfortunately, riders were dwindling in some of the classes, which was especially apparent in the Clubmen's Class. The situation was made even more tragic by the fact that 3 riders are in Germany at the moment, Ingo Waldschmidt's occupation made him indispensable, and Wolfgang Rohe' Honda had technical problems.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
Nonetheless, the offered motorsport action compensated for the "mini-classes". The representatives from WESBANK present at Gallina, a financing branch of First National Bank, were pleased with the sport. The young American Keith Weaver used his 3-months summer holiday to ride in Namibia. With a 6th place in the WESBANK King of the Dirt he made a good debut.
US-Boy Keith Weave
US-Boy Keith Weave
Ronnie "Holeshot" Adams once again lived up to expectations and grabbed the holeshot in the Open-Class. Behind him, the usual battles for positions were going on. After a bad start, Brannigan "Animal" Wise stormed through the field. For quite some time he was stuck behind Rudi Brand, but then the coastal boy from Swakopmund" had to settle for 3rd place. Adams by that time was in the lead and on cruise control. In the 2nd heat things weren't much different: Adams in the lead, closely followed by Wise. Then,Wise disappeared. He had a crash on the sounthern part of the track. But, Wise doesn't quit and chases after the pack. Still, he has to settle for 5th place. Adams wins, followed by Rudi Brand and Shawn Bruwer.
Brannigan 'Animal' Wise
Brannigan 'Animal' Wise
When Adams won his 3rd Quad-Class heat he appeared to be totally powered out, stating: "I have no clue how I should hold the bike, my arms feel absolutely powerless." Nevertheless, the 3rd heat of the mixed Open/125cc Class, the "WESBANK King of the Dirt" was about to take place. The starting gate drops and Adams assumes the lead ahead of Bruwer and Brand, followed closely by the two 125cc riders Wise and Klosta. Wise wants the lead and pushes forward. Now he is glued toAdams' exhaust pipe and after jumping the "WESBANK-Table", Wise takes over the lead. Adams can't keep up and now even has to fight off Brand. Frank Klosta sticks to Brand eating his dust. All seems to be decided...Wise is on his last lap, and all happy about the assumed victory, when he does a "Whip" at the "Double-Table" and lands badly on the rutted track, his own bike flipping him off. This looked really bad! Bad luck for Wise and the maximum number of points for Adams.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta

Results WESBANK King of the Dirt

  1. Ronnie Adams, Mad-Buzz/Suzuki Namibia, 20 points
  2. Rudi Brand, Swakop Body Works-Yamaha, 17
  3. Frank Klosta, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 15
  4. Shawn Bruwer, Mad-Buzz/Suzuki Namibia, 13
  5. Alexander Howard, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 11
The little ones are pretty excited since for the first time they will ride on the brand-new Children's track. The track has proved itself, it is defintitely the best and most beautiful childrens' track on the African continent. Thank you to Murray & Roberts as well as Namibia Construction. Matthew Nederlof once again proved how ambitious he is in becoming the 2006 Champion. He had a maximum-victory in the 50cc Class. Harris Cloete was also able to cope very well on the new track, landing on 2nd spot ahead of Michael Barlow.
The brand-new Children's track
The brand-new Children's track
Mark Sternagel finished on maximum points in the 65cc Class, despite a broken nose! Eric Garbers landed in 2nd and Pauli Loots in 3rd place.
In the 85cc Class Geoff Erasmus started off with a 1st place, this was equaled by Jaco Loots in the 2nd heat. The 3rd heat was to be the deciding one but then Jaco's bike died prior to the start. Erasmus was the day's champion, followed by Niki Rossi and Schalk Louw.
In the supporting programme races were held in the Clubmen's Class. Heiko Hennes started off well with a heat-victory, while Tony Viljoen, Henry O'Kennedy and Billy Heigan battled it out behind him. Viljoen came to the conclusion that he would have only one chance against Hennes and that would be at the Double-Table, just before the finishing jump. Hennes rolls over it, while Viljoen jumps it. No sooner said than done, Viljoen stuck to Hennes, jumped the Double-Table and with it his opponent, and the day's victory was his! 3rd place went to Henry O'Kennedy who performed well all day. It is just unfortunate that this class continues to shrink.
The Quad-riders also participated in the supporting programme. As has already been mentioned, Ronnie won the Quad-A-Class, which was something new for our usual champ Fanie Steenkamp. Those who know Fanie, will reckon with some fierce riding from him next time around. This 2nd place will soon be forgotten! Jan de Haan kept up pretty well and landed on the 3rd podium spot.
In the Quad-Clubmen's Class Dennis Raines won in front of Riaan Fourie and Gavin Murgatroyd. Celine Adams, the only woman in the field, made a respectable 5th place.
The charming Jägermeister-Girl
The charming Jägermeister-Girl
It was a good and exciting racing day, sponsored by WESBANK. The Jägermeister-Party which followed, went on till late and was only ended by the upcoming cold climate.
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Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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