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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
26.06.2006 4. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Preview

Ronnie Adams wants WESBANK-Trophy

After his great success four weeks ago, Ronnie Adams has tasted blood! He achieved a clean maximum number of points and won the WESBANK-Trophy in the Open-Class for MX-bikes as well as in the Quad-A-Class for 4-Wheelers. Nobody is going to top this anytime soon. But, all is open on the 1st of July. We can count again on Ingo Waldschmidt's participation and Wolfgang Rohe will have sorted out his technical problems. The organiser, the Windhoek Moto Cross Club, hopes that the riders of the Clubmen`s Class will find their way back to Gallina. There was a time when the Clubmen made up the biggest class at the starting gate ... that was a long time ago!
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
Let`s take a look at the favourites in the various national categories and begin with the 50ccm Class. Those who have seen little Matthew Nederlof ride four weeks ago, will know that there is no cure against his winning streek, and it looks as if the new children`s race-track was just made for him. Fullspeed and in Speedway-style, this guy shoots through the curves. And then we have Harris Cloete, who despite being somewhat younger than Matthew, isn`t really slower than him. Harris has improved enormously during the last couple of months. The same goes for the challenger Michael Barlow. Let`s see how the siblings Becker from Gobabis can keep up here, one hears a lot of positive news from the east!
The 65ccm and the 85ccm classes start together but are assessed seperately. Last time, the 65ccm rider, Mark Sternagel, drew attention to himself when he kept the lead for several rounds in front of all 85ccm bikes! That was a sight; I wouldn`t have thought that the little aggregates from KTM could reach such a speed. You have to see it to believe it. Mark is the favourite in this category, but Eric Garbers and Pauli Loots can nevertheless keep up quite well and Tyrone Pieters has developed podium ambitions as well. Watch out, Pauli! Joshua Teixeira tries to keep up.
Geoff Erasmus was able to win two heats during the previous race in the 85ccm Class, which was an important step for him...because victory tastes sweet! Let`s see whether or not he can repeat this victory against Jaco Loots and Eckhart Hall. Niki Rossi also showed good MX with an overall 2nd place during the previous race.
The 125ccm Class and the Open-Class start together but get assessed seperately as well. Among the 125ccm riders, Brannigan "Animal" Wise is the champ and only he is is able to beat the favourites in the Open-Class with his little bike and a bit of luck. The bikes in the Open-Class have double the cubic capacity at their disposal. Brannigan`s toughest opponents among the 125ers are Frank Klosta and Alexander Howard.
Let us move on the "Pro`s" in the Open-Class, the strongest class in Namibia. Here, the acting Champion Ingo Waldschmidt, is still the great favourite. Ingo still doesn`t need any training hours. How long can he keep this up at his age? Ronnie Adams is personified optimism! He is concentrating himself wholly on his participation at the Grand Prix in South Africa. Rudi Brand has achieved his best result this season with a 2nd place in the Open-Class as well as a 2nd place in the WESBANK King of the Dirt race four weeks ago. This guy is motivated!
Up to now, Shawn Bruwer wasn`t able to ride among the best this season, as he might have hoped. It might be due to the new bike...being a Hondarider for ages, he now rides a Suzuki. Henner Rusch and Jose Teixeira are seen as Top-10 riders and it should stay that way coming Saturday. As a guest rider, Keith Weaver (USA) goes to the start. Keith made 6th place in the previous WESBANK King of the Dirt. He must have trained real hard. The WESBANK-Trophy is said to be an especially beautiful trophy!
Heiko Hennes
Heiko Hennes
In the supporting programme, the categories take place which are not part of the national championships, like the Clubmen`s Class. Heiko Hennes only has to overcome his fear of the Double-Table. Then he can win again! Tony Viljoen wins his heats at exactly this point, jumping the "Double", while Heiko rolls over it.
Henry O`Kennedy brings good results these days, and should be able to land a podium spot on Saturday. Another guy keen on a podium spot is Mark Ratheiser. We hope he has had a good recovery from his dental surgery. Billy Heigan is always part of the leading pack and should be able to leave Justin Jacobs and Paul Osthuizen behind him.
The 4-Wheelers start in the supporting programme as well. In the Quad-A-Class, Ronnie Adams has made a name for himself, which was a disappointment for Fanie Steenkamp - the Champ for many years! Fanie will have to put in some extra power this coming Saturday to take revenge for his defeat! I can definitely promise excitement here! Jan de Haan will battle with Jean Venter, Wilber Ockhuizen or Phillip Weakly for the 3rd podium spot.
4-Wheeler Fanie Steenkamp
4-Wheeler Fanie Steenkamp
In the Quad-Clubmen`s Class there will be good motorsport as well. Guys like Dennis Raines or Riaan Fourie are damn fast and Ian Johnston, Gavin Murgatroyd or Simon Raines are also keen on a podium spot. And not to forget the lady in this illustrious round: Celine Adams.
When all these races have taken place, the best riders from the national classes meet for the highlight of the day: The WESBANK King of the Dirt race, which lasts 20 minutes. This is nothing for Warmduscher - only the toughest will be able to end the race.
After the award ceremony, the famous "After-Party powered by Jägermeister" takes place. Windhoek`s youth meets here to dance to the music from DJ Coco. It`s going to be a raving party, guaranteed! So don`t forget the WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge on the 1st of July at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, 15 km outside of Windhoek, situated on the road to Okahandja. The way to the race-track is signposted.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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