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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
03.07.2006 4. WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge - Results

Rudy Brandt is the King of the Wesbank Motocross Championship

Unfortunately there were only 3 entries in the 50cc class, nevertheless the 3 riders provided excellent racing. Young Michael Barlow, who has very limited time to practice recently, started badly with a major fall in practice and followed that up with an equally bad fall in the 1st heat, had to settle for 3rd place. 2nd place ‘Holeshot’ Harris Cloete however, provided the winner of the class Matthew Nederlof, with more than one headache. Harris had 3 holeshots for the day and followed that with fantastic riding in the 3rd heat. Harris held the lead until the 2nd last lap, before Matthew managed to pass and make his record 3 wins in 3 heats for the day.
The combined 65/85cc races were equally exciting especially up front where Geoff Erasmus had to come from behind to beat Jaco Loots. Geoff showed he had the speed to move up to the 125cc class next year with confidence. Jaco put up a brave fight on his borrowed bike but he had to settle for 2nd in front of Niki Rossi, Schalk Louw and Gundolf Lang, who are improving with every outing. Right in the mix of the 85s are young Mark Sternagel and Eric Garbers followed by Pauli Loots on their 65cc machines. Mark’s talent deserves a special mention; he shows at each event that when he moves into the 85cc class he’ll be on the pace. Young Tyron Pieters who brings up the rear in this class showed tremendous improvement.
The Clubmens class had 5 starters but they provided racing all the way. Although Henner Rusch won the class easily, he was kept honest all the way by Heiko Hennes, Henry O’Kennedy, Mark Ratheiser and Mark Sternagel. There was always a ‘dice’ somewhere between the positions and the close racing can only lead to healthy competition.
The Quad class races remain a crowd pleaser. The difficult passing moves that the riders have to attempt make the heats very exciting. Ronnie Adams remains on top of the Quad A class with a 2nd place in the 1st heat and two 1st places in the remaining heats. Wilbur Ockhuizen won handsomely in the 1st heat and proved that if he gets fitter, he’ll be the pilot the others will have to catch. Fannie Steenkamp joined Ronnie and Wilbur on the 3rd step of the podium but any one of Baard, Venter, Isaaks or Weakley could have taken the position away from him.
The Quad B and Clubmens race together and this breeding ground for future champions looks very healthy with a total of 12 riders. Eugene Slippers won the B class on equal points with Pearce van Wyk. Marko Roebke, the tiny guy with the big heart, followed them onto the podium. Flippie Baard took the Clubmens class from Riaan Fourie in 2nd and Dennis Raines in 3rd.
Ronnie Adams, followed by Wilbur Ockhuizen and D Baard, won the new King of the Dirt for Quads.
Frank Klosta won the 125cc class with comfort showing his new turn of speed and confidence is really paying off. Alex Howard came in second after he had to stop in the 1st heat and Animal Wise only managed to finish the 1st heat.
Rudi Brand
 Photo by: Bernd Kroemer
Rudi Brand
Photo by: Bernd Kroemer
The Open Class was almost a walk in the park for Ronnie Adams, although he had to bow in to Rudy Brandt in the last heat. Shawn Bruwer came 3rd in front of Keith Weaver and José Texeira.
Rudy Brandt is the King of the Dirt but he had to fight hard to beat Ronnie Adams into 2nd and Frank Klosta into 3rd. Rudy has been threatening for a while now and proves that hard work pays off. Frank also needs a special mention firstly for leading for a big part of the race and secondly because of the disadvantage he has in cubic centimetres. However a lot of praise has to go to Ronnie for his unbelievable fitness and endurance.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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