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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
13.08.2006 Wesbank Namibian Motocross Challenge

Gous wins WESBANK-Trophy

Under ideal weather conditions the last WESBANK-sponsored Championships race took place at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. Now the MX circus moves on to Swakopmund and Gobabis until on the 28th of Oktober and the 4th of November, the engines roar again at Gallina, when riders from 10 different nations are expected for the annual "Inter Series".
The sport displayed was exceptional, although all classes were missing some riders. In the Open-Class, Ingo Waldschmidt – the multi-champ - was there again after a long time of absence. Unfortunately he was not able to show his riding talent, as for the third time in a row, his braking system failed. He through in the towel after the first heat. Tommy Gous had spent the last three months in Germany, where he participated in a Suspension course of instruction at the specialised Schuster company. Testing took place a lot on various tracks, so Tommi was in good shape, which he proved in the course of the racing day. The event was overshadowed when Rudi Brand had a bad crash during a practise lap and he had to go into surgery with a fractured vertebra and hip joint. Get well soon, Rudi!
Ronnie Adams (Suzuki)
Ronnie Adams (Suzuki)
In the first heat, Tommi won the holeshot on his Yamaha. He was the first to shoot into the Pepsi-leftcurve, followed closely by Ronnie Adams on his Suzuki. During the next 15 minutes, the lead changed 3 times, before Adams could assert himself and won the race. Ingo Waldschmidt on 3rd position kept up well in the beginning, but then the before mentioned problem with his braking system arose and Frank Klosta passed him as well. Also part of the pursuers was Alexander Howard, Shawn Brewer and US-boy Keith Weaver. The American had a great success when he got past Bruwer towards the end of the race. That was just to the spectators' liking.
In the 2. heat, Adams was able to win the start and hold himself on top for some time, until Tommi mercilessly pushed him from the leading position. Brannigan "Animal" Wise was on third position with his Moto-TM and battled with Frank Klosta and Alexander Howard for a podium spot. A crash in the WESBANK-central curve threw Brannigan far behind but after a grandiose chase, he was able to secure a 7th place. Again the American Weaver reached the finish line ahead of Bruwer. The spectators got their money's worth.
Brannigan "Animal" Wise (TM)
Brannigan "Animal" Wise (TM)
The last race, WESBANK King of the Dirt, was the all-deciding one: Adams or Gous! Nervously the riders drag on their bikes, searching for the perfect rut in the sand, for an optimal start... the gate drops and Holeshot-Adams lives up to his reputation. He's the first to shoot into the Pepsi-curve, closely followed by the rest of the pack. But Adams cannot stand the pressure for long. After 2 heats in the Open-Class and 3 heats in the Quad-Class (which he won all) Adams is powered out. He holds himself on 2nd place. Wise builds up the pressure from behinnd but has to bite the dust once more, securing Ronnie Adams his 2nd place. The pursuers under the leadership of Frank Klosta, close in on Adams, while Wise passes his competitors with an enormous pace. Again Weaver reaches the finishline ahead of Bruwer.

Results: WESBANK King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommi Gous, Zenner-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Ronnie Adams, Jägermeister-Suzuki, 17
  3. Brannigan Wise, Moto-TM-Südafrika, 15
  4. Frank Klosta, Refrigeration-Services Yamaha, 13
  5. Alexander Howard, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 11
In the supporting programme, championship races in all classes took place. In the Kindergarden-Class 50cc Seniors, Matthew Nederlof rode like it is expected of a favourite. He left his strongest opponent Harris Cloete on 2nd place after some exciting heats. Michael Barlow landed on third place in front of Armand Storbeck.
"Mister Maximum", Mark Sternagel, won the 65cc Class. Eric Garbers held his usual 2nd place and Pauli Loots once again landed on 3rd.
In the 85cc Class the spectators could watch a hard but well worth seeing fight between Jaco Loots and Geoff Erasmus. Several times the lead changed. Jaco never gave up and finally could call another WESBANK-Trophy his own. Erasmus was proud on 2nd place in front of the Swakopmunders Schalk Louw and Nikolai Rossi.
But also the classes without championship status offered good entertainment. In the Clubmen's Class Henner Rusch won, leaving Henry O'Kennedy in second and little Mark Ratheiser in third.
While Pearce van Wyk could win the Quad-B-Class ahead of Eugene Slippers, Ronnie Adams won with a maximum number of points in the Quad-B-Class- Wilber Ockhuizen came in second and Phillip Weakly in third
The strongest Quad class was the Quad-Clubmen's Class, which André van der Merwe won in front of this toughest opponents Riaan Fourie and Dennis Raines.
In the end there was an entertaining "Powder Puff" race, in which only female participants without racing experience took part. It was very entertaining but the Windhoek Moto Cross Club should shorten the laps for this show race. Less can sometimes be more.
After the pricegiving, the Jägermeister-Party took place, where Windhoek's youth met for some dancing to DJ Coco's music. That was a great evening! A Thank You goes to WESBANK and Jägermeister and of course to all unmentioned helpers behind the scenes!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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