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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
10.09.2006 Gobabis "Big Five" MX-Trophy on Saturday - Preview
While the preparations for the 10th anniversary of the "Inter-Series" at the Gallina Moto Cross Park-Windhoek are in full swing, one more race for the Namibian Moto Cross Championships takes place on the 16th of September in Gobabis. The riders can test their bikes and demonstrate their physical fitness, before one meets again for another Chammpionship race on September 30 at Swakopmund.
For years now, the driving force behind the event in Gobabis is Wikus Engelbrecht, who, together with his men from the GMCC, always makes a wonderful racing day happen. Without exagerating: This track in Gobabis offers unequalled track and soil conditions in the whole of southern Africa, due to its unique coposition of the soil. This Championships race will be sponsored by "Big Five Central Hotel".
Best Pairs Style
Best Pairs Style
While the acting Champion Ingo Waldschmidt missed his last chance in the Open-Class - too many problems with his braking system threw him far behind - there will be a hot battle between Tommy Gous on his Zenner-Yamaha and Ronnie Adams on his Jägermeister-Suzuki, who leads the points-log in the moment. However, the championship is not yet decided and every point counts! Shawn Bruwer, who slumped during the previous race on Gallina, now has to give all he's got if he wants to keep his overall 3rd place.
But there are also a number of 125ccm riders who enjoy challenging the big guys. Surely Brannigan "Animal" Wise on his Works Moto-TM will be riding way up front. The same goes for the Champ Frank Klosta or young Alexander Howard. And never underestimate the Angolan Jose Teixeira, who will battle it out with Henner Rusch on Namibia's only Husaberg.
The highlight as ever, will be the "Big Five-King of the Dirt" race which lasts for 20 long minutes and where the best of all classes take part. Only the toughest and fittest riders have a chance of winning this gruelling Heat.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
We can also expect some exciting races in the supporting programme. In the Kindergarden-Class 50cc Seniors there will be the ongoing duel between the Champion Matthew Nederlof and Harris Cloete. Michael Barlow and Armand Storbeck will both want the 3rd podium spot. In this class, the GMCC expects the participation of their local heroes Becker & Becker. Let's see if they can use their home turf advantage.
The 65cc Class is always exciting and somewhat faster. "Mr. Maximum" Mark Sternagel first has to prove that his winning streak survives Gobabis, since he had some problems on this track in the past. His opponent Eric Garbers could gain profit from that. But also Pauli Loots has had some excellent races in Gobabis!
We can expect some thrills in the 85cc Class where Geoff Erasmus has proven himself as a serious challenger for Jaco Loots. Jaco was sure to have pocketed the 2006 Championship already, when suddenly Geoff from Okahandja demonstrated an amazing speed. Who will land on the 3rd podium spot will be decided amongst the Coastal-Boys from Swakopmund: Niki Rossi, Honda-rider Gundolf Lang and Kawasaki-rider Schalk Louw.
In the classes without national-status the adrenalin will nevertheless be just as high.
One can only hope, that the shrinking of the Clubmen's Class had come to an end. Some tough action will be expected between Heiko Hennes, Henry O'Kennedy, KTM-rider Mark Ratheiser and Tony Viljoen. All mentioned riders are good for the 1st podium spot, which will ensure a breathtaking race.
Whether Fanie Steenkamp takes part in the Quad-A-Class is still not certain, but his toughest opponent Ronnie Adams, is looking forward to a sequel of the duel. In this class there are six or seven riders who all stood on the rostrum already this season: riders like Wilbur Ockhuizen, Phillip Weakley, Sven Hart, Jan de Haan, Jean Venter or Clinton Hilfiker to name but a few.
The biggest class with plenty of riders are found in the Quad-Clubmen's Class. André van der Merwe made a strong appearance during the WESBANK- race on Gallina, when he left Riaan Fourie and Dennis Raines behind him.
The races will end with the popular "Powder-Puff" race, where only female riders without racing experience may participate. A great chance for the Gobabis-Cow-Girls to show the girls from te city how it's done!
The GMCC will cater for food and drink at the track, and according to my sources, the track will be designed more spectator-friendly, with a new wall, so that everyone can witness the action in the eastern curve.
Gobabis Moto Cross on the 16th of September guarantees action in the capital of the east!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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