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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
17.09.2006 Gobabis "Big Five" MX-Trophy - Results

Thrills galore at “Big-5” MX in Gobabis

Tommy Gous reaffirmed his position as Namibia’s top motocross rider, when he won the Open Class, thereby beating one of Namibia’s finest riders, Ronnie Adams. The crowd at Gobabis was very pleased with the performance and ongoing dice between those two protagonists.
More then 60 riders turned up from all parts of Namibia to take part in this well organised event, provided some hair-raising stunts, including quite a few riders biting the dust. But there was no work for the paramedics from E-MED.
Shawn Bruwer
Shawn Bruwer
One of the more serious thrills for the day, was during the first Heat in the Open-Class category, when Ronnie Adams won the holeshot, followed closely by Tommi Gous clued to his back wheel. Reaching the center-curve Adams choose to take the berm on top, while Gous pipped through the inside, the classical finer trick. Relentlessly Adams chased Tommi around the track, the pressure built up and two laps before the finish, Tommi missed a bent and left the track, thus handing over the victory to Adams on the proverbial silver-plate. But that was the only mistake Tommi made this afternoon.
The following heat as well as the gruelling “Big-5 King of the Dirt” was won by Tommi, despite the “never-giving-up” chase of Ronnie Adams. A scathing battle took place behind the two between Shawn Bruwer, Brannigan "Animal" Wise and Frank Klosta. And that was througout the 3 Heats. Angolan Jose Teixeira had a good racing day finishing in 5th overall.

Results Big-5 King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommi Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Novel-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Jägermeister-Suzuki, 17
  3. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, Refrigeration-Services-Yamaha, 15
  4. Alexander Howard, Windhoek, Seasonaire-Yamaha, 13
  5. Jose Teixeira, Angola, Jägermeister-Suzuki, 11
Winner Tommy Gous
Winner Tommy Gous
It was great to see, that the Clubmen’s Class attracted new riders, like Ruan Gous from Swakopmund who had a great race in Heat one finishing in runner-up position. The biggest surprise however was the presence of the old heroes from the mid 90-ies Eckhard Waldschmidt and Stefan Gradtke. Eckhard proved that he has not lost his smooth riding style, especially in heat two, when after 2 crashes he started a hot persuit that brought the specators on their feet! At times the battle outthere was so close one could have covered 3 riders with a tablecloth. Amazing racing could be witnessed with Eckhard finishing in overall 2nd position behind the winner Henner Rusch aboard his Husaberg and ahead of Henry O’Kennedy.
Again the 65cc Class provided some excellent and entertaining racing. “Mr Maximum”, Mark Sternagel, lived up to his reputation and once more won with a maximum of 60 points ahead of his old rival Eric Garbers and Pauli Loots. 50cc Champion Matthew Nederlof tried his luck with the big boys and finished in 4th overall. No small feat on his underpowerd 50cc bike.
The 85cc Class lived from the handlebar-banging between old rivals Jaco Loots and his challenger Geoff Erasmus from Okahandja. Jaco this time had to swollow 3 defeats in all three heats! That hurts. The remainder spot on the rostrum became an all coastal-affair between the Swkopmunders Eckhard Hall, Schalk Louw and Niki Rossi. In the end Eckhard Hall filled this vacant spot at the price-giving ceremony.
Very popular in Gobabis are the various Quad categories. In the Quad Clubmen’s Class Dennis Raines kept victorious ahead of Gavin Murgatroyd and Simon Raines. Celene Adams came twice third in the preliminary heats, but could not participate in the final.
While Marko Röbke won the Quad-B-Class ahead of Eugene Slippers, it was Ronnie Adams who defeated fair and square the old quad-war-horse Fanie Steenkamp in the Quad-A-Class.
There was fantasttic racing in all three Heats.

Results Big-5 King of the Quads:

  1. Ronnie Adams, Windhoek, Suzuki, 20 points
  2. Fanie Steenkamp, Windhoek, Yamaha, 17
  3. Rodney Davis, Windhoek, Honda, 15
  4. Dennis Raines, Windhoek, Yamaha, 13
  5. Gavin Murgatroyd, Windhoek, Polaris, 11
A great raceday came to an end. The organising team around chairman Wikus Engelbrecht proved that they have the ability and the know-how to hold an event of such magnitude. A big THANK YOU must go to the sponsor Big-5 Central Hotel, to the numerous helpers "behind the curtain" who never get mentioned but also to the Loots, Garbers and Sternagel families from Windhoek who helped a lot with the administrative tasks.
more photos: photo gallery
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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