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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
24.09.2006 FNB Grand National MX in Swakopmund - Preview
First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) became the main sponsor of the coastal MX in Swakopmund. This sponsor fully reckognizes all the efforts put into this sport at all venues, be it Omaruru, Gobabis or Swakopmund. Well organised race-days and a marketing strategy second to none speak for themselves. Namibian Moto Crosser serve as rollmodel to many a sportcodes!
The official name of this event, to be held on September 30th, opposite the saltpans north of Swakopmund, runs as follows: “FNB Grand National MX”. All motorsport fans at the coast can look forward to this last race of the season in Swakop when riders from all corners of Namibia converge at the Home Building Centre track. It’s your last chance to listen to the awfull fast thumpers again!
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
The points-table in the Open Class shows still Ronnie Adams in the lead, but Ronnie does not fancy too much the soft sand at the coast. Same can be said from his opponent Tommi Gous, which gives a rider like Brannigan "Animal" Wise a good chance to surprise everybody on this traditional track. Wise is handicapped by riding a small 125cc bike, but he got the spirit it takes to become a winner! Wise wants to prove that he is not only super fast at Gallina Moto Cross Park, but can adopt to any surface in the country. Shawn Bruwer, Frank Klosta, Angolan Jose Teixeira or Alexander Howard to name but a few, are all geared to fight for a top spot too, so the spectators can expect a titanic battle for supremacy! The overall winner will receive the big Hans Keil-Trophy.
The riders in the Kindergarten category, the 50cc Class usually have major problems with their little bikes in the deep sand, nevertheless they also want to improve on the points table. Top contender is the reigning champion Matthew Nederlof, but he may expect some resistance from Harris Cloete while Michael Barlow seems to have a standing appointment in third position on the rostrum. Only Armand Storbek could become his spoilsport!
The 2006 Championship in the 65cc Class is decided alredy, "Mr. Maximum" Marc Sternagel takes once more the laurels in this category, but he is still motivated enough to also keep a clean vest in Swakopmund! Eric Garbers will engage in the usual handlebar-banging with Pauli Loots and Tyrone Pieters.
Coastal Racing
Coastal Racing
Likewise exciting is the 85cc Class where Jaco Loots must prove to his opponent, but even more to himself, that the defeat he swollowed in Gobabis is a thing of the past! Geoff Erasmus from Okahandja howeber is fully motivated after defeating Jaco in 3 Heats, and is eager to repeat this feat! But one must not underestimate the skills of the coastal boys! Here they have a major advantage on home turf and they want to prove just that it in their own “sand-box”. Eckhard Hall, Schalk Louw, Niki Rossi or Gundolf Lang will fight tooth and nail for every inch. This category is always most entertaining!
Ruan Gous from Swakopmund will represent his hometown in the Clubmen’s Class. In Gobabis he surprised friends a nd foes alike when he finished in second position in the first heat. No small feat in his first race ever! If Eckhard Waldschmidt also travels to Swakop he must be considered as favourite in this class. Henner Rusch however will pull all strings to just avoid that! Those aforementioned riders will perform nail-biting duels, while riders like Tony Viljoen, Henry O’Kennedy or Mark Ratheiser will not look on, but will engage in the hot battle for a spot on the podium!
The Quadbike categories are fancied a lot by the spectators. The Swakopmund Offroad Club hopes to see some racers from the coast at the startgate, to show the guys from Windhoek a trick or two! The protagonists in the Quad-A-Class are Ronnie Adams and the old quad-warhorse Fanie Steenkamp. To see these two riders dice usually brings the spectators to their feet! They fight the proverbial tooth and nail! But there are at least 10 other riders who all finished on a podium-spot this season, riders like Jan de Haan, Jean Venter, Rodney Davis or Clinton Hilfiker, to name but a few.
The Quad Clubmen’s Class is also a strong class with more then 10 racers at the startgrid. Riders like Gavin Murgatroyd, Riaan Fourie or Dennis Raines are favourites for a spot on the podium however one has to watch “Frauenpower” Celene Adams who finished twice in an astonishing 3rd position in Gobabis! Watch out guys! After the official races are over, the chairman of the Swakopmund Offroad Club Chris Hall will start a “powder-puff race” for female novices only, on quad-bikes.
Food and drinks will be served at the track. So do not forget the "FNB Grand National MX". On September 30th in Swakopmund. This is the venue for the whole family.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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