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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
04.02.2007 WESBANK Motocross Challenge coming Saturday
After a break of 3 months, many MX-riders can't wait to get on their bikes. It's about time for the new Moto-X-season to start! A lot of the riders began with physical exercises again to get rid of the excess kilos from Christmas. On the previous Saturday, the guys met at the Gallina Moto Cross Park and the reigning champion in the Open-Class Ronnie Adams, freely admitted that he is absolutely not fit. "Too many parties", says Ronnie, who will ride for Suzuki-Namibia again in 2007.
Rudi Brand (NAM)
Rudi Brand (NAM)
Well Ronnie will have to get in shape, his biggest opponent last year, Tommy Gous, has sworn that the victory this year will go to the Zenner-Novel-Yamaha team. In this category sparks will fly – as always. Rudi Brand from Swakopmund evolved into a Top-3 rider last year, until a bad crash (fracture of the femoral neck) ended everything for him. Now Rudi is fit again! Shawn Bruwer will ride races in Namibia only sporadically, since he has moved to Botswana.
The most sensational news however comes from Arno Engels, who after a long break of two years, has finally found his way back to MX-racing. Surely Arno belongs to the top favourites. The Angolan José Teixeira, who ranked third in the Namibian Championships last season, will have to fight quite hard to repeat last year's sensational achievement. Another new-comer in this class is Tony Viljoen who rised up from the Clubmen's Class.
The riders from the 125cc Class will start together with the before-mentioned riders from the "Men’s' class". The acting champion Frank Klosta played with the idea of moving up, but then decided to stay for another year and challenge the "big boys". Alexander Howard already belongs to the soon-to-be-successful ones in the 125ccm Class, he will be a real challenge for Klosta this season. Brannigan "Animal" Wise (for years the most unlucky rider in the sport) would deserve some success after always giving 110%.
Jessica Ratheiser will try her luck in Germany this year; she is also starting her apprenticeship as motorcycle technician there. The same goes for Björn Bierbrauer, who has received a spot in the Bodo Schmidt-Suzuki team in Saarland/Germany.
Geoffrey Erasmus from Okahandja and Eckhard Hall from Swakopmund both move up from the 85cc Class. The first year among the 125cc riders is going to be a tough one; however, both are real talents!
The reigning champion in the 85cc Class, Jaco Loots, is again keen on the title this year. "Champion" Loots will have to reckon with challengers from Swakopmund; Schalk Louw, Niki Rossi or Gundolf Lang will try to make life hard for him. Part of the category is the climber from the 65cc Class, Mark Sternagel, who wasn't called "Mr. Maximum" for nothing. Once again we can look forward to exciting races in the 85cc Class.
The vice-champion in the 65ccm Class, Pauli Loots, who in 2007 will want to win the second champions-title for the Loots family. We will see how climber Matthew Nederlof will prove himself in this class, he has got the talent to ride up front. Eric Garbers, Tyrone Pieters and Joshua Teixeira will also fight for a podium spot. Excitement guaranteed!
Michael Barlow (NAM)
Michael Barlow (NAM)
Among the very little ones in the 50cc "Kindergarden" Class, nothing seems to get past Michael Barlow but heavy opposition should be expected from Harris Cloete and Armand Storbeck. The kids have their own track which is situated directly in front of the beer-barn, and the Windhoek Moto Cross Club expects the number of kids to get interested in this sport to increase in future. After all, an investment of N$ 40,000 made this track the most beautiful track in the whole of southern Africa!
Negotiations over the introduction of a Speed-Cross Class going over 4 laps, for which ex-champion Doolie Engels expressed great interest, have not been concluded yet.
The best riders from all classes will then meet for the highlight of the day, the all-deciding "Wesbank King of the Dirt Race", at around 16:30pm. Here one can see who really has guts. Only the fittest will survive this race which lasts 25 minutes plus one lap. Bet, that this race alone is already worth the entrance fee!
In the supporting programme the motocross Clubmen's Class as well as all 4-Wheeler classes will partake. All new is the Quad-Ladies-Class!!!
The Quad-A-Class is the favourite class among the spectators, with protagonists like the reigning Champ Ronnie Adams and Fanie Steenkamp. Dirk Baard from Walfishbay will try to bust this duo with absolute certainty. Dirk showed some outstanding racing in 2006. But, there are a whole bunch of other riders who made it onto the rostrum last year – riders like Jan de Haan, Jean Venter, Rodney Davis or Clinton Hilfiker, to name but a few. This constellation promises suspense!
Fanie Steenkamp
Fanie Steenkamp
Of course the WMCC offers beverages from the Namibian-Breweries in the beer-barn at the track, and in the Pajewski-Tower spectators can buy the lekker "racing sausage", among other tasty foods on the menu.
So don't forget: WESBANK Moto Cross Challenge on the 10th of February at Gallina Motocross Park. The first heat will start at noon. The Gallina Moto Cross Park is situated 15 km outside of Windhoek on the road towards Okahandja. Signs lead the way to the track.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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