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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
12.06.2007 6th WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Preview

Can Ross Branch win the 6th Wesbank-MX-race?

Ross Branch (BOT)
Ross Branch (BOT)
The young man from Botswana on his Kawasaki has nothing to fear: 5 races - 5 victories! However, the competition in the Open/125cc Class is getting tougher. Rainer Becker on a strong Yamaha, put some pressure on him during the last race 4 weeks ago. And another rider has regained his strength, Brannigan "Animal" Wise has recovered from long-term injuries and was able to finish 3rd in the Wesbank King of the Dirt. The sponsor Wesbank (an affiliate of First National Bank of Namibia) should be pleased, as this constellation guarantees exciting races on the 16th of June at the Gallina Moto Cross Park.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta also finally found a worthy opponent in Wise, which only can improve his speed. Arno Engels on his Honda has not yet performed at his best, but he doenst't give up quickly... he is still in for a surprise this season, guaranteed! Ronnie Adams, the reigning champion in the Open-Class and rider of a powerful four-stroke Suzuki is still far away from his personal goal this season. Ronnie wants to defend his title, but it might already be to late for that. Sascha Becker made an excellent 6th place in the King of the Dirt, during the previous race, follwoed by Ian Kotze, this achievement is definitely worth mentioning too, since not so long ago Ian was still riding in the hobby-class, the X-Racers-Class. Eckhard Hall from Swakopmund has also improved. In 2006 Eckhard still participated in the 85cc Class and thus had some difficulties at the beginning of the 2007 season to keep up with the "big guys". Now he has overcome his inhibitions and displays a great riding style. Some other names which usually pop up among the top5 are Heino Windisch from Walvisbay, Dooly Engels or Henry O'Kennedy. Also Alexander Howard, if he has recovered from his crash in Gobabis. This class represents the best field of riders for years!
#51 Sascha Becker vs. #3 Ronnie Adams vs. #5 Jose Teixeira
#51 Sascha Becker vs. #3 Ronnie Adams vs. #5 Jose Teixeira
Apart from the Open/125cc Class, there are a number of other classes which count towards the Namibian Championships. Among the little ones in the 50cc-Class Michael Barlow was riding way up front. Michael won the previous race with a maximum number of points ahead of William Smith and Yoshua Becker.
Eric Garbers had high hopes at the beginning of the seasonin the 65cc Class but now he has to fight quite hard to shake off Tristan Muller from Okahandja. Tristan even managed a lap-victory during the last race on Gallina. Pauli Loots made two impressive 2nd places but in the third heat he had to make way for the two riders mentioned above. For Matthew Nederlof not everything went according to plan - we can expect a revenge this coming Saturday.
In the 85cc-Class KTM-rider Mark Sternagel is the measure of all things. No one was able to get past him yet this season! Mark is so talented, he has already Top-10 results in the King of the Dirt to show for himself. Jaco "Holeshotking" Loots is his major opponent, and Schalk Louw from Swakopmund should also make it onto the rostrum.
The following classes don't count as part of the national championships but they are nevertheless good for exciting MX-sport. Billy Heigan has found back to the sport and successfully participates in the Clubmen's Class. Here his greatest opponents are Iwan Esterhuizen, Marc Ratheiser, Frank Steyn and Wian Kohne. All of the before-mentioned can become winner of the day. Excitement is guaranteed!
Let's move on the the races in the Quad-Classes - the spectators just love them! In the Quad-B-Class up to 240cc the favourite for the day's victory is Eugene Slippers. However, he always has to reckon with strong attacks by Ecki Spoerer, Alfred Kohne or Marko Röbke. In the Quad-A-Class over 240cc, the Kings' Class, there are a number of guys who could make it to 1st place. Ronnie Adams is still in the lead (overall rating) but here too he had to swollow some setbacks. His major rivals are Dirk Baard, Phil Baard, Jean Venter and Jan de Haan, just to name a few out of the huge number of riders. These guys are tough fighting all the way!
#10 André Steinfurth vs. #44 Nokkie Maree
#10 André Steinfurth vs. #44 Nokkie Maree
In the Quad-Clubmen's Class there are also quite a number of riders good for a victory, for example Michael Behnke, Wolfgang Rohl, Nokkie Maree, or André Steinfurth who won the last race on Gallina.
The women want their "fun in the sand" as well and therefore the Windhoek Moto Cross Club has introduced a Quads-Ladies-Class. Unfortunately the interest has waned a little. Celene Adams won the last race ahead of the siblings Bollie and Maike Bochert. The organiser hopes of course for a full field of riders this coming Saturday.
The children's class, the Mini-Quads-Class has proven to be a real attraction. Here Joane Steenkamp is the favourite and she has to reckon with attacks by Ja-Em Tredoux and Sune Garbers.
In the supporting programme there will be races in the Baby-Quads-Class as well as the popular Powder-Puff race for girls and women without any racing experience.
Don't forget: Moto Cross Championships race this coming Saturday, 16th of June at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, 15 km outside of Windhoek on the road towards Okahandja. The road to the track is signposted. Food and beverages - including Nando's Chicken-Burgers - will be served by Joker's Pizzeria! After the prize-giving DJ-Coco will rock Namibia's youth at the notorious Jägermeister-Party! So don't miss out!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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