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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
18.06.2007 6th WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Results

Loads of excitement during the 6. Wesbank MX-race.

Deeper and deeper: Ross Branch (BOT)
Deeper and deeper: Ross Branch (BOT)
As expected, the rightfull winner of the Open/125cc Class came once again from Botswana. Ross Branch won his races without much a ado but the distance to the pursuing riders is getting smaller! The MX-pro from Botswana, who's races in Namibia are sponsored by Namibia Technical Services, collects the "silverware" but at the same time does a lot to improve the sport's reputation in Namibia.
The Namibian Ronnie Adams made a 2nd place behind Branch in the first heat. This ment so much to the "Holeshot-King" that he decided then and there to participate only in two Quad-races that day and concentrate more on Moto Cross. In the third heat Ronnie grabbed the holeshot once again but fell back in the course of the race and finished in 4th place. He is satisfied with his achievement and hopes to improve his overall points during the coming races.
Frank Klosta came out as the best Namibian rider that day. In the first heat he had a not so good start, followed by battles with Wise. Wise got passed Klosta but at the crossbeam behind the Pepsi-Tower he has a slip and Klosta seized the opportunity. This guy never gives up and that is why he so often shines as the winner.
Best Namibian: Frank Klosta
Best Namibian: Frank Klosta
Arno Engels was a sight as well. After every start he was among the riders up front, especially during the "Wesbank King of the Dirt" he was able to show what's in him. Ronnie Adams wins the holeshot, closely followed by Engels and Branch. Engels pushes through, after landing behind the first table-top Adams shows some insecurity and Engels gets past him. Now Engels is in the lead but after 4 laps he has to give in to the high flyer from Botswana. Engels defends his 2nd place persistently over several laps but then he's got not enough stamina left and he has to let Klosta overtake him as well. But he is able to defend his 3rd place all the way to the finish line.
Brannigan "Animal" Wise still has some problems after his long break due to injuries. Of course he hangs in there, but then unneccessary crashes occur and he gets demotivated. After a good 4th place in the second heat followed a sensational achievement in the King of the Dirt. Wise fights Engels and already heads for the 3rd podium spot when suddenly the awful pain in his thumb-area arises again and Wise unfortunately has to give up. Sorry,man!
Henry O'Kennedy, the climber from the Clubmen's Class is getting better and better. Henry surely heads for a podium spot - his envisaged goal!
Henry O'Kennedy (NAM)
Henry O'Kennedy (NAM)
Worth mentioning is Mark Sternagel's unbelievable 8th place in the "Wesbank King of the Dirt" ahead of Swakopmund's Eckhard Hall. The 11 year old not only continues to win his 85cc Class, but rides with his little bike in the 125cc category of the "King of the Dirt" as well.

Overall results Open /125cc Class:

  1. Ross Brach, Botswana, Wreckers-Campbell-Kawasaki, 60 points
  2. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, Refrigeration Services-Yamaha, 49
  3. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Jägermeister-Suzuki, 45
  4. Arno Engels, Windhoek, Investment Cars-Honda, 39
  5. Henry O'Kennedy, Windhoek, Tomar Construction-Honda, 31
  6. Ian Kotze, Windhoek, Lodge-istix-Suzuki, 27
  7. Sascha Becker, Windhoek, Uwe's Autoelektric-Honda, 26
  8. Brannigan Wise, Windhoek, EL-Sea Products-Kawasaki, 24
  9. Jose Texeira, Angola, EL-Sea Products-Honda, 19
  10. Eckhard Hall, Swakopmund, Coastal Racing-Honda, 17
Now let us move on to the other championship-races. In the 50cc Class Michael Barlow is in the lead and no one was able to change it this season. Michael practically flew across the children's track. Yoshua Becker started out with a good 2nd place but then he had to accept a couple of defeats. He made an overall 3rd place, behind William Smith but ahead of his sister Esranel. Jaques Marais finished ion 5th.
The most unlucky fellow of the day was without a doubt Eric Garbers. In the first heat of the 65cc Class he was involved in a crash, in the second heat the chain came off the sprocket, but he was still able to secure a 3rd podium spot, behind the winner Tristan Muller from Okahandja and Pauli Loots. Matthew Nederlof had some nice duels with Pauli Loots, both fought with all they'd got, then at the start of the third heat Matthew crashed in the deep wheel ruts and broke his arm. Get well soon!
Mark Sternagel confidently won his races in the 85cc Class. During the first laps of the race Jaco Loots can still keep up well and stays put but then at the end of the race he gives in and settles for second. With three 3rd places Eric Garbers showed what's in him (racing 65cc as well as 85cc). At least he could fight off Schalk Louw from Swakopmund!
Wolfgang Rohl (NAM)
Wolfgang Rohl (NAM)
In the supporting programme the MX-races and Quads-races without championship-status took place. In the Clubmen's Class Marc Ratheiser from Okahandja showed his talent. Only in the third heat he had to make way for Billy Heigan (2nd). Frank Steyn finished 3rd, while Iwan Esterhuizen was carried from the track after an unfortunate crash.
Now to the popular Quads-races: In the Quads-B-Class we had the usual overall victory by Eugene Slippers, who only in the third heat had to accept a surprising defeat by Alfred Kohne. André Maree came in 2nd, ahead of Ecki Spoerer.
Fanie Steenkamp
Fanie Steenkamp
As to what happened in the Quads-A-Class, one can almost speak of a dethroning! However, the signs have long been visible. The protagonists in this class, Ronnie Adams and Fanie Steenkamp met their master: Dirkie Baard from Walvisbay displayed a merciless riding style and won with a maximum number of points, ahead of his brother Phillipie and Fanie Steenkamp (this result is still under investigation). Who would have anticipated that at the beginning of the season?
The Quads-Clubmen's-Class is turning into a playground for Michael Behnke. Nokkie Maree and André Steinfurth can keep up, but can't get past Michael. These guys play hardball.
Celene Adams saved the Adams-family's reputation and won the Quads-Ladies-Class ahead of Bollie Bochert and Mandy Huysamen.
Quad Ladies at the start
Quad Ladies at the start
Kids can participate in the Mini-Quads-Class. Once more Joane Steenkamp won, ahead of Sune Garbers and Jaques Maree. And the very little ones ride in the Baby-Quads-Class. Here Keanu Holmes won ahead of Deon Tredoux and Jay-Em Tredoux.
The Powder-Puff-Race - for girls and ladies without racing experience - was won by Stefanie Hugo, followed by Stefanie Dickmann and Jakkie Maree.
A racing day full of excitement and action came to an end. A thank you goes to the sponsor Wesbank, to all unnamed helpers behind the "stage", the organisers of the WMCC, the lap-scorers, and to the officials of the NMSF. Only with their help it is possiple to host such a major event.
More photos you can find in our photo gallery.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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