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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
18.02.2008 1st WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Results

Excitement at Wesbank race not to be topped!

It was an exceptional start-off for this season`s Moto Cross. All classes offered exciting races and the highlight of the day, the „Wesbank King of the Dirt“ (combination of Open/125cc Class) offered non-stop action for 20 long minutes plus one lap. The spectators saw first class MX sport.
Björn Bierbrauer vs. Brannigan "Animal" Wise
Björn Bierbrauer vs. Brannigan "Animal" Wise
Honda-rider Rainer Becker, who already won the two previous heats, was able to grab the holeshot in the 3rd heat, the Wesbank King of the Dirt, as well. He was closely followed by Ronnie Adams, this time on a rental-Kawasaki, Brannigan „Animal Wise“, on a Kawasaki as well, and the two Yamaha-riders Tommi Gous and Björn Bierbrauer.
Frank Klosta vs. Richard Reid
Frank Klosta vs. Richard Reid
Frank Klosta followed within striking distance. This leading group alone was good for a great amount amount of excitement. First „Animal“ Wise had to pay tribute to the high speed and fell back, then a couple of laps later it was Ronnie Adams who could not stand the pressure. A few laps before the finish Tommi Gous got passed Rainer Becker, who in turn hit back after the big table-jump and regained the lead. Gous overtook him a second time but Becker assumed the lead again successfully. However, his riding style became insecure, he got weak arms and had to redue speed. Gous waited for the best moment to overtake his strong opponent and right after the southern bent he was in the lead. Björn Bierbrauer used this trick shortly afterwards who now in turn chased after Gous and got awfully close. Klosta sniffed his chance and closed in behind Becker but the flag at the finish line secured Becker`s third place on the rostrum.
Tommi Gous
Tommi Gous

Results Wesbank King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommi Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, E.L.Sea Products-Yamaha, 17
  3. Rainer Becker, Windhoek, Honda-Namibia, 15
The races in the Children Class, the 50cc Class, were very exciting as well. Reigning champion Michael Barlow who had to accept several defeats against William Smith at the end of last year`s season, is back with new KTM material and fresh motivation. Smith did assume the lead several times but Michael was able to seize the front position with his strong willpower. Jay-Em Tredoux was left on 3rd place.
Tristan Muller
Tristan Muller
Tristan Muller from Okahandja won the 65cc Class flawlessly, leaving Matthew Nederlof on his Yamasaki in 2nd spot. The little Angolan Joshua Texeira performes better and better, which he proved this time with 3rd place. Pauli Loots was the everlasting 3rd rank candidate in the 65cc Class last year and seemed to be content with this position, but in 2008 he had to move up to the 85cc Class with surprising results. Loots performance was first-rate! Only a crash in the 3rd heat stood in the way of the overall victory. It was a narrow win for Tristan Muller. Schalk Louw from Swakopmund finished in 3rd overall.
The up-and-coming talent Michael Behnke from Walvisbay won the Clubmen`s Class in the supporting programme. He was followed by the 42 year old Jose Texeira from Angola and Frank Steyn.
Highly popular are the races in the various Quads-Classes. Here a number of categories are being assessed for the Namibian Championships for the first time, which is really an appreciation of the 4-Wheelers. Ecki Spoerer won the Quads-B-Class ahead of Eugene Slippers and newcomer Gideon von Sittert unexpectedly landed on 3rd place.
Fanie Steenkamp
Fanie Steenkamp
The best of the best fight it out in the Quads-A-Class – the class without engine size limitation – and in the absence of champion Dirkie Baard everyone expected a clear victory for ex-champ Fanie Steenkamp. No one counted on Jean Venter. Jean rode a brand-new, squeaky clean KTM-Quads, won all holeshots and was only defeated in the second heat, when he crashed with Steenkamp. By the time the two had gotten their Quads untangled, Wolfgang Rohl was up and away. After tough fighting in the 3rd heat the lead was assumed by Fanie Steenkamp and it was only during the last lap that Venter attacked in the southern bent, hence getting ahead of Steenkamp (Honda) and Rohl (Suzuki) and gaining the overall win.
The Ladies-Quads races held a surprise as well. The Bochert-sisters weren`t the measure of all things this time. Cee-Anne Greyling got the full attention of the spectators when she achieved 3 clean start-to-finish wins. We will have to reckon with her this year. Mandy Huysamen landed on 2nd place ahead of Celene Adams.
Cee-Anne Greyling
Cee-Anne Greyling
In the supporting programme there are races in the Quads-Clubmen`s Class which aren`t part of the Namibian Championships. Nokkie Maree won with a maximum number of points ahead of Dennis Raines and Pierre Cronje.
A first-rate racing-day found its conclusion, and the popular Jägermeister Party with DJ Coco continued until the early morning hours of Sunday. Thank you to Wesbank, the main sponsor, thanks to all helpers, lap scorers and marshalls, without them this big event just wouldn`t be possible.
More photos you can find in our photo gallery.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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