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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
27.02.2008 2nd Championships-race on new ASTRA-MX-track - Preview
Approximately 100km east of Windhoek, on the road towards Gobabis, lies the Goldbeck farm which is home to the new ASTRA Moto Cross track. With the support from Ronnie Adams the Goldbeck family has created a race track of uncomparable quality. The composition of the ground is exceptionally favourable; the sand is compactable and includes no gravel which is perfect for a MX-track. The second race under the official title "Astra MX-Cup" will be hosted on 8th of March.
After a grandiose opening on Gallina the organiser anticipates a similarly exciting racing event, whereby the mixed Open/125cc Class plays the major role.
Rainer Becker was able to win the Open-Class three weeks ago but had to make way for the predominent Tommi Gous (Yamaha) in the “Wesbank King of the Dirt”. Honda-rider Becker noticed that technically he’s still the best, if it weren’t for the lack of physical fitness. Let’s see whether it will come to another "show-down" for those two. Who knows, maybe a third rider will ruin it for the before-mentioned. Kawasaki-rider Richard Reid from Scotland was on a good 3rd place in the first heat, but suffered injuries during a crash in the second heat. He’s fit again and we can expect him on the podium.
Another rider to start with MX sport again after a 3-year-long break is Wolfgang Rohe. Wolfgang rode aggressively just like in his best times, but he needs riding experience. He too is keen on a podium spot. Ronnie Adams (Suzuki) was involved in a mass crash last month which left him with fewer points than expected but as the reigning champion in the Open-Class he will be found in the leading group. Tony Viljoen and Jaques du Plessis have strongly improved. Arno Engels’ participation is still not certain as he sustained a shoulder dislocation in the above-mentioned mass crash.
Björn Bierbrauer (in Front) vs. Frank Klosta
Björn Bierbrauer (in Front) vs. Frank Klosta
Björn Bierbrauer was the winner in the 125cc Class; he will participate for the last time in Namibia this season, as he’s got a contract with Kölling-Yamaha Team in Cottbus/Germany. Björn really convinced the spectators last month, he could even pass Becker in the King of the Dirt.
Another one who raised heads was Frank Klosta. Especially in the King of the Dirt when he closed in on Becker in third rank. Brannigan “Animal” Wise started off very well in the first heat, then got involved in the mass crash and in the King of the Dirt – where he rode up front in the beginning – he had to pay tribute due to lack of fitness. I bet this time he’s going to land himself a podium spot! Henry O’Kennedy has to be reckoned with as well. The surprise of the day was the climber from the 85cc Class, Jaco Loots, who in two heats was able to finish ahead of Eckhard Hall and Ruhan Gous. Fantastic!
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
Heiko Hennes performed very well in the second heat but seems to be underpowered on his two-stroke KTM. It goes without saying that this strong field of riders represents guarantee for action!
Now to the kids-classes. Michael Barlow is the favourite in the 50cc Class but of course there will be the usual exciting duels between him and William Smith. Jay-Em Tredoux and Yoshua Becker will battle for 3rd place.
Tristan Muller from Okahandja is the new star in the 65cc Class. With a maximum number of points he won ahead of Matthew Nederlof. However, Matthew’s bike will now be equipped with new and improved suspension-elements, which will definitely effect his performance. Joshua Texeira, the boy from Angola, will want to repeat his success during the last race and grab the 3rd spot on the rostrum.
Due to Eric Garbers’ and Mark Sternagel’s absence in the 85cc Class (both sustained major injuries prior to the seasoson), Tristan Muller (who rides in two classes) will fight it out with Pauli Loots. Pauli has improved tremendously and only a crash in the final heat prevented his overall win. On third rank we expect Schalk Louw from Swakopmund.
In the supporting programme races will be held in the Clubmen’s Class, which doesn’t have a national status. The races three weeks ago lived mainly from a repartee between Michael Behnke and Jose Texeira, leaving only 3rd place for Frank Steyn.
And now to the various Quads-Classes, which for the first time participate in the Namibian Championships. In the Quads-A-Class Jean Venter surprised his contestants on an awfully quick KTM-Quads and won ahead of ex-champ Fanie Steenkamp (Honda) and Wolfgang Rohl (Polaris). Unfortunately this A-class shrank considerably and it’s being discussed to start the Quads-B-Class together with the protagonists of the A-Class, but score them separately.
Fanie Steenkamp
Fanie Steenkamp
This way the young riders Ecki Spoerer, Eugene Slippers and Gideon von Sittert, to name but a few, will slowly get used to the speed of the A-Class.
In the Quads-Ladies-Class there was a big surprise during the first heat. The Bochert-sisters, usually to be found up front, were overtaken by Cee-Anne Greyling, Mandy Huysamen and Celene Adams. But on the Astra-track everything is open again and excitement guaranteed!

The Quads also have a Quads-Clubmen’s Class (without national status – nevertheless very popular) and here Nokkie Maree, Dennis Raines and Pierre Cronje will fight it out.
So highlight the 8th of March in your calenders and join the family-fun at the Astra race track, 100km east of Windhoek at the Padstall. An excellent camping site, food and beverages are availabe as well.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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