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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
14.04.2008 Wesbank-Motocross Challenge at Gallina - Preview
The 3rd round of the Namibian Moto Cross Championship race - officially called the “Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge” - will take place on the 19th of April at Gallina Motocross Park. Wesbank, an affiliate of First National Bank of Namibia, has been true to the sport for the past 5 years. The Gallina Moto Cross Park is situated on the road towards Okahandja and is part of the Waldschmidt egg-farm. After only two previous races everything is still open of course, but the top riders have definitely left their mark in the respective racing categories.
In the Open-Class, the man with the most points, namely Rainer Becker on his Pupkewitz-Honda, has to reckon with strong opposition from Tommie Gous (Zenner Yamaha). It has only been technical problems which kept Tommie from assuming the lead. However, we also know that Becker has intensified his training in the meantime. It seems we can look forward to some tough riding. Ronnie Adams on his fast Suzuki will want his peace of the action as well. His front suspension problems have been solved and he will want to have a place on the podium. Another strong rider during the Astra-race was Wolfgang Rohe on a Kawasaki, and one can also expect Scotsman Richard Reid in the leading pack. Tony Viljoen and Jaques du Plessis have strongly improved as well.
Rainer Becker
Rainer Becker
The 125cc riders start together with the Open-Class, but are assessed separately. Here the reigning champion Frank Klosta is bound to ride way ahead. During the Astra-race Henry O’Kennedy, Jaco Loots and Ruhan Gous showed how much they have improved. Their riding was well worth seeing and their hierarchy has not been decided yet. The hotshots Eckhard Hall and KTM-specialist Heiko Hennes will definitely want to be a part of the action. Whether or not Brannigan Wise and Arno Engels will get their doctor’s o.k. for their participation is not clear yet. Let’s hope for the best.
Richard Reid
Richard Reid
In the 50cc Class we can expect the familiar duel between Michael Barlow and William Smith. But Jay-Em Tredoux and Yoshua Becker will want a podium spot as well, so that we can once again expect some exciting riding in this class.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
The absolute number one at the moment in the 65cc Class is Tristan Muller, while Matthew Nederlof seems to have minor problems with his new bike. The little Angolan Joshua Texeira’s performance during the Astra-race was qite noteworthy, and Lee-Anne Smith naturally wants a podium spot as well and fights till she drops.
Mark Sternagel is so serene in his sport, that one can expect great achievements from him in future. Mark is not only “flying” in the 85cc Class, he also participates in the King of the Dirt at the tender age of 13, where, amongst the protagonists of the MX-sport, he regularly rides in the Top-10. In the 85cc Class he has to watch out for Tristan Muller (he too is riding in two classes) who’s performance during the previous race was noteworthy. If Eric Garbers has fully recovered, we can definitely expect him on the podium. The same goes for Pauli Loots if he has recovered from his horror-crash.
The Clubmen’s Class, a class for beginners, has a new “star”, namely Michael Behnke from Walvisbay, who also rides in the Quads-A-Class, Michael has real talent and he can confidently climb up to the 125cc Class. Gundolf Lang from Swakopmund has strongly improved by now and he will surely battle it out with the Angolan Jose Teixeira and the Windhoekers Frank Steyn and Billy Heigan. These heats are very exciting indeed.
At the Astra-race, the Quads-A as well as the Quads-B Class started together, which resulted in a big field of riders with really dramatic duels on almost all ranks. Unfortunately a complaint was filed afterwards, which means that the classes will have to start separately again. Very sad and surely not in the interest of the spectators!
Wolfgang Rohl
Wolfgang Rohl
In the Quads-A-Class nothing gets past Dirkie Baard from Walvisbay. No one masters a 4-Wheeler the way he does! Nevertheless, the victory won’t be handed to him on a silver platter; he has to reckon with strong opposition from Jean Venter, Michael Behnke or Fanie Steenkamp. André Steinfurth or Wolfgang Rohl are keen on a podium spot as well. These guys rock!
In the Quads-B-Class we can expect the usual battle of four between Gogo van Wyk, Ecki Spoerer, Eugene Slippers and Gideon van Sittert.
The girls in the Quads-Ladies-Class have all improved. Mandy Huysamen always rides aggressively, Cee-Anne Greyling, Celene Adams, and the Bochert-sisters Bollie and Maike want a place on the podium a well, which means tough riding can be expected.
The Quads-Clubmen’s Class is not a national class, which means riding will only take place in the supporting programme. Nevertheless, the spectators love them! The favourite is Nokkie Maree and he can expect strong opposition from Dennis Raines, Jaimee Reneckle and Pierre Cronje, to name but a few.
The Mini-Quads-Class is ruled by little “fräuleins” like Sune Garbers and Joane Steenkamp. Only Jaques Maree could break up this duo.
So, make a note of the "Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge" on the 19th of April, at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. The event for the whole family! Food and beverages will be offered by Joker’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar, under the beer-barn. After prize-giving the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ-Coco starts, the place to be where the Windhoek youth meets.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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