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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
21.04.2008 Wesbank-Motocross Challenge at Gallina - Results

Rainer Becker wins Wesbank-Trophy

Fortune smiled upon Rainer Becker when he left Gallina Moto Cross Park as the overall Open/125cc champion for the third time this season. In the first heat he grabbed the hole-shot but at the end of the first lap he had to make way for Tommie Gous on a Zenner-Yamaha.
Rainer Becker / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Rainer Becker / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
However, Rainer clung to his opponent’s rear wheel relentlessly and during the seventh lap it happened: Tommie’s bike suffered an engine failure and the 20 points went to Rainer Becker. Behind those two it was exciting as well; Ronnie Adams battles with Frank Klosta, Kawaaki-riderWolfgang Rohe, Roual Spangenberg (from Great Britain) and Jaco Loots for positions. Suzuki-rider Adams stays put on 2nd until the tenth lap, when Klosta passes him in the southern bent. Adams defends his 3rd podium spot against Henry O’Kennedy. This prelude was much to the spectators liking.
Prior to the second heat of the Open/125cc Class the Zenner-Yamaha team was screwing frantically and they were actually able to replace a new engine. With some built-up rage Tommie Gous rode his bike to the start: The gate drops and Tommie is in the lead, with Rainer Becker in second and Frank Klosta and Rudi Brand following close behind. This pack is followed by a group of three, namely Ronnie Adams, Roual Spangenberg and Jaco Loots.
Tommie Gous / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Tommie Gous / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Like a procession this class spools their rounds, until Frank Klosta detects a weekness in Becker’s riding style and overtakes him mercilessly in the sixth lap. In the meantime Adams is past Brand as well and puts a lot of pressure on Becker, but Becker is able to secure his 3rd place. This race was followed by the highlight of the day, the all-deciding Wesbank King of the Dirt, lasting 20 minutes + one lap:
The riders play nervously with their clutches, the gate drops and Rainer Becker speeds with a one tyre-breadth advance into the first left/right combination-bent. In the pack behind him are Tommie Gous, Frank Klosta, Rudi Brand, Ronnie Adams and Henry O’Kennedy. Already after the first lap Tommie assumes the lead. In the seventh lap Klosta has to make way for Adams who had a really good day. Klosta now battles with pain in his foot (later he had to learn that it was broken indeed) and has to let O’Kennedy pass in the ninth lap, as well as Ruhan Gous in the eleventh lap. Klosta jumps the finish line ranking 7th. Tommie Gous earns himself the Wesbank King of the Dirt title but due to his before-mentioned failure in the first heat he has to give the overall champion’s title and the Wesbank-trophy once again to Rainer Becker.

Results Wesbank King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommie Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Rainer Becker, Windhoek, Honda-Namibia, 17
  3. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Suzuki-Namibia, 15
  4. Henry o’Kennedy, Windhoek, Tomar Construction Honda, 13
  5. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Citi-Treff-Honda, 11
  6. Eckhard Hall, Swakopmund, Coastal Racing Honda, 10
  7. Frank Klosta, Windhoek, Namslab-Yamaha, 9
  8. Sascha Becker, Windhoek, Honda, 8
  9. Rudi Brand, Swakopmund, Coastal-Honda, 7
  10. Tony Viljoen, Windhoek, Joker’s Pizzeria-Honda, 6
Tony Viljoen / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Tony Viljoen / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
In the supporting programme races in all classes took place. In the 50cc Class young Michael Barlow achieved three start-to-finish wins, he’s got his opponents in a tight grip. 2nd place was left for William Smith and 3rd for Jay-Em Tredoux.
Tristan Muller from Okahandja dominates the 65cc Class at will. Excellent performance by Joshua Teixeira who finishes 2nd ahead of Lee-Anne Smith and Matthew Nederlof.
Three starts – three wins, that’s Mark Sternagel. Like a yong Apollo he reigns over the 85cc Class. In the first heat Eric Garbers was still able to keep up but in the scond heat Garbers crashed, which enabled Tristan Muller to cross the finish line in 2nd. In the third heat Pauli Loots took up the pursuit and he was able to keep this position until Tristan Muller overtook him in the second last heat. These were really exciting races.
In the Clubmen’s Class it looked like Michael Behnke planned on marching through. He confidently won the first two heats but had to give up in the 3rd heat due to ligament problems after a crash. This inspired Jose Teixeira from Angola and he won the third heat, which made him the winner of the day. Frank Steyn and Francois Schoeman ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Let us move on to the protagonists in the Quads-Classes. After talks with the Namibia Motor Sport Federation (NMSF), the Quads-A and Quads-B-Classes are now allowed to start together. This is good for the spectators and positive for the sport as well.
Michael Behnke / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Michael Behnke / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
For the first time this season Dirkie Baard’s performance was not convincing and it was Michael Behnke who surprisingly won with two heat wins and a 5th place. Jean Venter came in 2nd , ahead of former champion Fanie Steenkamp.
In the Quads-B-Class Eugene Slippers won once more, ahead of Gideon van Sittert and Ecki Spoerer.
Cee-Anne Greyling left a strong impression in the Quads-Ladies-Class. She could actually beat Mandy Huysamen, while Celene Adams beat Maike Bochert, which left only 4th place for Maike.
Cee-Anne Greyling / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
Cee-Anne Greyling / Photo by: Holger Kroemer
There were times when the Quads Clubmen’s Class was the class with the most participants. This changed unfortunately and now merely six riders took part, Jaime Reneckle won with two heat wins and one 2nd place, ahead of Nokkie Maree and Louw Greyvenstein.
Among the Mini-Quads our little amazon Joane Steenkamp won ahead of Jaques Maree and Sune Garbers.
A heartfelt Thanks goes to the main sponsor Wesbank, to all assistants, especially the track-helpers, to the officials of the NMSF and of course to our lap-scorers.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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