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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
01.06.2008 5th Championships race at ASTRA mx-track - Results

Tommy Gous wins ASTRA-TROPHY

It finally happened! Tommy Gous was the winner of the day with a maximum number of 60 points and the treasured ASTRA-Trophy for the “King of the Dirt” race also became his. The fact that Rainer Becker was absent, is not realy blemish for Tommy. He won all his races bravely and was finally spared with technical problems on his Zenner-Yamaha. Later more of that.
The Goldbeck family, owner of the ASTRA-track, once again exceeded all expectations. The track was in mint condition, they have organised the big beer-tent from the Namibian Breweries, wonderful farmfoods were offered and entertainment for young and old.
DHL Sponsor
DHL Sponsor
What else is noteworthy? Well the Namibian MX-sport finally entered into the 21st century: With the financial support from the FIM's development aid fund, it was possible to obtain a transponder system in the USA. The cumbersome task of manually writing down the lap-results is now a thing of the past. The riders passing the time-control are listed electronically and the computer prints out a complete list of results at the end of each race, including the time of each rider. The international courier/logistics company DHL imported this system free of charge, for which the WMCC very grateful. With the help of this new DHL-transponder system the Namibian MX-sport is now prepared for bigger tasks.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
In the Open/125cc Class we witnessed the afore-mentioned classy achievement by Tommy Gous, but the racing which took place behind Tommy was not bad either. In the first heat Animal Wise had really bad luck. In 2nd position in the west bent the front wheel of his Kawasaki left the rut and Animal went down.. He continued the race from last position and now he proved his worth. He was able to pass a rider or two in every lap and relentlessly pushed himself to the front again. In the end he achieved a brilliant 2nd place. An excellent third position went to Ruhan Gous in this heat.
In the second heat Tommy grabbed another holeshot and he just flew over the track. Behind him Ruhan Gous on his Muxima Honda battled with Henry O'Kennedy and Animal Wise. Ronnie Adams had problems keeping up. Wise crashed again and he had to fight his way to the top once more. 2nd place for Wise, ahead of Ruhan Gous.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
In the ASTRA-King of the Dirt race there were mainly highlights. Start-finish victory for Tommy Gous, and a lot of drama on the lesser ranks. The biggest surprise was Mark Sternagel who shot out of the gate with his 85cc KTM in 3rd position. While Animal Wise defended his 2nd place, the reigning champion in the Open-Class, Ronnie Adams, was so frustrated that he concentrated himself on all his riding-virtues and after the half of the distance he got past Sternagel. Mark in turn stuck to Adams' back wheel. The spectators' eyes now fixed themselves on the spectacular battle in mid-field between Henry O'Kennedy, Ruhan Gous, and Jaco Loots on the Winners-Suzuki. Mercilessly the three chased themselves over the track, at times so close that they could have been covered by a single blanket. The lead changed repeatedly and in the end O'Kennedy finished 5th place ahead of Ruhan Gous and Loots.
Henry o'Kennedy vs. Ruhan Gous
Henry o'Kennedy vs. Ruhan Gous

Results ASTRA King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Animal Wise, Windhoek, E.L. Sea Products-Kawasaki, 17
  3. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Jägermeister-Kawasaki, 15
  4. Mark Sternagel, Windhoek, Sternbau-KTM, 13
  5. Henry o'Kennedy, Windhoek, Muxima-Honda, 11
In the 50cc Class the favourite Michael Barlow experienced only some bad luck in the first heat when he went over the handlebars and had to make do with 2nd place in this heat, behind Jay-Em Tredoux. After this, two flawless 1st places followed and therefore the day's win, ahead of Tredoux, and Roberto Holtz, who made a big impression during his first race.
In the 65cc Class Matthew Nederlof evolved to a holeshot-star. Though he had to give over his lead during the race to Tristan Muller from Okahandja. Tristan doesn't give up that easily. Joshua Teixeira from Angola finished in third.
Schalk Louw, Pauli Loots and Tristan Muller / Photo by:
Schalk Louw, Pauli Loots and Tristan Muller / Photo by:
Mark Sternagel is practically unstoppable, even crashes don't keep him from winning. Tristan Muller is now definitely the number two in the 85cc Class, although one must say that Eric Garber had pretty bad luck on that day. Wico Coetzee achieved an excellent 6th place during his maiden race.
Jose Teixeira won the Clubmen's Class with a maximum number of points ahead of Frank Steyn and the coastal boy from Swakopmund Gundolf Lang. Dartagnan Lobjoit from Botswana had a bad crash in his third heat, but continued the race and made 4th place. Afterwards he hat to be brought to hospital due to a thigh fracture.
Dierkie Baard
Dierkie Baard
Especially on ASTRA the 4-Wheelers know how to please and the races are spectacular. The favourite in the Quads-A-Class, Dierkie Baard had some really bad luck this weekend. After an initial win in the first heat followed a comlete failure, and another win in the third heat. This made Michael Behnke the winner of the day. After his awful crash in Swakopmund his doctor gave his okay shortly before the race and was therefore able to ride on ASTRA. 2nd place for Jean Venter, ahead of Baard and the big talent Wolfgang Röhl.
Gideon van Sittert was once again able to beat Ecki Spoerer in the Quads-B-Class and Eugene Slippers ranked third.
Extremely exciting were the races in the Ladies-Quads. Anneke Steenkamp wo with two heat wins and a 2nd place, ahead of Mandy Huysamen and Maike Bochert. Teenager Cee-Anee Greyling made only 4th place this time around.
The WMCC was very pleased with the fact that the Quads-Clubmen's Class attracted some new riders. Nokkie Maree won ahead of Mike Skapilitus and André Basson.
In the Mini-Quads-Class little Jacques Marais had to admit defeat agains Joane Steenkamp. Chris Swanepoel ranked third.
An exciting racing day came to a close and what's left to say is a big Thank You to the Goldbeck family, all helpers, especially the female helpers who learned how to handle the DHL-transponder system in this short time.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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