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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
17.06.2008 6th Championships-race in Gobabis - Preview

"Big-5" Motocross Cup in Gobabis

The mx-bikes were barely cleaned of the sand and dust of the ASTRA-MX-Track, when they were already moved in further easterly direction, this time to the capital of cattle-country, to Gobabis. Wikus Engelbrecht, owner of Messrs Big-5 is mainssponsor of this event and is also the driving force behind the Gobabis Motocross Club.
This is already the sixth championship race of the season, so the forerunners in the pointslog will cling to their positions, while the riders in the second line will try to improve their positions.
Arno Engels
Arno Engels
Just like in the previous races the aces of the 125cc Class will start together with the protagonists of the Open-Class category, but will get rated separately. The Open-Class favourites Tommy Gous on a fast Zenner-Yamaha and Rainer Becker on his reliable Pupkewitz-Honda will be something like the icing on the cake. Tommy won the last ASTRA race on maximum points, while Becker was away because of business commitments. Gobabis will therefore host the showdown between those two, deciding who’s Namibia’s best! For the past two events Animal Wise on the Muxima-Kawasaki emerged as a hot contender even for the Open-Class riders. This time around he has to face stiff competition from the reigning 125cc champion Frank Klosta who abstained from racing due to a broken foot, for the past two month. The clash of these four competitors alone will get the spectators on their feet. Those riders will be challenged by reigning Open Class Champion Ronnie Adams, but also Rudi Brand, Wolfgang Rohe or Tony Viljoen will fight and give their utmost best to collect valuable points. One must never underestimate the youngsters who improved quite a lot in the past five events, riders like Eckhard Hall, Ruhan Gous, Henry o’Kennedy or the new Suzuki-star Jaco Loots. After two heats the aforementioned riders meet in the highlight of the day, the gruelling race over 20 minutes plus one lap, the all deciding "Big-5 King of the Dirt" race.
Henry o'Kennedy vs. Gerhard Simon
Henry o'Kennedy vs. Gerhard Simon
After his perfect racing demonstration at ASTRA, we are also looking forward for another challenge of the stars, by 85cc champion Mark Sternagel on his powerful KTM.
But there are other national classes as well, like the 50cc Class where Michael Barlow wants to remain champion for another year. Competition may be expected from Yoshua Becker, Jay-Em Tredoux or newcomer Roberto Holtz.
In the 65cc Class Tristan Muller still wins his races at will, however Matthew Nederlof is on the verge of becoming a threat, he demonstrates perfect starts, wins the holeshots and is getting more confident with every race. Little Angolan Joshua Teixeira has established himself as a regular third on the rostrum.
Ruhan Gous
Ruhan Gous
While Mark Sternagel is the undisputed “King” in the 85cc Class, Tristan Muller (who races two different Classes) has become the undisputed Number Two, again he defeated Eric Garbers at ASTRA, but that easily could change, because both riders are of same quality. Watch out for the handlebar-banging of these two daredevils! Pauli Loots can come up with a surprise now and then, but there are still Schalk Louw and Wico Coetzee he will have to face.
The situation in the Clubmen’s Class has improved to the delight of the organiser GMC, they expect more then 15 riders in this category. The frontrunners are Michael Behnke and Jose Teixeira, while Gundolf Lang from Swakopmund, Wiehan Kohne, Frank Steyn, Billy Heigan or Francois Schoeman will all fight for the third spot on the podium.
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard
The 4-wheelers or Quads are just as popular amongst the fans as their counterparts the motocrossers. After the ASTRA race where the hot favourite Dirkie Baard lost some valuable points due to technical problems, sparks are expected to fly. The pointsleader in the Quads-A-Class Jean Venter will see to it that he can collect as many points as possible in order to win the 2008 Championship. Same applies to Michael Behnke who won the ASTRA-Trophy last time, with former champion Fanie Steenkamp and up and coming youngster Wolfgang Röhl also in the mix. In the Quads-B-Class Gideon van Sittert lately pulls the strings but has to face stiff competition from Ecki Spoerer and Eugene Slippers to name but a few.
Amongst the Ladies-Quads another showdown is on the cards between Anneke Steenkamp, Mandy Huysamen and teeny Cee-Anne Greyling who failed to show her true talent at ASTRA, but at Gobabis she will be back in full force to grace the podium in top position.
Jean Venter
Jean Venter
The Quads-Clubmen’s have improved in numbers and the GMC expects at least 10 quads at the starting gate. The favourites here are Nokkie Maree, Jaime Reneckle and newcomer Leigh-Jean Skopellitus from the coast who is highly charged up to steal the show.
Part of the program are also races in the Mini-Qauds Class and for the true beginners, for girls and ladies only, there will be a race in the Powder-Puff Class.
Don’t forget “Big-5 Motocross Trophy” at Gobabis on 21st June. Food and beverages will be sold at the track. Rember MX-racing is a family-affair!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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