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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
23.06.2008 6th Championships-race in Gobabis - Results

"Big-5 Motocross Cup" for Björn Bierbrauer

Björn Bierbrauer, racing for the Kölling-Yamaha Team in Germany, was released for 3 weeks to undergo an orthopedic examination in his homecountry Namibia. Björn heard about the Gobabis race and grabbed this chance with both hands and signed for the race. He participated in the Open/125cc Class on his E.L. Sea Products Yamaha.
Björn Bierbrauer - The overall winner
Björn Bierbrauer - The overall winner
Surprisingly he could beat the Namibian protagonist Tommy Gous in the first two preliminary heats. In the all decisive Big-5 King of the Dirt heat, Tommy was calm and concentrated as ever! The engines scream, the gate drops and again it is Bierbrauer who won the holeshot, with Tommy right next to him on the left hand side of his fender. Both riders clear the big-table and it is Tommy Gous who takes the lead. Now Tommy pulls all stops and he’s setting the pace, a highspeed pace that Bierbrauer could not keep up with. Lap after lap the distance between the two gets bigger. After half-time the gap is at about 300 metres. Seven minutes to go and everybody was under the impression that’s it!
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
Then Schorsch Bierbrauer, the father of Björn, ordered his son by sign-lanquage to close the gap, and that was exactly what Björn did. The many spectators got frantic when Björn could close the gap and came closer after every lap and 3 laps before the finish it happened, Björn passed Tommy in the eastern corner and became the overall winner of the day. What a race! But that was not all, Ronnie Adams on his powerfull Kawasaki secured himself the 3rd spot on the rostrum, after Animal Wise had to withdraw due to mechanical problems. Not too far adrift there was the usual dog-fight and handle-bar-banging between the trio of Henry o’Kennedy, Eckhard Hall and Jaco Loots. This time it was Suzuki-rider Loots who mounted a great challenge for 4th place and held on for dear life to secure this excellent place, and all this on a small 125cc bike. Henry o’Kennedy this time around had to settle for 5th.

Results Big-5 King of the Dirt

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Deutschland, E.L. Sea Products-Yamaha, 20 points
  2. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Novel-Yamaha, 17
  3. Ronnie Adams, Kapps-Farm, Kawasaki-Namibia, 15
  4. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Suzuki-Namibia, 13
  5. Henry o’Kennedy, Windhoek, Muxima-Honda, 11
In the 65cc Class action 12 year old Tristan Muller from Okahandja achieved three start-to-finish victories while rival Matthew Nederlof, who gets faster with every race, and Michael Barlow on the small 50cc KTM battled for second and 3rd places respectively.
Three starts, three wins, that is Mark Sternagel in the 85cc Class! What else can we say to this extraordinairy talent? Tristan Muller who finished in ASTRA ahead of Eric Garbers, this time had to accept defeat in all three heats by Eric, which will boost Eric’s confidence for the next races to come.
Torsten Schidlowski (55) vs Wiehahn Kohne
Torsten Schidlowski (55) vs Wiehahn Kohne
The Clubmen’s Class who had a great line-up in the past two races, experieneced a decline in participants this time in Gobabis. Frank Stey was the overall winner, while Gundolf Lang and Billy Heigan had to be satisfied with 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Torsten Schidlowski, an excellent starter, was a constant 3rd position rider but due to fatique, in the end he had to settle for 5th.
Dierkie Baard
Dierkie Baard
From two wheels to 4 wheels and as usual, the protagonists in the Quads-A-Class and B-Classes were extremly popular amongst the crowd in the capital of the East. Again it was coastal Dirkie Baard from Walvis-Bay who proved to be the poster-boy in this category. With his courage he passed his opponents in “no-go” bents and berms and when in front he soon could built up an incredible gap…never looking back. Entertaining was the battle for second spot on the podium between Jean Venter and Michael Behnke. In all 3 heats Behnke got passed Venter but the titanic battle between the two lastet to the finish-table, leaving the hard chasing Wolfgang Röhl in 4th. Gideon van Sittert won the B-Class once more ahead of Eugene Slippers and Ecki Spoerer.
Jean Venter (71) vs Wolfgang Röhl
Jean Venter (71) vs Wolfgang Röhl
The Ladies-Quads, also competing for national status, saw teeny Cee-Anne Greyling with fearless racing claiming three clear wins, after Mandy Huysamen crashed out already in the first heat. Greyling defeated her toughest competitors namely Celene Adams and Bollie Bochert, with Maike Bochert in 4th place.
In the supporting programme there was a race in the combined Clubmen’s Class and Quads-C Class. Surprisingly Stefan Smidt could claim overall victory ahead of Nokkie Maree and Johan de Beer. Louw Greyvenstein won the C-Class ahead of Andre Maree and Anita Miljo, while young Joane Steenkamp defeated Jaques Maree and Sune Garbers in the Mini-Quads-Class.
That was excellent racing in Gobabis, Thank You to the sponsor Big-5 Hotel in Gobabis, to all the helpers, especially to the lap-score ladies who, despite a faulty computer supplied the writer of these lines with the results-list in time.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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