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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
08.07.2008 7th Championships-race in Windhoek - Preview

Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge on Saturday

Since ex-champ Rainer Becker did not partake in the race at ASTRA nor in Gobabis, he has almost no chance of winning the Namibian-Championship. He handed over the Championship – on a silver platter so to say – to the young contestant Tommy Gous. The 7th round of the Namibian-Championship will be held on the 12th of July, once again at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, on the Waldschmidt chicken farm. The official title of the event is "Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge".
While Tommy Gous on a Zenner-Yamaha can already get used to the thought of winning the championship, everything is still open behind the pole position in the Open/125cc Class. At the moment it is champion and Kawasaki-rider Ronnie Adams, who ranks 2nd. Behind him the field is getting tighter, with riders like Animal Wise, Frank Klosta, Honda-rider Henry O’Kennedy, Ruhan Gous and the “hero from Gobabis” Jaco Loots on a quick Suzuki. But Eckhard Hall, Wolfgang Rohe, Tony Viljoen and Rudi Brand will want to improve their positions and points. The spectators can therefore expect some very exciting racing on Gallina.
Among the kids in the 50cc Class Michael Barlow is sort of unchallenged, while Jay-Em Tredoux and Yoshua Becker fight hard to keep up.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
In the next “leage”, the 65cc Class there’s a stronger wind blowing. Here the KTM-riders are amongst each other. Tristan Muller looks like a sure overall winner, and his only challenge is the 3-years younger Matthew Nederlof, whose racing becomes better each time. Matthew’s goal: Beating Tristan at least once by the end of the season. Nothing’s impossible! The Angolan Joshua Teixeira and Roberto Holtz battle for 3rd position.
In the 85cc Class we have a highflyer as well, maybe the greatest talent Namibia ever had to offer: Mark Sternagel. Marki, as he is called, has fuel in his veins and that he’s got exceptional talent was already proven with his 4th place in the King of the Dirt during the ASTRA-race. Tristan Muller (who participates in two categories) would be on an almost secure overall 2nd place if it weren’t for Eric Garbers, who beat Tristan in all three heats in Gobabis. Nonetheless, the tide can still turn. Schalk Louw, Pauli Loots and Wico Coetzee will battle it out for 3rd position.
The Clubmen’s Class, a beginners’ class without Namibian championship status, definitely has entertainment value. Unfortunately one never knows prior to the race how many riders eventually show up, therefore the number of participants varies greatly. The organiser has high hopes for the next race though. In this category the Angolan Jose Teixeira stands in the limelight, who can expect some strong opposition from Gundolf Lang (Swakopmund). Another rider who has improved a lot is Frank Steyn, who achieved maximum-points in Gobabis. Billy Heigan, Torsten Schidlowski and Wiehan Kohne will fight hard to keep up.
The protagonists in the Quads-A-Class are for example Dirkie Baard who is a major talent, the leading-man Jean Venter or the challenger Michael Behnke. Part of the leading group are also Wolfgang Rohl and Fanie Steenkamp. These five play it tough, the rest are basically only extra. The Quads-B-Class starts together with the A-Class but is assessed separately. These riders have become much quicker since to the combining of the groups. Noteworthy are Gideon van Sittert, Eugene Slippers or Ecki Spoerer. A big field of riders which guarantees excitement and adrenalin rushes.
The ladies have their own class as well, the Quads-Ladies-Class. Those who think that these are only a couple of meisies cruising the track like snails are mistaken. Just wait and see how bold Cee-Anne Greyling, Celene Adams, Mandy Huysamen, or the Bochert-sisters open the throttle and show you real ding-dong battle.
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard
In the Quads-Clubmen’s Class the situation is no different from the Clubmen’s MX-class. Sometimes there is a full field of riders, at other times the organiser has to think about canceling this class due to lack of rider. In Gobabis there were only four participants present and Stefan Smidt achieved a surprising win. It will be exciting to see whether or not he will be able to beat his challenger Nokkie Maree on Gallina. Johan de Beer or André Basson are keen on a podium spot too.
The kids also have high ambitions in this category. In the Mini-Quads-Class Joane Steenkamp will st the pace, followed most probably by Jacques Marais, the only boy in this class, and little Sune Garbers.
So organise a family outing to the Gallina Moto Cross Park on Saturday the 12th of July. Food and beverages are offered by Joker’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar. After the award ceremony the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ Coco will be held. Gallina... the place where Windhoek’s youth meets.
Author: Holger Kroemer ... [back]
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