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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
18.08.2008 8th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results

Tommy Gous wins "Hans Keil-Trophy"

This race was definitely to the taste of the many spectators. After 3 heats, points were added up and the overall winner of the 8th championship race in the Open/125cc Class is Tommy Gous.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
It wasn’t an easy win however. Tommy was chased mercilessly by Brannigan Wise and Ronnie Adams.

Results Hans Keil King of the Dirt:

  1. Tommy Gous
  2. Brannigan Wise
  3. Ronnie Adams
  4. Jaco Loots
Brannigan Wise
Brannigan Wise
The races in the 65cc Class were exciting as well. Two aces fought it out: Tristan Muller and Matthew Nederlof. And not surprisingly Tristan was the first on the podium to receive the trophy. Joshua Texeira ranked third.
In the 85cc Class Mark Sternagel won, as was expected. His new Honda made him unstoppable. Behind him Matthew Nederlof and Jose Texeira battled, just like in previous races; a respectable 2nd place went to Matthew Nederlof.
The Clubmen’s Class was unfortunately very small again, but the racing was well done and so the overall winner was Jose Texeira, ahead of Gino Rossi and Frank Steyn.
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard
As always, the Quads are extremely popular among the fans at the coast. In the Quads-A and-B-Class the overall winner was Dirkie Baard, ahead of Michael Behnke and Jean Venter.
The Quads-Ladies-Class is gaining more and more popularity. Cee-anne Greyling won, Mandy Huysamen made 2nd, and Anneke Steenkamp third place.
Cee-Anne Greyling
Cee-Anne Greyling
A wonderful racing day came to a close. Thank you to the sponsors Oasys Namibia and Hans Keil Enterprises, thanks to the helpers from the Coastal Racing Club and well as the voluntaries from the Windhoek Moto Cross Club and the girls from the DHL-Zeitabnahme.
Author: Holger Kroemer ... [back]
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