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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
16.09.2008 9th Championships-race in Okahandja - Preview

Okahandja MX-Festival of Speed

For the very first time the 9th Namibian Moto Cross championship race will be held on the new MX-track in Okahandja. Under the able leaderships of Jaco and Cher Muller the Okahandja Moto Cross Club has built a great track; six month of heavy labour have definitely payed off. If the track holds promises, Okahandja can become a centre for Namibian MX-sport. Okahandja MX-Festival of Speed is the official title of this event.
For the Namibian riders it is the last opportunity to improve their points cusion for the DHL Inter Series in November, which in turn plays part of the "Southern Challenge", the southern African MX-championships. Apart from southern Africa’s aces, riders from many European countries and from the USA will participate then.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
The leading man in the Okahandja Plastic Converters Open/125cc Class is Tommi Gous on a Yamaha. During the previous races however, he came under pressure from Kawasaki-rider Brannigan Wise. Jaco Loots displayed great racing skills in the Swakopmund King of the Dirt, when he almost beat his uncle and Suzuki team mate Ronnie Adams on his 450cc bike. After a convalescence period of 1 year, Alexander Howard got on his bike again and made an excellent 4th place in the 125cc Class in Swakopmund. Constantly good achievement pays off: Henry O’Kennedy on his quick Honda, leads the 125cc Class with 61 points! Only a complete technical failure or crash could cost him the championship now.
Tony Viljoen is another example of someone who rides unspectacularly but gets good valuable points every time. He is ranked 2nd in the Open Class at the moment. Ruhan Gous and Frank Klosta will be part of the leading pack. Behind them coastal riders Eckhard Hall and Rudi Brand battle for position. The Scotsman Richard Reid has come back from his home country and intensively prepares himself for the Inter Series. In Swakopmund he finished in a good 4th place. So, we definitely have a strong Class which will guarantee excitement throughout. That’s a promise!
Wolfgang Rohe
Wolfgang Rohe
In the Boshoff Transport 65cc Class local hero Tristan Muller is of course the favourite in this category. The Okahandja crowd will cheer him on, for sure. The championship is almost decided and his only major opponent is the 3 years younger Matthew Nederlof who recently got all the attention with his amazingly fast KTM. His goal is to beat Tristan at least once this season. The upcoming duel will be exciting, bet on it. Joshua Teixeira, Michael Barlow and Roberto Holtz battle it out for third place.
The temperature is somewhat hotter in the Lewcor Plant Hire 85cc Class. Here Mark Sternagel is Namibia’s future star. He is leading with a 13 points head start, followed by Tristan Muller who is racing in two categories. Eric Garbers, Schalk Louw and Pauli Loots will fight for the third podium spot. And of course there will be the usual squabble between the little Angolan Joshua Teixeira and Wico Coetzee.
The guys in the Burgers Namibia Clubmen’s Class do not have a national championship title to strive for, but they nevertheless display exciting races. Frank Steyn leads here, ahead of Jose Teixeira and Gundolf Lang from Swakopmund. Other protagonists are Wiehan Kohne, Francois Schoemann or Torsten Schidlowski, to name but a few of the favourites. In this class everything is possible.
Wolfgang Röhl
Wolfgang Röhl
Even though the track in Okahandja is somewhat tightly configured, the 4-Wheelers will ride nevertheless. The powerfull quads in the Clydon Quads-A and Muller Entertainment Quads-B-Class ride together but are assessed separately. Dirkie Baard from Walvisbay is the Namibian poster boy although he cannot win the championship this year. He has to reckon with strong opposition from Jean Venter who leads at the moment. Jean however had to accept defeat against Michael Behnke at the Swakopmund race. The one who can mess up all predictions is Wolfgang Röhl. In the B-Class Gideon van Sittert is the number one and his contesters are Eugene Slippers and Ecki Spoerer.
The Grobler Transport Quads Ladies Class has undergone some noteworthy development. Eleven girls and young women fight with all they’ve got and the number 1, Cee-Anne Greyling, will even try her luck in the Quads-B-Class during the Okahandja race as well. Guys, don’t let her looks fool you! Maike Bochert is on 2nd place but has to reckon with heavy strikes from pugnacious Mandy Huysamen. Our newest addition is Charney Joubert who achieved an overall 5th place in Swakopmund and made heads turn. She will want to challenge Anneke Steenkamp, Bollie Bochert and Celene Adams who all are keen on third on the rostrum.
Jean Venter
Jean Venter
In the Electrolight Contractors Quads-Clubmen’s Class there are 15 riders who don’t participate regularly though. There is a Stefan Schmidt who can practically beat anybody, a Leigh Jean Skoppelitus who is always good for a surprise and then we have the riders who lead on the points chart, like Nokkie Maree, André Basson or Louw Greyvenstein. These guys know how to ride!
The little ones in the Okahandja Mining Services Mini-Quads Class ride on a separate track. Here the favourites are Sune Garbers, Jacques Maree and Joane Steenkamp.
After the award ceremony the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ Coco will be held. Food and beverages are available at the track. So make a note of the Okahandja MX-Festival of Speed on Saturday the 20th of September, at the Okahandja MX-track, in the direction towards Gross-Barmen.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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