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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
23.02.2009 1st WESBANK Motocross Challenge in Windhoek (NAM) - Preview

WESBANK Moto Cross on Saturday

For some riders, three months without Moto Cross was sheerly unbearable! This coming Saturday they will be able to play with their clutches again, when it’s time for the 1st race of the Namibian Moto Cross Championship 2009. As in previous years, the main sponsor is Wesbank, the motor financing branch of First National Bank of Namibia – they have stayed true to the sport since 2006.
Björn Bierbrauer (#191) vs Tommie Gous
Björn Bierbrauer (#191) vs Tommie Gous
2009 began with a few alterations and adjustments to international conventions, mainly cosmetical in nature. This means that the Open/125cc Class will be calles MX1/MX2 Class in future. MX1 is the the previous Open Class and MX2 the previous 125cc Class, but like in the past, they are competing together. Among the youngsters we can expect hard fights between Brannigan “Animal” Wise and Björn Bierbrauer. Frank Klosta, Henry O’Kennedy, Alexander Howard, Ruhan Gous and Eckhard Hall will try to mix up this duel. Rumours state that Ingo Waldschmidt will be back in the saddle in the MX2 category. So it’s gonna be a tough battle for top positions. The MX1 riders joining them are more composed. Here we have the present Namibian champion Tommi Gous, and guys like Ronnie Adams, Rudi Brand, Jaco Loots, Tony Viljoen, Jaco Huysamen, Jacques du Plessis, Jose Teixeira and not to forget, previous year’s accident-stricken talent Sascha Becker. The Windhoek Moto Cross Club also expects the once-in-a-while appearances by the “incorporated” riders Richard Reid (Scotland), Ross Branch (Botswana) and Gunnar Schuster (Germany) during the course of the year.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
The main attraction as always is the “Wesbank King of the Dirt” which last 20 long minutes and this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Survival of the fittest one might say! Witnessing this class race is already worth the N$ 10,00 entrance fee.
Let’s go to the children-Classes, we start with the MX65 Class. Tristan Muller from Okahandja will want to defend his title of course, but there are a handful of contestants who want to fight him: Matthew Nederlof, Michael Barlow, Joshua Teixeira, Roberto Holtz and last but not least Jay-Em Tredoux.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
In the MX Lights Class (former 85cc Class) Mark Sternagel’s exceptional talent will be a real challenge for Tristan Muller, or Schalk Louw from Swakopmund. Also we expect a lot more input from Eric Garbers, Pauli Loots and of course Wico Coetzee.
Among the Clubmen’s Frank Steyn will most definitely set his sight on the title. However, Gundolf Lang from Swakopmund is a really tough contestant and also Billy Heigan is a candidate for the title. Other top riders in this category are Wiehan Kohne, André van der Merwe, Kirsten Spangenberg and Torsten Schidlowski to only name a few. Now and then the former champions Eckhard Waldschmidt and Gino Rossi will participate in this class.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta
In 2009 we can also expect exciting races in the Quad-Classes. Like in previous years the super stars will compete in the Quads-A-Class together with the stars in the Quads-B-Class. Since Dirkie Baard went to varsity in Cape Town, the two protagonists Jean Venter and Michael Behnke will battle for every single point. Wolfgang Rohl, Fanie Steenkamp and Jaime Reneckle will battle for the remainder 3rd spot on the rostrum. Then we have the B-Class riders, like the present champion Gideon van Sittert, Ecki Spoerer, Eugene Slippers and the young talent Pearce van Wyk, to name a few.
Excitement can also be expected in the Quads Ladies Class. Present champion Cee-Anne Greyling will want to defend her title. Vice-champion Mandy Huysamen may not be the toughest opponent since Charney Joubert made a name for herself during the Inter-Series in November when she achieved two heat victories. Maike Bochert, Celene Adams, Anneke Steenkamp or Bollie Bochert will also want the title and all mentioned ladies achieved heat victories in 2008.
Maike Bochert
Maike Bochert
A larger number of participants can be expected this year in the Quads-Clubmen’s Class. Here, Louw Greyvenstein is defending his title and can’t expect to have it served on a silver platter. Talents like Nokkie Maree, André Basson, Leigh-Jean Skoppelitus, André Maree or Stefan Smidt will give Louw a hard time. The points table at the end of 2008 showed an even constellation, which means everyone is good for 1st place.
The organiser wants to try once again to establish the Pit-Bike Class. Those who own such a bike can take part – with a helmet and without formalities. Riding will take place on the kids race track next to the beer-barn. That’s guaranteed fun!
After the prize-giving the notorious Jägermeister-Party will hit Gallina. For die-hard Rugby-Fans there will be a so-called big screen. So don’t forget the first race of the Wesbank Moto Cross Challenge this coming Saturday, 28th of February, at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. It is situated 15km outside of Windhoek, on the road to Okahandja. Food and beverages will be served in the beer-barn at the track.
Gallina is the place for the whole family.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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