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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
26.03.2009 2009 SSR's

Ladies & Gents,

With reference to a mail from Fanie - may I add, as Vice President NMSF and on behalf of the WMCC Chairman the following.
The below relates to MX and Enduro.


  • The SSR's and GCR's are indeed the "source document" from which you can and must obtain all relevant information;
  • This document is available to all on the WMCC website;
  • The SR's also clearly stipulates that "each rider shall comply" with the SR's and thus by implication - the SSR's;
  • From a technical scrutineering point of view - the time is past where the organisers, Club or NMSF shall tolerate non-conformance's. 99% of all competitors knows the Rules (or should know) or even know where to find the Rules pertaining technical specifications, code of conduct etc etc. Numbers, not only for Quads BUT for all shall no longer be an issue. Do not even attend to scrutineering if you know your machine or equipment do not conform;
  • Non conformance's to technical issues / code of conduct of riders and families and lack of knowledge of SSR's lead to disputes and conflicts - which are clearly, given the current state of affairs in motor sport in Namibia, one of my aims to rectify with immediate effect;
  • Anti doping - There has lately been a number of riders in RSA / Europe and USA been banned due to use of banned substances or alcohol. Anti doping tests will be performed on an ad hoc basis at each event;
  • Safety - Adherence to safety regulations shall be enforced at scrutineering as well as on starting grid. Aquaint yourselves with these so as not to risk disqualification before or during an event;
  • Pit Rules - The chairman of WMCC indeed issued "pit rules" in 2008. I have found that these Rules are generally being ignored by either riders or family / friends. Note, it is the absolute right and jurisdiction of officials of the event to exclude or disqualify a rider in totality from the heat/s or event should such rider's friends and families not adhere to the pit rules. This specifically includes usage of alcohol in pit area during race, making of fires etc.
  • Should any aspect of the Rules be unclear, you are more than welcome to pose your question to any licensed official.


  • Mike Nederloff and Andreas Brendel will be conducting a seminar on 18 April 2009 in Walvisbay. I thank them for their time and urge all at the coast involved in MX and Enduro (dealers, parents, riders) to attend;
  • The seminar will include MX and Enduro Rules and Regs the will be conducted in one day - starting at approx 14:00 and the exams being written from +- 18:00 to 20:00. The course will deal with and includes licenses for e.g. Sporting steward, COC, Technical Steward etc.


  • MX : 28 March 2009 - ASTRA - Changed to Okahandja;
  • MX : 25 April 2009 - Okahandja event remains at Okahandja. ASTRA is not available and the event can not be moved to Gallina due to clashes with WMC event in Windhoek;
  • Enduro : 4 April - Scheduled for Lichtenstein.

Hein Venter
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