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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
29.03.2009 2nd Championships-race in Okahandja - Results

Bierbrauer wins „MX-Thrills“ in Okahandja

Björn Bierbrauer also won the 2nd race of the Namibian Moto Cross Championships, held in Okahandja. It was a highly exciting racing day with lots of spectators. The participation of South African Henie Hanekom from Upington enhanced the MX1/MX2 Class. In the late 1990’s he had been a regular in Namibian MX-sport.
Henie Hanekom (RSA)
Henie Hanekom (RSA)
You don’t often get a chance to view spectacular races such as the previous one. In the first heat of the combined MX1/MX2 Class, the Xpert Security Class, Björn grabbed the holeshot, and Animal Wise stayed on his tail for several laps. Another rider who knew how to impress spectators and foes alike was young Jaco Loots, who held tight to a good 3rd place. Tristan Muller on his inferior 85cc bike kept up well with the Open-Class riders. Tommy Gous however could not assert himself against his colleagues in the MX2 Class this time.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
In the second heat Bierbrauer stalled his engine at the start und had a lot of catching up to do. Rudi Brand won the holeshot, pressed hard by Jaco Loots on the only two-stroke bike in this category. Alexander Howard was in the leading pack as well, closely followed by South African Hanekom. Already in the third lap we saw Björn on 5th position after a breathtaking pursuit race, he practically flew across the track. During the sixth lap it happens: Bierbrauer passes Loots, assumes the lead and sticks to it till the finish line. A masterly performance! Great achievement also by Jaco Loots.
Rudi Brand
Rudi Brand
In the final race „Muller Entertainment King of the Dirt“ Jaco Loots wins the holeshot, but is passed by Bierbrauer in the second lap. This made the spectators cheer! Again Alexander Howard is found in 3rd place, ahead of Frank Klosta and Ronnie Adams. From behind, Animal Wise stomps trough the field, aggressively assuming 2nd place, behind Bierbrauer, during the 6th lap. This one however is a tough nut to crack. Overall winner for the second time is Björn Bierbrauer.
"King of the Dirt" Björn Bierbrauer
"King of the Dirt" Björn Bierbrauer

Results: Muller Entertainment King of the Dirt:

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 25 points
  2. Brannigan Wise, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 22
  3. Alexander Howard, Windhoek, Honda Pupkewitz, 20
  4. Frank Klosta, Swakopmund, Bikes 4 Fun-KTM, 19
  5. Ronnie Adams, Kappps-Farm, Kawasaki-Namibia, 18
  6. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Suzuki-Namibia, 17
  7. Hentie Hanekom, Südafrika, Honda, 16
  8. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 15
  9. Henry o’Kennedy, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 14
  10. Jose Teixeira, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 13
The races in the MX 65 Class were exciting as well. Newcomer Kenneth Grobler was a real surprise; he finished in 3rd. Matthew Nederlof and Michael Barlow battled up front. This time Matthew won with a maximum number of points.
In the MX Lites Class (formerly known as 85cc Class) Tristan Muller won in the absence of champion Sternagel. Pauli Loots finished in 2nd place and Matthew Nederlof (taking part in 2 categories) won the 3rd spot on the rostrum.
The Clubmen’s Class was very attractive with 15 riders at the gate. Jean Pierre Hugo won ahead of Frank Steyn and Wiehan Kohne.
Michael Behnke
Michael Behnke
The Quads-A-Class made a real show in Okahandja. In the preliminary races Michael Behnke from Walvisbay won ahead of Jean Venter and Fanie Steenkamp. The highlight - the "Ardilla Mini Lodge King of the Quads" - was extremely exciting. Fanie Steenkamp won the holeshot, followed by Wolfgang Röhl and Michael Behnke. In the second lap Behnke passes Röhl and in the third lap he gets past former champion Steenkamp, winning the race ahead of Steenkamp and Röhl. B-Class rider Ecki Spoerer landed on a very pleasing 4th place, ahead of champ Jean Venter.
Charney Joubert
Charney Joubert
It is unbelievable how fast our girls have become. Three years ago this class was called Powder-Puff Class and was held as a fun race after the official races. Today the Ladies Quads-Class is a national class and a real gain for Quads-sport. Namibia has a new poster child, namely Charney Joubert. The 17-year old came, saw and conquered – that’s what one could call her debut in 2008. Three weeks ago she made 3rd place at the AMU-Championships in South Africa and now she won with a maximum number of points in Okahandja. Cee-Anne Greyling has really improved, she came 2nd, ahead of Maike Bochert.
Charney Joubert
Charney Joubert
In the supporting programme we had races in the Quads-C-Class. Freddie Stander won ahead of Jaycee le Roux and André Maree.
This racing day was the highlight of the ongoing season. A thank you must go to the companies Muller Theron, Grobler Transport and Lewcor Plant Hire. It was a most successful joint project.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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