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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
22.04.2009 3rd Championships-race in Okahandja - Preview

Okahandja Motocross Challenge

The 3rd race of the Namibian Moto Cross Championships takes place this coming Saturday, 25th of April, in Okahandja. The race track is situated at the airfield on the road to Groß-Barmen. The race had to be transferred to Okahandja due to construction work at the Gallina Moto Cross Park in preparation for the AMU Africa continental MX-championships to be held on the 28th of June.
Stephan Smid
Stephan Smid
The track in Okahandja is a great alternative due to its infrastructure but also because of the commitment of the Okahandja Moto Cross Club who is able to handle such an event at any time. Also, the track is situated only 60 km away from Windhoek.
The races in Okahandja are not only part of the 2009 championships but are also qualifying races for riders who are to be nominated for the national AMU-team. The tension will be palpable. That’s a promise!
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
The main focus will lie – as always – on the MX1 and MX2 class, the Xpert Security Class, which compete together. After two day-victories, Björn Bierbrauer on his quick Honda is a big favourite, however he has to reckon with strong opposition from Tommy Gous on his all new 250cc Two-strokeYamaha and Animal Wise. The convalescents Alexander Howard as well as Frank Klosta on a KTM should be reckoned with as well. Ronnie Adams on a Kawasaki and Jaco Loots on a two-stroke Suzuki made an impression during the previous race and could be good for a surprise. Ruhan Gous and Henry O’Kennedy will have their private duel but are definitely top-10 riders in this category. Rudi Brand from Swakopmund will also want a say in the placing of podium spots. Rudi rode splendidly in the second heat during the previous race in Okahandja, when he lead the field for several laps. Eckhard Hall, Tony Viljoen and Jose Teixeira are keen on a top-10 placement as well.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
The highlight in this category is the merciless, 20-minutes long race, the final Muller Entertainment King of the Dirt.
In the MX 65 Class there will be a big duel between Matthew Nederlof and Michael Barlow, a duel with an uncertain outcome. Each one is able to beat the other. Jay-Em Tredoux and the little dare-devil Kenneth Grobler will also fight for a spot on the podium.
In the MX-Lites Class (former 85cc Class) the organiser expects the participation of reigning champion Mark Sternagel. He will however have to compete with local hero Tristan Muller, who is a hard nut to crack. Tristan knows his track by heart and has even tried his luck in the MX2 Class with similar lap times as some top-10 riders. Joshua Teixeira and Pauli Loots are part of the action too.
Ecki Spoerer
Ecki Spoerer
One of the spectators favourite races are those of the Quads-A-Class, who participate together with the riders from the Quads-B-Class. Michael Behnke from the coast is a main favourite and like in previous races he can reckon with strong opposition by Jean Venter and Fanie Steenkamp. Also riding up front are Wolfgang Röhl, Ecki Spoerer and Eugene Slippers, to name but a few. The highlight of the day is the all-deciding Ardilla Mini Lodge King of the Quads.
Wolfgang Röhl
Wolfgang Röhl
The girls present some pretty tough racing in the Quads-Ladies Class. Here Charney Joubert is the measure of all things. The 17-year old has to count on strong opposition by Cee-Anne Greyling, who is back after a slight burnout. Mandy Huysamen, the Bochert-sisters, and Anneke Steenkamp are all possible candidates for a podium spot. In the supporting programme we have races in the Clubmen’s Classes for bikes and Quads.
After the prize-giving riders and fans meet in the party tent for dancing, and listening to the beats of DJ Coco. The organiser will offer food and beverages at moderate prices.
So don't miss out on the family-fun, at the track in Okahandja on the 25th of April.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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