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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
19.05.2009 4th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Preview

Coastal Cement Works Motocross in Swakopmund

This coming Saturday the last encounter between the Namibian dirtriders takes place in Swakopmund. Here it will be decided who will represent the Namibian colours at the AMU African Continental Championship on the 27th and 28th of June in Windhoek. Of course it’s a prestige thing for every serious rider. Only 5 riders form a team and are allowed to represent one nation in the MX1/MX2 class. The rest can compete as well, but is not part of the national assessment.
Henry o’Kennedy
Henry o’Kennedy
In the MX2 Class Björn Bierbrauer is the measure of all things at the moment. On his fast four-stroke Honda he sure will make a good impression even riding against the rest of Africa’s best. Two riders who drew special attention during the previous race in Okahandja were Frank Klosta on his quick KTM and Henry O’Kennedy. The fourth rider to represent Namibia could be Alex Howard. His appearance in Okahandja was not the best, but that was mainly due to technical problems. Ruhan Gous and Eckhard Hall will try everything to make it into the national team and Eckhard Hall has a home advantage in any case.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
In the MX-1 Class it will be Tommy Gous without a doubt, who will wear the Namibian team-shirt, riding on his strong two-stroke Yamaha. So far he has had good results during the whole of the season and with his new bike he hopes to ride among the leading pack. Jaco Loots’ performance was very pleasing in previous races and his debut in the MX-1 Class was better than expected. His performance improved from race to race so maybe he will be good for a surprise at the AMU-Africa championships. Former champion Ronnie Adams wears “green” for Kawasaki and is of course part of the action. He is still very quick and always good for a surprise. Rudi Brand from Swakopmund is also riding a two-stroke bike now and feels very comfortable on it. He will surely be part of the team. Maybe Tony Viljoen will get the admission as well.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
In the MX65 Class, the kids will also try to position themselves for the AMU-championships. Here Michael Barlow, Matthew Nederlof and Jay-Em Tredoux will battle it out.
Since Joshua Teixeira will most probably represent Angola in the MX Lites Class, the follwing riders will want to qualify for Namibia: Tristan Muller from Okahandja, Pauli Loots and Matthew Nederlof. The present champion Mark Sternagel will not be able to take part due to a fractured arm.
The Clubmen’s Class does not compete for national honours but takes place in the supporting programme and is always an enrichment for MX-sport. Jean-Pierre Hugo rode lately with an immense speed and he will definitely have to climb to the MX2 class next season. He will have to reckon with strong opposition by Francois Schoeman, Wiehan Kohne, Billy Heigan and Gundolf Lang. Lang rides in his hometown and could be good for a surprise.
Gogo van Wyk (43) vs Ecki Spoerer
Gogo van Wyk (43) vs Ecki Spoerer
The Quads-Classes are not part of the AMU-contest, but will ride for Namibian championship points in Swakopmund. In the mixed Quads-A-and-B-Class bets are on Michael Behnke from Walvisbay. Contestants are Jean Venter, Tertius Joubert and Wolfgang Röhl, to name but a few. In this top class Ecki Spoerer oder Gideon van Sittert could have a word as B-Class riders. In the Quads-Ladies-Class 17-year old Charney Joubert is the favourite but one should not forget that Mandy Huysamen displayed some really impressive racing in Okahandja and Cee-Anne Greyling even won a heat. Apart from those, we have Maike Bochert, whose riding style, though unspectacular, mostly earns her a spot on the rostrum. These girls know how to race!
Bollie Bochert
Bollie Bochert
In the supporting programme races in the Mini-Quads-Class for kids take place, as well as races in the Quads-C Class and Quads-Clubmen’s Class. The Coastal Racing Club will offer food and beverages at the track. The 4th Moto Cross Championships race takes place at the Coastal Cement Works track across from the salt fields, 10km outside of Swakopmund at the road to Wlotzkas-Baken. An outing for the whole family.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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