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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
26.05.2009 4th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results

Bierbrauer wins Coastal Cement Works Trophy

One has to see this guy ride to understand the kind of talent developing here. I am talking about Björn Bierbrauer, who won everything in Swakopmund that was up for grabs. He won his MX2-Class, and additionally was able to beat the contestants from the MX1-Class. Apart from this achievement he won the big trophy for the COASTAL CEMENT WORKS King of the Dirt race.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
The good weather drew almost one thousand spectators to the track at the salt fields and behind the bar one could only see smiling faces; sales were enormous.
Two foreigners strengthened this event. In the MX1-Class guest rider Richard Reid from Scotland took part and in the Quads-A-Class the Angolan Fabio Ferreira was welcomed.
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard
In the first heat of the combined MX1/MX2-Class Alexander Howard grabbed the holeshot, closely pursued by Björn Bierbrauer, Jaco Loots, Rudi Brand, Frank Klosta and Tommy Gous. In the second group Ruhan Gous, Scotsman Richard Reed and Henry O’Kennedy battled for position. At the end of the first lap, Bierbrauer passed Howard and assumed the lead which he extended to almost 200 metres. Local hero Rudi Brand sensationally succeeded in passing Tommy Gous in lap four, leaving him on 6th position.
Results Obeco MX1/MX2 Class, 1st heat: 1. Björn Bierbrauer; 2. Jaco Loots; 3. Frank Klosta; 4. Alexander Howard; 5. Rudi Brand.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
In the second heat Tommy Gous’ anger spurred him on. Wheel to wheel, next to Bierbrauer both riders tackled the first corner, but Tommy had to content himself with 2nd position right after the table. Again Alex Howard was in the leading group and assumed a preliminary 3rd place. Jaco Loots had a weak start, which left him in 12th position but now he started an awsome hot persuit which brought him right to 6th position. The duel for 3rd place between Rudi Brand and Frank Klosta was very exciting, and Klosta asserted himself only after ten laps.
Results Obeco MX1/MX2 Class, 2nd heat: 1. Bjorn Bierbrauer; 2. Tommy Gous; 3. Frank Klosta; 4. Rudi Brand; 5. Alexander Howard
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
The Coastal Cement Works King of the Dirt race was the highlight of the day. Shortly after the gate dropped, the quick Scotsman Richard Reid assumed the lead, which he defended for one lap. Then Bierbrauer passed him, and in the 2nd lap Tommy Gous did likewise. One small negligence and Reid lost 4 positions. The handlebar-banging between Rudi Brand and Ronnie Adams for 6th position was exciting - Brand made the race. This was MX-sport to the liking of the spectators.
Richard Reid
Richard Reid

Results Coastal Cement Works King of the Dirt:

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 25 points
  2. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Novel-Yamaha, 22 points
  3. Frank Klosta, Swakopmund, Bikes-4-Fun-KTM, 20 points
  4. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 19
  5. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Winners Racing Suzuki, 18
  6. Rudi Brand, Swakopmund, Coastal Racing Yamaha, 17
  7. Henry o’Kennedy, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 16
  8. Richard Reid, Schottland, Kawasaki, 15
  9. Eckhard Hall, Swakopmund, Coastal Racing Honda, 14
  10. Jose Teixeira, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 13
In the MX-Lites Class (former 85cc Class) Tristan Muller had to admit defeat to Pauli Loots in the first heat but stood his ground as usual in the second heat and became champion of the day ahead of Loots and Matthew Nederlof.
Jean Pierre Hugo won the Clubmen’s Class ahead of a strong Wiehan Kohne. Accom- panied by the cheers of the spectators, Schalk Louw finished in 3rd place.
Jean Venter
Jean Venter
Of course the Quad races played an important role in the dune sand of Swakopmund. In the combined Quads-A-and-B-Class Jean Venter won the first heat. Michael Behnke fought very hard and caused Venter difficulties but a crash by Behnke gave Venter a bit of air. Behnke worked himself forward from 8th to 2nd position. As usual Wolfgang Röhl stood on the 3rd podium spot. In the second heat almost the same occured. Again, Venter grabs the holeshot, again Behnke pursues him and already in the second lap, Behnke assumes the lead, which he holds on to till the finish line. 2nd place for Venter, ahead of Röhl.
Fabio Ferreira (Angola)
Fabio Ferreira (Angola)
In the Coastal Cement Works King of the Quads B-rider Ecki Spoerer had a strong appearance. Directly after the start he was found in 3rd position, while Behnke and Venter battled it out in front of him. In the third lap Spoerer had to let Röhl pass but was able to overtake him again in the third lap and therefore ended up as the third man on the podium, behind Venter and champion of the day: Behnke from Walvisbay.
The ladies in the Quads-Ladies Class had their fun as well. Charney Joubert achieved a maximum number of points and emphasised her wish to win the championship. Mandy Huysamen had a good day and finished 2nd place ahead of Cee-Anne Greyling. In the Quads-C Class, the class for up-and-coming talents, Jay-Cee le Roux won, ahead of André Maree and Freddie Stander.
An exciting racing day came to a close. Thank you to the lapscor-ladies from the Windhoek Moto Cross Club, who came to Swakopmund for this event. Thank you to the helpers of the Coastal Racing Club who offered delicious food and beverages, and thank you to all helpers and to the sponsors Coastal Cement Works and Obeco.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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