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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
08.07.2009 5th Championships-race in Windhoek - Preview

Moto Cross Championship race on Gallina

The international “Full Throttle AMU” is completed and was an enormous achievement by the WMCC. Now we can move on to the next national event on Gallina. This coming Saturday, 11th of July, the 5th Moto Cross Championship race will take place on the premises of the Waldschmidt poultry farm.
Frank Klosta (88) vs Henry o'Kennedy
Frank Klosta (88) vs Henry o'Kennedy
It’s half-time, the riders have studied the points-table and gauge whether there is still possibility for improvement. One can imagine how tough the racing will be on the curvy sand track at Gallina Motocross Park.
This event is dedicated to a memeber of the WMCC who completely modernised the electrical connections prior to the AMU-event, who equipped every rider’s pitch in the pits with an electrical connection and who fitted the complete infrastructure around the track with floodlights which was essential for the security at the AMU as the bikes were left at the track over night. The WMCC’s thanks goes to Hennie Visser!
And now to the active MX-riders:
In the kiddies class, the MX65 Matthew Nederlof leads with 150 points on his blue KTM. In a secure 2nd place is Michael Barlow found with 132 points, ahead of Jay-Em Tredoux with 80 points. This constellation isn’t expected to change much, the final positions seem to be fixed.
In the MX-Lites KTM-rider Tristan Muller leads with 191 points, but Pauli Loots follows closely with 175 points. Also Matthew Nederlof (competing in two classes) could get dangerously close to Loots. Joshua Teixeira is on a secure 4th place with 133 points, but should look out for Mark Sternagel at the end of the season. Sternagel was handicapped by an injury and could only compete in two races.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
In the MX2 Class Björn Bierbrauer leads with 200 points and in this condition the Muxima-Honda rider can’t be beaten. Frank Klosta ranks 2nd with 166 points but really has to push it to keep Alexander Howard (159) at a distance. Henry O’Kennedy hasn’t lost sight of a place on the rostrum yet with 147 points, but has to make an effort. Brannigan Wise, the guy with all the bad luck, is on 8th place, he had to pause due to medical problems but is now determined to make the top-5 by the end of the season.
The young climber from the 85cc youth-class, tries his luck in the Premier Class, the MX1 Class... and actually leads with 188 points on his Suzuki! Who would have thought of that? His name is Jaco Loots and one should remember that name. Jaco has to reckon with hard attacks by Tommy Gous on his Zenner-Yamaha. The reigning champion Gous won’t offer him the title on a silver platter. Close in third is the man in green, on his quick Kawasaki, Ronnie Adams with 158 points. Ronnie injured his knee during the AMU when the ligaments snapped and will now loose his 3rd place. Rudi Brand from Swakopmund (139 points) is injured as well; during the training for the AMU he fractured his hand. So now Tony Viljoen (138) has the golden opportunity to get on the rostrum in the 2009 Championship.
Jaco Loots (199) vs Eckhard Hall
Jaco Loots (199) vs Eckhard Hall
The highlight of every event is the “King of the Dirt” race. Here the starting position for the following year will be decided upon. It already looks like as if Björn Bierbrauer will get the sought-after Nr.1 numberplate next year. A maximum number of 100 points for him. Frank Klosta is in 2nd place at the moment (78), ahead of Jaco Loots (72). These are followed by Ruhan Gous (67), Tommy Gous (66) and Henry O’Kennedy (63). A lot of shifts are still possible here. For the spoectators this promises tons of excitement in this race.
The Clubmen’s Class doesn’t compete for national honours, that is the Namibian championship, but they are nonetheless very popular among the spectators. Jean Pierre Hugo (188 points) and Wiehan Kohne (174) battle for the overall win. The vacant third spot on the rostrum will either go to Schalk Louw (145), Rudolf Steyn (129) or Ben Visser (120).
The Quad-Classes are also very popular among the spectators. In the Quad-A-Class Michael Behnke from Walvisbay leads with 191 points. The championship seems secured. Jean Venter lies on 2nd place with 176 points, ahead of Wolfgang Röhl (150).
In the Quad-B-Class (which starts together with the A-Class but gets assessed separately) Ecki Spoerer is at the top with 175 points.. In 2nd place we find Eugene Slippers (156), ahead of Louw Greyvenstein (108). Pearce van Wyk (103) will also fight hard for the third place on the rostrum. The championship in the Quads-C-Class will probably go to Andre Maree, who leads with 184 points at the moment. Jay-Cee Le Roux aims at the vice-championship with 173 points. Freddie Stander lies on a secure 3rd place (152).
In the Ladies-Quads Charney Joubert leads with 183 points. Cee-Anne Greyling (165) and Mandy Huysamen (164) battle for the runner-up title, but also Anneke Steenkamp (155) and Maike Bochert (152) reckon with a place on the rostrum, although this is expected to become difficult.
The highlight of the Quads races is the final race “King of the Quads”. Here Michael Behnke leads with a maximum number of points (100), ahead of Wolfgang Röhl (83) and B-Class rider Ecki Spoerer (77). Jean Venter (73) is keen on the 3rd place on the rostrum as well. The Quad-Clubmens Class are as good as decided, here Gerhard Henning (144) is in the lead ahead of Greg Dieckman (124) and Jaco Snyman (70).
Moto Cross is a family sport and we are inviting everyone to use this event for a family outing on a day with beautiful racing weather. Food and beverages are offered at the track. After the race the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ Coco takes place.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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