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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
13.07.2009 5th Championships-race in Windhoek - Results

MX-Trophy for unbeatable Bierbrauer

A cold wind blew across the Gallina Moto Cross Park when the Namibian MX-riders met for the 5th championship race last saturday. No wonder only a couple of hundred spectators came to watch this sports event. The few however witnessed first-class MX racing.
Very pleasing was the fact that 5 kindergarden-riders participated in the 50cc class, a class the club nearly gave up on. Two categories offered heaps of excitement, namely the joint MX1/MX2 Class with their protagonist Björn Bierbrauer, and the joint Quad-A-and-B-Class with their star from South Africa Dirkie Baard. But let’s take one at a time:
In the MX65 Class participants once more had to accept Matthew Nederlof’s domination, leaving Michael Barlow and Jay-Em Tredoux behind him. In the MX-Lites Class (former 85cc Class) Pauli Loots achieved a surprising win as his opponents Mark Sternagel and Tristan Muller suffered crashes and dropped out of the race in heat Two. This was however not the end of Pauli Loots’ success. Pauli also participates in the Clubmen’s Class and achieved an exceptional 2nd place there, behind Jean Pierre Hugo who won with a maximum number of points. Wiehan Kohne ranked third. These guys are almost twice Pauli’s age!
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
Let’s move on to the protagonists of the combined MX1/MX2 Class. Here everyone looked forward to the clash between Tommy Gous and Björn Bierbrauer. Should Tommy be able to win this time? Well, he started off with grabbing the holeshot and lead three laps before Bierbrauer passed him. The duel for third place was also exciting: During the fourth lap Alexander Howard got past Frank Klosta with enormous speed and Howard kept third place up until the eleventh lap when he crashed and Klosta finished in 3rd place. Jaco Loots ranked 4th and Henry O’Kennedy 5th. 1:0 for Bierbrauer.
Jaco Loots
Jaco Loots
The second heat was a highlight of this event. Holeshot for Jaco Loots, who however gets beaten by Gous during the second lap. Now Tommy leads for nine laps and partially has a headstart of 100 meters. For some time he seems to be the clear winner and then during the sixth lap Bierbrauer tackles him and the headstart diminishes. Meter for meter he closes in on Gous. In lap nine he’s at his backwheel and in lap eleven he gets past Gous and wins this heat. 2:0 for Bierbrauer. A strong Alex Howard ranks 3rd, ahead of Jaco Loots and Frank Klosta.
Henry o'Kennedy (36) vs Frank Klosta (88)
Henry o'Kennedy (36) vs Frank Klosta (88)
In the all-deciding King of the Dirt race which takes 20 long minutes, Tommy Gous wins the holeshot, followed by Loots and O’Kennedy. Bierbrauer only ranks fifth. In lap two we find Bierbrauer in 2nd position but the passing of opponents took its time and Gous leads comfortably with a 200m headstart. For a long time it looks like the distance between the two does not decrease but then, during the seventh lap Bierbrauer gains more and more meters and the distance decreases until in lap eleven Bierbrauer assumes the lead. 3:0 for Bierbrauer.
Behind the two a noteworthy battle between Jaco Loots, Alexander Howard and Frank Klosta took place. In the tenth lap Klosta passes Loots and fights with all his might to also overtake Howard as well but it wasn’t enough. This heat was really worth the entry-fee!

Results King of the Dirt:

  1. Bjorn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Muxima Honda, 25 points
  2. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Zenner-Yamaha, 23
  3. Alexander Howard, Windhoek, Coolzone-Honda, 21
  4. Frank Klosta, Swakopmund, Bikes4Fun-KTM, 20
  5. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Bike & Quad Clinic-Suzuki, 19
Jean Venter (1) vs Dirkie Baard
Jean Venter (1) vs Dirkie Baard
Exciting sport was also offered in the various Quad-classes. Highlights were of course the races of the combined Quad-A-and-B-Class. Here all eyes were fixed on Dirkie Baard from South Africa. In the beginning it looked like he had a hard time on Gallina. In the first heat Jean Venter lead ahead of Michael Behnke and Baard. In the fifth lap Behnke overtakes Venter and Venter can keep Baard at bay for a couple of laps but then Baard passes him. Then Baard shows what he’s made of. He practically forces the young Behnke into a mistake, gets past him and is up and away. He achieves likewise in the second heat. Again he sticks to Behnke until Michael makes a fatal error and again Baard overtakes. In the King of the Quads Baard sets the standard: start-finish win for this young man from Walvisbay, who now studies in South Africa and participates in races there. Behind him it’s exciting as well. First Behnke and the Angolan Fabio Ferreira battle it out for 2nd place until Behnke asserts himself in the third lap. Three fourwheel specialists fight for fourth position, namely Jean Venter, Wolfgang Röhl and Stephan Smidt. Absolute excitement on all postitions.
Ecki Spoerer
Ecki Spoerer

Results King of the Quads:

  1. Dirkie Baard, South Africa, Pupkewitz-Honda, 25 points
  2. Michael Behnke, Walvisbay, Pupkewitz-Honda, 23
  3. Fabio Ferreira, Angola, Muxima-Honda, 21
  4. Jean Venter, Windhoek, Bikes4Fun-KTM, 20
  5. Stephan Smidt, Windhoek, Suzuki, 19
Freddie Stander won the Quad-C-Class ahead of Jay-Cee le Roux and Dillan Skoppelitus. With a maximum number of 50 points Charney Joubert won the Ladies-Quads Class once again, ahead of Anneke Steenkamp and Cee-Anne Greyling, both with 44 points.
This was a racing day to be talked about for days to come. Apart from the offered sport, I am pleased to say that we had a speedy operating procedure and the writer of these lines held the printed results in his hands at 4 p.m. thanks to the efficient lap-scoring ladies. Well done!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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