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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
17.08.2009 6th Championships-race in Windhoek - Results

Bierbrauer wins "Visser-MX-Trophy"

Björn Bierbrauer is still the measure of all things in Namibian MX-sport. Once again he concluded the raceday with a maximum number of points and earned himself the "Hennie Visser Trophy". Serious competitors are nonetheless in tow, especially Tommy Gous, Animal Wise and Alexander Howard, the “miracle” however will in all probability not happen this season.

First heat MX1/MX2 Class

Bierbrauer leading the field of riders
Bierbrauer leading the field of riders
Bierbrauer wins the holeshot, closely pursued by Alexander Howard, Animal Wise, Tommy Gous and Frank Klosta. In the second lap Wise passes Howard and - who would have thought- is able to glue himself to Bierbrauer’s rear fender. In the fourth lap Gous gets past Howard too and a highly exciting leading group is formed. Howard loses a couple of positions after a crash and the same happens to Wise. Klosta drops out of the race due to seized engine and Bierbrauer wins, ahead of Gous and O’Kennedy. What an exciting intro!

Second heat MX1/MX2 Class

Animal Wise
Animal Wise
Bierbrauer grabs the holeshot again, followed by Wise, Howard and Teixeira. Again Wise sticks to Bierbrauer’s rear wheel. Then in the third lap he blunders and Wise takes the lead. Wise keeps his pole position up until the seventh lap, then grazes a straggler and crashes. Bierbrauer is in the lead again, ahead of Gous and Howard. Behind them, spectators could watch an exciting duel between O’Kennedy, Ruhan Gous, and Klosta on a Suzuki this time around. In this order they reach the finish line.

Third heat "Hennie Visser King of the Dirt"

Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
Now the adrenaline is palpable at the starting gate. The gate drops and the spectators are speechless with surprise: Frank Klosta, on a borrowed Honda, is in the lead. The group consisting of Klosta, Bierbrauer, Adams and Howard races into the left/right combination bent on the northern traverse when Klosta’s front wheel gives way and he crashes Bierbrauer is on his leading position again, pursued by ex-champ Adams, Howard and Tommy Gous. In the third lap Adams has to let three riders pass as the pain in his knee, resulting from a torn ligament, gets too much. It’s striking how confident Ruhan Gous can keep himself in front of O’Kennedy. One lap later Tommy Gous passes Howard. The winner is Bierbrauer, ahead of Gous and Howard.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer

Results "Hennie Visser King of the Dirt"

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 25 points
  2. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Novel Yamaha Zenner Racing, 22
  3. Alexander Howard, Windhoek, Coolzone Honda Pupkewitz, 20
  4. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 19
  5. Henry o’Kennedy, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 18
In the MX65 Class little Matthew Nederlof goes to the start on his new Yamaha, although his feet barely touch the ground. Unchallenged he wins, ahead of Michael Barlow and newcomer Emmcee Marais.
The MX-Lites Class competed without Mark Sternagel who is injured again and so it came to a real titanic battle between Tristan Muller and Pauli Loots, which ended in a tie. Pauli won the day’s race since he won 1st place in the second heat. Matthew Nederlof (participating in two categories) landed on the third podium spot.
In the Clubmen’s Class, which was strongly manned, a rider from Angola participated, namely Roberto Talaia, who made an overall 1st place, ahead of Rudolf Steyn and Ben Visser.
The races of the 4-Wheelers brimmed with excitement. All eyes were of course on the protagonists of the Quads-A-and-B-Class. Michael Behnke had a hard fight in the first heat with his “archrival” Jean Venter. As soon as he had fought him off, the exhaust pipe on his bike broke off and Behnke was disqualified. To balance it out, he assumed the lead in the second heat and won ahead of Venter and Ronnie Adams. In the highlight “Hennie Visser King of the Quads” Venter won the holeshot but had to let Behnke pass him in the fourth lap. Angolan Fabio Ferreira made a strong appearance and persistently defended his third rank, ahead of the best B-Class rider Ecki Spoerer.

Results "Hennie Visser King of the Quads"

  1. Michael Behnke, Walvis Bay, M2Racing Honda, 25
  2. Jean Venter, Windhoek, Bikes 4 Fun KTM, 22
  3. Fabio Ferreira, Angola, Honda Muxima Racing, 20
  4. Ecki Spoerer, Otjiwarongo, Pupkewitz Honda, 19
  5. Jaco Snyman, Windhoek, KTM, 18
The Quads Ladies-Class was also well staffed . Charney Joubert lived up to her role as favourite and won with a maximum number of points ahead of Anneke Steenkamp and Mandy Huysamen, 4th place for Maike Bochert, ahead of Celene Adams. In the Quads C-Class Jaycee le Roux won, ahead of Dillan Skoppelitus and Freddie Stander.
Of course we also had the strongly manned Quads-Clubmen’s Class. Here André Basson won ahead of Dennis Raines and Louis Steyl. Marius Faul is back from the Enduro specialists and achieved an outstanding 4th place.
After the award ceremony the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ Coco took place. Thank you to all helpers, expecially to the efficient girls of the lapscorer team.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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