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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
01.09.2009 7th Championships-race in Windhoek - Preview

"Radiowave" MX at Gallina

On 5th of September the 7th race of the Namibian Moto Cross Championship starts off at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. This race will be sponsored by popular radio station "Radiowave 96,7", under the official title "Radiowave No Limits Moto Cross". The Gallina MX Park is situated 15km outside of Windhoek, on the road towards Okahandja, on the grounds of the Waldschmidt egg farm. The direction to the track is signposted.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
Let’s start off with the kids classes: In the MX 65 Class Matthew Nederlof is clearly the favourite rider in this category but he has to reckon with strong opposition by ex-champ Michael Barlow. The thrid podium spot will either go to Emmcee Marais or Jay-Em Tredoux.
In the MX-Lites Class we may witness an exciting duel between Tristan Muller and Pauli Loots, followed by a hot battle for third place. Elandre van Eck is part of the action again and he will battle it out with Matthew Nederlof, Michael Barlow (both competing in two categories), Joshua Teixeira and Morne Jacobs.
The Clubmen’s Class has undergone a positive development and gets some international flair due to the participation of Angolan Roberto Talaia. The Namibians Julius Bronkhorst, Rudolf Steyn, Jean Pierre Hugo and Ben Visser will have to exert themselves to keep up. The organiser expects the participation of 15 riders in this class.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
Let’s move on to the protagonists of the combined MX1/MX2 Class: Everyone knows that Björn Bierbrauer in his current physical condition in combination with his Honda, is practically unbeatable. But Björn cannot rest on his laurels; the opposition is working hard at beating him one fine day. One of them is Tommy Gous on his fast two-stroke Yamaha. Alexander Howard has shown two very strong races lately and get’s pretty close to Gous. Animal Wise hasn’t achieved the points he is well capable of, but only due to some unneccessary crashes. Wise can – at least intermittently – keep up with Bierbrauer. One also may not forget Frank Klosta on his KTM or Jaco Loots on his quick Suzuki. Both riders are good for a place on the podium. Ruhan Gous displayed climbing tendencies and will battle it out as usual with Henry O’Kennedy, Tony Viljoen, Jose Teixeira and Tristan Muller. This class alone will assure a high adrenaline level among the spectators.
Michael Behnke vs. Jean Venter
Michael Behnke vs. Jean Venter
Also very popular are the races of the various Quad-Classes. In the Premier Class, the combined Quads-A-and-B-Class, Michael Behnke on a Honda can only be slowed down by a crash or a disqualification; apart from that, this guy cannot be stopped from marching through. Jean Venter on a KTM is hard on his heels however, as well as the Angolan Fabio Ferreira, who finisged 3rd during the previous “King of the Quads”. Ronnie Adams, impeded by a ligament rupture, tried himself on his Suzuki in the Quads-A-Class during the previous race and ranked overall third. One definitely has to reckon with him. Also part of the action are Stephan Smit, Jaco Snyman and B-Class riders Ecki Spoerer, Louw Greyvenstein and Eugene Slippers, just to name a few.
Popular are also the gutsy ladies in the Quad-Ladies-Class. Charney Joubert is the measure of all things but she is not unbeatable and always has to fight off Anneke Steenkamp, Cee-Anne Greyling or Mandy Huysamen. The Bochert-sisters or Celene Adams are good for a surprise as well. Melody Loots and Jana de Jesus fight for positions.
In the Quads-C-Class Jaycee le Roux, Dillon Skoppelitus and Freddie Stander fight for a place on the podium. Interesting is also the action in the Quad-Clubmen’s Class with good riders such as Dennis Raines, André Basson, Louis Steyl or Marius Faul, to name some of the stars. Tons of excitement guaranteed!
After the prizegiving ceremony the notorious Jägermeister-Party with DJ Coco takes place. So stick a post-it on your refrigerator to remind you of the Radiowave No Limits Moto Cross event at Gallina, on the 5th of September. Actionsport for the whole family!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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