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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
07.09.2009 7th Championships-race in Windhoek - Results

Björn Bierbrauer storms Radiowave-Trophy

Since we can’t compete against Rugby, only a few spectators turned up to witness this first class MX-event. The sport was the best we have seen so far this season; full classes, tough duels, and favourites who had to swollow defeats were the so-called icing on the cake.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
In the combined MX1/MX2 Class all bets were on Björn Bierbrauer who came to the track with a clean slate (and a bad flu). Eighteen races – 18 wins. In the first heat Tommy Gous grabs the holeshot, ahead of Björn Bierbrauer and Klosta. In the third lap Bierbrauer crashes and picks up the race again in 4th position. In the 5th lap Bierbrauer chases Gous again and is able to close in on him, then in the 6th lap his rear wheel looses its grip, a stone got caught in the rear sprocket. What bad luck! Again he pursues Gous but Gous is already gone. For the first time this season Bierbrauer has to accept defeat. Klosta ranks 3rd after a good race, ahead of Alexander Howard and a strong Ruhan Gous.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
In the second heat Gous wins the holeshot again, ahead of Bierbrauer and Klosta. In the 2nd lap Bierbrauer passes Gous and the race is decided! What follows is a procession race by Klosta, ahead of Howard, Henry O’Kennedy and Jaco Loots.
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard
Let’s move on to the highlight of the day, the “Radiowave King of the Dirt”, a race lasting 20 long minutes. The gate drops and Jaco Loots is the first to reach the left bent, followed by Tommy Gous, Ruhan Gous and Klosta... and where is Bierbrauer? He’s ranking 11th after a botched start. In the 3rd lap Tommy Gous assumes the lead, while Bierbrauer now ranks 5th. Behind him, things are pretty muddled. Two laps later Bierbrauer passes Gous and so becomes the overall winner of the day. Klosta’s rear wheel falls apart and the steel wires of the casing get caught in the sprocket. He’s out!
In turn, Ruhan Gous finishes on an excellent 4th place. Angolan Jose Teixeira drops out of the race as well and is taken to hospital after a hefty crash.

Radiowave No Limits MX King of the Dirt:

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 25 points
  2. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Novel Yamaha Zenner Racing, 22
  3. Howard, Windhoek, Pupkewitz Honda Coolzone, 20
  4. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 19
  5. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Suzuki Namibia, 18
We are very pleased with the “new” MX 50 Kindergarden-Class; the enthusiasm and fighting spirit (also displayed by the parents) is unbelievable. Guy Greyser wins ahead of Matthew Botha and Owen Botha.
In the MX-Lites Class (former 85cc Class) Tristan Muller from Okahandja won, like expected, ahead of Pauli Loots, Matthew Nederlof and Joshua Teixeira ranked 4th. During his first race in Namibia, the little Angolan Elcio Lacerda finished in an excellent 6th spot, ahead of Morne Jacobs.
Who dares to prognosticate the results of the Clubmen’s Class? It’s just impossible. There are 15 riders and they can all beat one another. Ben Visser outgrew himself and won ahead of Jean Pierre Hugo and Rudolf Steyn.
New member in the Honda Muxima Team f.l.t.r. Elcio Lacerda and Fabio Ferreira together with team manager Jose Teixeira
New member in the Honda Muxima Team f.l.t.r. Elcio Lacerda and Fabio Ferreira together with team manager Jose Teixeira
Moving on to the protagonists of the combined Quad-A-and-B-Class. These boys rocked! The fastest in the bunch, as always, Jean Venter! Aggressive as always: Michael Behnke! Venter won the holeshot in the first heat, ahead of Fabio Ferreira (Angola), Michael Behnke, Stephan Smit, Eugene Slippers and Leigh-Jean Skoppelitus. In the 3rd lap Ferreira assumes the lead, but is thrown behind by Behnke one lap later. Victory for Behnke, ahead of Venter and Wolfgang Röhl.
Venter wins the holeshot in the 2nd heat, ahead of Behnke and Röhl. In the 3rd lap Venter passes Behnke, who in turn has mechanical problems but is able to defend his 2nd place, ahead of Ferreira. In the Radiowave King of the Quads race Venter grabs the holeshot for the third time that day, ahead of Röhl, Ferreira and Behnke. Behnke ploughs through the field and assumes the lead in the 5th lap. B-Class rider Ecki Spoerer displays a strong riding performance, in the last lap he passes Röhl. This was first class Quad-racing.

Radiowave King of the Quads:

  1. Michael Behnke, Walfishbay, Pupkewitz-Honda, 25 points
  2. Jean Venter, Windhoek, Bikes 4 Fun, 22
  3. Ecki Spoerer, Grootfontein, Pupkewitz-Honda, 20
  4. Wolfgang Röhl, Walfishbay, Bikes 4 Fun KTM, 19
  5. Louw Greyvenstein, Windhoek, Suzuki, 18
Cee-Anne Greyling
Cee-Anne Greyling
Teenager Charney Joubert from Walfishbay lived up to her role as favourite and won the Ladies-Quads Class with a maximum number of points ahead of Anneke Steenkamp and Mandy Huysamen.
Louis Steyl won the Quads-Clubmen’s Class and stayed ahead twice of “Mr. Honda” Phillip van der Merwe. Bart Steyl ranked 3rd.
In the Quads-C Class Dillan Skoppelitus won ahead of Jaycee le Roux and Jaques Snyman.
An all interesting raceday come to an end. This was motocross at its best. A big THANK YOU to the sponsor Messrs Radiowave 96,7 as well all helpers before and behind the curtain, a special thank you must be convened to the efficient lap scoring girls.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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