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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
29.09.2009 8th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Preview

Entries by riders from Angola and Botswana

On October 3rd the 8th Motocross Championship leg will be held at Swakopmund. It is the last national race before the international "Motocross Inter-Series" gets staged in November. Venue of this prestigious raceday is the Coastal Cement Works track opposite the salt-pans, 10 K's outside of Swakopmund on the road towards Wlotzkas Baken. At the same time this event serves as qualifier to decide who’s to become a member of the official namibian mx-team.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
In the mixed MX1/MX2 Class (previously known as Open Class and 125cc Class) the representatives for the Inter-Series are fixed, it’s the protagonists Björn Bierbrauer (Honda) and Yamaha rider Tommy Gous. Behind the two a fierce battle may be expected for the remaining three slots per class. Frank Klosta on his KTM will battle it out with Alexander Howard who raced extremly successful in the past four races. Can Animal Wise become the spoilsport for the two aforementioned? Behind those two the eternal duell between Ruhan Gous and Henry o’Kennedy will get staged. From the premier-class MX1 we expect a superfast Jaco Loots on his two-stroke Suzuki and of course local hero Rudi Brand. Mark Sternagel is still hampered by his crash in a previous event and has not yet regained his full physical strengths, still we expect a tough handlebar-banging with Tristan Muller, Tony Viljoen and Jose Teixeira. In this class the promoter Coastal Racing Club expects the partaking of a rider from New Zealand.bringing a KTM 520 Thumper to the gate, no further information available unfortunately.
Alexander Howard
Alexander Howard
The teenagers test their stamina in the MX-Lites Class. Tristan Muller is the meassure of all things but must expect a fierce challenge by Pauli Loots. Don’t underestimate the youngsters and ex-champions Matthew Nederlof and Michael Barlow! Capable for a jump onto the rostrum are also Joshua Teixeira, Morne Jacobs, Elandre van Eck, Angolan boy Elcio Lacerda as well as Joshua Potts from Botswana. In this class the spectators may expect fireworks to say the least.
The Clubmen’s Class is not a "National" nevertheless the sport demonstrated is first class. After seven races the writer of these lines is not able to give a clear prediction, nearly everybody can beat anybody. Thumbsuck against all odds Jean Pierre Hugo, Ben Visser, Rudolf Steyn or the coastal boys Schalk Louw and Julius Bronkhorst should all be frontrunners. Plus there will be a strong contingent from Botswana, riders like Dartagnan Lobjoit, Craig Dance, Julian Penstone, Elaine Penstone and Jess McIntyre. In this category the Namib Offroad Club expects at least 20 starters at the gate.
In the Kindergarten-Class, the MX50 Class Guy Greyser will get challenged by the Botha-brothers Owen and Mathew. This class is exciting, where the dads are at least as activ as the little sons.
Fabio Ferreira from Angola
Fabio Ferreira from Angola
The Quads-Classes are very popular at Swakopmund, no wonder that some of Namibias finest riders stem from the coast, the writer of these lines proudly informs that Walvis Bay lad Dirkie Baard won recently the South African Quad MX-Championship in the Pro 450 Class. But there is more talent in the mixed Quad-A-and B-Class, riders like Michael Behnke on his Honda who regularly gets challenged by KTM-rider Jean Venter. Both riders are capable to let the adrenalin-level of the spectators peak! A guy who gets stronger by the day is Fabio Ferreira from Angola who showed excellent racing in the two previous events. And there is Louw Greyvenstein on his Suzuki as well as Wolfgang Röhl. Leigh-Jean Skoppelitus on his Yamaha is also a podium contender. One guy representing the B-Class in extraordinary fashion is Ecki Spoerer, in the "King of the Dirt" runs always to be found with the front-runners.
Jean Venter
Jean Venter
Very popular in the meantime the Quads-Ladies Class. What began as the so called “Powder-Puff races”, where the girls “rolled” over the obstacles, in the meantime became a full-throttle affair with shining examples like Charney Joubert from Walvis Bay and we should never under estimate the fighting spirit of Anneke Steenkamp, Mandy Huysamen or Cee-Anne Greyling. Other girls who sniffed the high-air on a podium are Maike Bochert or Celene Adams. Improved have strongly Yana de Jesus and Melody Loots.
In the Quad Clubmen’s Class spectators may expect a fierce tussle between Louis Steyl and challengers "Mr Honda" Phillip van der Merwe and Bart Steyl. If there are enough entries the organisers intend to start the Quad-C-Class as well as the Mini-Quad Class for children.
Don't forget, Namib Offroad Club Motocross on 3rd October, Namibia’s Number One X-tremesport, the venue for the whole family. Food and beverages will be sold at the track.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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