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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
06.10.2009 8th Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results

Bierbrauer wins Namib Offroad Club Trophy

The chase is on and all eyes are on Bierbrauer from Honda Muxima Racing Team! During the last race (prior to the Inter-Series on the 7th of November in Swakopmund) Bierbrauer had to pull all the strings to secure the win in the combined MX1/MX2 Class.
Ruhan Gous (25) vs Jaco Loots
Ruhan Gous (25) vs Jaco Loots
But let’s start at the beginning: Bierbrauer wins the holeshot in the first heat, followed by Frank Klosta, Ruhan Gous and Jaco Loots. Brannigan “Animal” Wise ranks 5th but pushes forwards and in the second lap Wise sticks on Bierbrauer’s rear wheel. Wise has no problem with keeping up with his team colleague from Honda Muxima Racing Team, but an unfortunate crash during the fourth lap throws him back. In the meantime Gous from the Novel Yamaha Zenner Team marches through the field. First he sticks to Jaco Loots on his Bike & Quad Clinic Suzuki, then Frank Klosta is in the way and he is unable to pass the Bikes 4 Fun KTM. Victory for Bierbrauer, ahead of Klosta and Tommy Gous.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
In the 2nd heat Bierbrauer assumes the lead. Again Wise pulls off a bad start and has to resume the race from 8th postition. In the lead Bierbrauer battles with Klosta and a surprisingly strong Ruhan Gous. In the fifth lap O’Kennedy and Wise have joined up, but cannot get past Klosta. Klosta in turn is only able to drive in 3rd gear but the opposition seems to sleep and doesn’t notice Klosta’s major problem. Bierbrauer wins, ahead of Klosta and Wise.
Jaco Loots (199) vs Henry o'Kennedy
Jaco Loots (199) vs Henry o'Kennedy
In the “King of the Dirt” the unbelievable happens: Wise gets past Bierbrauer and is able to hold this position for four laps. The two battle it out, side by side (you could have covered both with a blanket) the two Honda riders fly across the track, Wise always a little bit quicker entering the bents. In the eastern traverse it happens, a straggler gets in the way and Bierbrauer and Wise crash. It takes a while to free their entangled bikes and get going again. For Wise the podium is out reach. What a race, the spectators were beside themselves. Bierbrauer wins deservedly, ahead of a strong Klosta and Tommy Gous.

King of the Dirt:

  1. Björn Bierbrauer, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 25 points
  2. Frank Klosta, Swakopmund, Bikes 4 Fun-KTM, 22
  3. Tommy Gous, Windhoek, Zenner Novel-Yamaha, 20
  4. Jaco Loots, Windhoek, Bike & Quad Clinic Suzuki, 19
  5. Ruhan Gous, Windhoek, Honda Muxima Racing, 18
Moving on to the kids in the MX65 Class. Here Matthew Nederlof won with a maximum number of points, ahead of Michael Barlow and the boy from Botswana, Joshua Potts. In the MX Lites Class Tristan Muller won as usual, ahead of Pauli Loots and Matthew Nederlof. Morne Jacobs ranked 4th and Joshua Teixeira 5th.
Team from Botswana
Team from Botswana
In the Clubmen’s Class Schalk Louw from Swakopmund used his home advantage to the max and won ahead of Carlo Bronkhorst from Walvisbay and Reginald Venter. Four guest riders from Botswana took part in this class and the best foreigner was Dartagnan Lobjoit on 6th place.
Jean Venter
Jean Venter
The dune sand at the Coastal Cement Works track is of course the classic surface for Quad bikes. Here everything looks so easy, despite the fact that in the Quads-A-and-B-Class there is some really tough riding going on. Michael Behnke achieved a start-finish victory after Jean Venter’s bad luck in the first heat. Wolfgang Röhl came in 2nd and Angolan Fabio Ferreira 3rd. Fabio gets better and better with the tricky Namibian race tracks. In the 2nd heat Jean Venter lands on an unchallenged 1st place, ahead of Röhl and Behnke who suffered some mechanical problems. Then came the highlight, King of the Quads. Just after the start, Behnke assumes the lead. In the whoops-section, 12-year old Ecki Spoerer crashes, overturns and has to be brought to hospital. Now Ferreira moves up to 2nd place. Lee-Jean Skoppelitus comes in 3rd and is therefore the best B-Class rider in the field. Wolfgang Röhl’s attempts to progress are futile.
Stephan Smit
Stephan Smit

Results King of the Quads

  1. Michael Behnke, Walfischbucht, Behnkes Garage M2 Racing-Honda, 25 points
  2. Fabio Ferreira , Angola, Honda Muxima Racing, 22
  3. Lee-Jean Skoppelitus, Skoppelitus Group-Yamaha, 20
  4. Wolfgang Röhl, Swakopmund, Bikes 4 Fun KTM, 19
  5. Stephan Smit, Windhoek, Daddy’s Suzuki, 18
Teenager Charney Joubert from Walfishbay exceeded expectations and won with a maximum number of points in the Quads Ladies-Class. Anneke Steenkamp finished 2nd place after a heavy battle with Maike Bochert, who fought off all attacks by Steenkamp in the first heat. In the second heat Steenkamp succeeded, leaving the overall 3rd place for Bochert.
New face in Namibia, Zinildo Silva (Angola)
New face in Namibia, Zinildo Silva (Angola)
Spectators gasped in light of the skill displayed by little Freddie Stander. With him the Quad C-Class gained a real talent. Stander won ahead of Jaycee Le Roux and Dillon Skoppelitus. In the Quad-Clubmen’s Class guest rider Zinildo Silva from Angola won ahead of Willem Wessels and Garry Rowland.
This was the final rehearsal for the MX Inter-Series, which heads off on the 7th of November in Swakopmund. Everyone was quite satisfied with the results, although the day included an unusually high amount of crashes - which thankfully all looked worse than they really were.
So make a note of the International Moto Cross event on the 7th of November in Swakopmund, and one week later on the 14th of November in Windhoek.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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