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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
13.04.2010 2nd Motocross Championships-race in Swakopmund - Preview

OBECO-SOUTHEY Motocross at the coast

On the 17th of April the 2nd Motocross championship race takes place in Swakopmund. The venue for this major event will be the Coastal Cement Works race track just opposite the salt fields, 10 km outside of Swakopmund on the road to Wlotzkas Baken. The track was prepared by the members of the Namib Offroad Club and is in excellent condition. The participation of MX-specialist Jon Gutteridge from Great Britain is a definitive highlight and gives the race an international flair.
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
The event's main sponsors are OBECO and SOUTHEY. As interested fans know, the races of the young talents will be held in the morning so that from 1 pm onwards the track belongs to the protagonists of the sport and all those guys who have made a name for themselves will entertain the spectators.
All eyes will be on the combined MX1 and MX2 Class. During the previous race Björn Bierbrauer was defeated by Tommy Gous in the "King of the Dirt" race. Yamaha-rider Gous is keen on repeating his success and Bierbrauer on his Muxima-Honda is set on preventing just that. A constellation that seems to guarantee excitement!
Jaco Loots (199) vs Henry o'Kennedy
Jaco Loots (199) vs Henry o'Kennedy
However, these are not the only talents who could be among the top three. Jaco Loots' performance in Windhoek was somewhat meagre because he was battling with a faulty sparkplug on his Suzuki but we can expect a lot more from him in Swakopmund, that is for sure. Alexander Howard drew attention to himself with two second places in Windhoek. Animal Wise had a heat-win in Windhoek but on the whole his riding was rather drab. This is due to a painful hand injury from the previous season. Two 3rd places for Ronnie Adams on a 250cc Kawasaki are a sure sign that this ex-champion can still rock it. Michael Behnke, the reigning Quad-A-champion, is riding on two wheels this year. His debut in Windhoek was nothing but brilliant! A 4th place during the King of the Dirt was a clear challenge for his rivals. These are the riders with justified ambitions for a place on the rostrum.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta
Then we have young Ruhan Gous who drew attention to himself during the previous season, as well as Rudolf Steyn, Mark Sternagel or Tristan Muller; guys who are always good for a surprise. Among the "big boys" over 450cc especially Frank Klosta on his fast KTM was a viewer magnet. Jean Pierre Hugo accustomed himself and surprised everyone with two 4th places in Windhoek. Local hero Rudi Brand is one of the few who put their trust in a two-stroke Yamaha and the "coastal-boy " Julius Bronkhorst is also making use of his home advantage. Tony Viljoen, the man with the lion heart, yearns for a place in the top-10. With twenty riders this class is excellently manned.
In the Clubmen's Class we have another coastal-guy in the form of Schalk Louw. He won the first race in Windhoek and is keen on convincing the crowd in his home-town as well. The team-captain of Honda Muxima Racing, Jose Teixeira however will want to prevent that. In this evenly strong class are a handful of riders who could all make the jump on the rostrum any time. Riders like Frank Steyn, Pauli Loots, Abraham Grobelaar or Billy Heigan to name but a few.
In the MX-Lites Class (the former 85cc Class) nothing seems to get past Tristan Muller from Okahandja. Pauli Loots, Matthew Nederlof, Joshua Teixeira and Michael Behnke have however smelled the air up there on the podium already and are keen on repeating the experience. Adrenaline rushes are guaranteed!
The Quad-protagonists are of course part of the action too. During the previous race in Windhoek Ecki Spoerer displayed some impressive riding in the Quad-A-Class. Close behind him was another climber from the B-Class: Jaco Snyman. The two really battled it out. For Leigh-Jean Skoppelitus the race in Swakopmund is a home race and he will be expecting best results cheered by his fans from the coast. Pierce van Wyk or André Basson will probably be ridng in the leading pack as well.
Maike Bochert (10)  vs Anneke Steenkamp
Maike Bochert (10) vs Anneke Steenkamp
Last but not least we have the Quad-Ladies-Class which starts together with the Quad-C-Class. The organiser expects some exciting clashes between the former winner of the day Anneke Steenkamp and her strong contestants Maike Bochert, Celene Adams, Yana de Jesus or Cee-Anne Greyling.
So don't forget the 2nd Moto Cross championship race on the 17th of April in Swakopmund. Food and beverages will be served in the Namibian Breweries' tent.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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